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  1. Here's my M06 and MF01X. The wheelbases are within about 5/8" with the M06 being shorter. This is not scientific by any means but here's a photo of them both at full lock (no mods to the stock steering set up on either). The turning diameter of the M06 is smaller by about 10" with a 180 degree turn. Again, your results may vary as you know, both of these chassis have adjustable wheelbases so that in itself can make a difference. Hope this helps.
  2. May I ask where you found a sway bar for your M06? Been trying to find the 54295 for months but it's sold out everywhere.
  3. BBX 45 Anniversary Tomahawk Fiat 131 Abarth Buggy Champ Not necessarily in that order. Three of the five are here already.
  4. Remote locking diffs? Oooo.....hard to say no to this one just for that reason. Luv me sum diff lockers!
  5. Yeah, gotta be careful as this could put undue stress on your balls. We don't want that!
  6. Are you looking to just "store" the cars or are you looking to store them in a way that you can "display" them? if just storing, then I second Willy's notion that you make what something as sealed containers and just stack them on each other or on a shelf. Don't forget about dust and critters.
  7. Here's the main tool set up I use for RC cars. I love to repurpose things when I can so the base of this is a plaque from and old RC airplane contest. The rest is just an old drawer organizer and some wood.....all painted flat black. Holds probably 80% of the tools I need on a build that are very handy as this sits on the end of my work bench and almost everything has a place (so I put it back where it goes..... ). Slowly adding more as I need them and have been doubling up lately on bits/drivers where one has a handle and the other fits a 1/4" driver.
  8. Thank you. Doesn't even look close. I guess since the in/out can be somewhat adjusted further "in" perhaps it could come up but for my needs, it'll be just fine.
  9. I'm also looking into the aftermarket sway bar set. I saw some photos where it looks like you have to cut relief slot into the rear trailing arms for the sway bars. Can some one who's added the sway bar set confirm this?
  10. This is one of the best posts I've ever read on TC. ...where's the fun in that??... Why bother when you could rush off to work or do some chores? ... LOL Well done, Sir.....well done.
  11. Wow, you're 3/4th there. Having RealFlight and Spektrum airplane TX is a perfect scenario. It's soooo much easier to use a full size remote then one of the game controller style that's usually packed with these. Just a reminder, almost all of the small RC's that come with a "Spektrum" RC protocol can be bound with your Spektrum radio. So even if you find a Champ with the small Tx, you can use your full size instead. The only issue would be how old your Spektrum is. Some new ones work with two or even three protocols over the years. Most of the small UMX size stuff works with all of them. Best of luck. Wish your were closer to Pa, I'd teach you myself!
  12. Definitely stay below 8oz which is easy to do with a lot of choices. While they've been discontinued for a while, if you can find a Hobbyzone Champ, pick one up. I've seen more folks learn how to fly unassisted on that plane than any other one in the 35 years I've been flying. If you can't find that one, perhaps try the the UMX Vapor. Keep in mind none of these should be flown in even the slightest about of wind till you really get the hang of it. https://www.horizonhobby.com/product/champ-rtf-515mm/HBZ4900.html https://www.horizonhobby.com/product/umx-night-vapor-rtf-with-as3x-and-safe-select/EFLU1300.html
  13. How big is your yard? If you're a beginner a yard may not render your best results. A large field with no trees may be your best option or even better yet, find a model airplane club near by. We LOVE to help get new pilots into the hobby! Also keep in mind the latest FAA transponder rules that take effect in the next few weeks. Anything over 8oz in weight has to have a transponder or you have to fly at an FAA recognized model aircraft field.
  14. Not the postman (and not even Tamiya related ) but this is one of my all time favorite small planes for flying around the yard, at a park, indoors, campground etc. Great flying, handles well and can be surprisingly aerobatic if you turn up the rates and is quiet. The fine folks at Horizon discontinued this actual plane a while ago and my original one has so many flights on it, the control board is starting to act up. I've been trying to find one of these for several months and then came across one on Facebook Market place. BRAND NEW in a box! Wonderful gentlemen that met me about an hour away. Turns out he's got a bunch of Tamiya cars including two "bowtie" Clodbusters. Just bound the plane to my transmitter over lunch and will flying it in the yard this evening.
  15. Yes, I'm getting the -200 error as of this afternoon. Will try resizing the photo.
  16. Another scale looking baja style bug would probably get some of my money.
  17. Off road?? I can sometimes <many times...??> get my M-06 in trouble on my paved driveway!
  18. Uh oh. Looks like Tamiya wants more of my money. Anyone know the item# for this release?
  19. Very sad news indeed. For the short time I've been "hanging around here", your builds have been nothing short of incredible with a huge touch of "inspirational"! My thoughts and prayers are with your and your family at this time.
  20. When a Lithium battery shows two "C" ratings numbers, it usually means the batteries internal resistance can handle 30C constant running with bursts up to 60C.
  21. Don't tease us like that. Rip the rest of that off and let us see! This is like setting bubble wrap just out of hands reach!
  22. I always wish I would have picked one of the Landfreeder pick ups on the CC01 chassis. Saw them for I think around $125 ??? (maybe I'm mistaken on the price....) but never pulled the trigger. It's back now with tracks but not me cup of tea. My first four wheel drive vehichle was an old high mileage Ford Ranger with a long bed. Same body style as the Landfreeder.
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