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  1. The last one you say? Let's see how that works for ya! LOL Great story hearing how you got into the hobby. Look forward to seeing your "one more after the last one" builds
  2. Picked up from LHS today. Had on order since February.
  3. Just got a text from my LHS. My BBX arrived today!
  4. I actually like that paint job more than box art. Finish it off and run it.....
  5. Those are the best wheels I've seen on the BBX so far. Great choice! The shape and mirror look of the stock one's just don't do it for me. "When" mine shows up, I'll being trying a few different options. Now the HPI ones are on the list.... Do you have a link for those HPI wheels?
  6. Look up part TAM50204. That should be just the parts for the servo saver that will come with a few different spline (i.e. B2,4) adapters. If you were local, I'd give you everything you need as I usually upgrade to the heavy duty servo saver on my last few builds.
  7. While I wouldn't use the word hate, I'd say I'm frustrated by the lack of Tamiya products in the U.S.. Not too many hobby shops carry them in stock, parts/accessories/hop-ups are almost always a special order. I'm jealous of the other parts of the world that have shops you can walk into and go home with a car you were looking for or even a spontaneous one you found in stock. And those areas that may not have a brick and mortar shop, they seem to have very good online retailers with decent stock and fairly quick delivery.
  8. I just talked to my LHS who gets his Tamiya product through Horizon (who owns Tower). He said the exact thing. The new system (0racle) has all sorts of issues. He said my BBX still shows on back order as of this afternoon but the notes on his order for who the this February back order was placed for have disappeared. He can't get any invoices but gets bills in the mail that he's to pay but he has no way of knowing what he's paying against. Our company has been slowly changing over to Oracle and it's been a similar nightmare. I wish them the best.....
  9. ???? It's not the worlds best most expensive but yes, it's real chocolate.
  10. Think of a paper coffee cup. It's tapered which result in the circle on the bottom the cup being a a small circle, while the top of the cup has a larger circle. Now set the cup on its side and roll it. The cup will naturally roll in a circle and come back to where it started. Now imagine doing this in a thin layer of dust where the small and large circle traced by the cup remain on the floor. Now, looking straight down at that circle, imagine setting a tire upright so the tire is aligned with the radius of each circle. You will notice the the inside tire is turned tighter than the outside as it's traveling a smaller circumference of the circle. With each tire being aligned as technically perfect to the circle means they will roll better with less friction and not want to fight the other tire. Less friction means faster cars! (Fwiw....the coffee cup example can also be used, in a different way, to understand why a differential is needed)
  11. I'm just imagining how big the eraser is they package with those parts.
  12. They're still waiting for some back ordered Tamiya parts before it's drivable.
  13. Like it or not, it's the new way of advertising and it's here to stay. At least for now. I use to get three or four RC magazines a month. Now I get one and only because it comes free with my AMA subscription. Limited places for manufacturers to get the word out on their product so influencers are one of the ways. I don't mind it much as long as they're being somewhat truthful about the product. The part about some having the product well before others in the market isn't too much different either. I recall seeing reviews of RC airplane kits that take several weeks to put together being done in a magazine that advertised it for the very first time.....in the same edition of the glaring review. Unfortunately I'm also (sadly) aware that not all the magazine reviews were actually written by the "reviewer" but were in fact written by the manufacturer for the reviewer to turn it in. I don't have knowledge of this from a large RC company but definitely from some of the smaller niche ones.
  14. Are those the wheels that came with your Audi TT02 kit? They look different than the ones that came with mine. Oh....and I see you're a fan of Hobbywing ESCs!
  15. Picked this up yesterday to replace my current side cutters. So far does a really nice job of cutting parts off the tree leaving very little flashing when done. Time will tell on how long it will stay sharp but for $11, can't complain.
  16. Sounds like you woke up in real world reality.
  17. No problem. The local hobby shop that can buy direct from Tamiya was open today. They looked the Buggy Champ up for me this morning and he said there's nothing about it yet on their Tamiya dealer site as far as price. He said that's not surprising. The only thing he noted was what I saw and that's that it's due in in July sometime. He's going to check back during the week when they're open for business hours and see.
  18. Fwiw, Tamiya US shows the Buggy Champ 58441-A as arriving in July! Don't see it listed at Horizon yet so not sure if my LHS will have access to it. There's another LHS about an hour away that I believe can order directly from Tamiya so may have to place an order with them.
  19. I checked with my LHS (US) order on Monday and he said it was showing an eta of the third week in July. I don't want to get my hopes up too high on the eta but after seeing some of the assembly videos, I'm getting anxious to build this.
  20. I've never built a course but some advise from seeing some courses out there. While planning it, but sure to keep in mind where water will go with a heavy down pour. If you end up spending all your time maintaining the course and filling ruts, you'll get burned out. Water always takes the path of least resistance so keep that in mind. May want to put some cheap pipe under jumps, table tops etc to allow water to flow. On a side note, I feel for you with the ash borer. I live about two hours north of you. Our neighborhood is filled with effected trees. As a matter of fact, having one cut down tomorrow morning before it hits my toolshed. I have a huge ash stump as part of my crawler course though! LOL
  21. Good suggestion. I might try that myself as curves can be a little tricky sometimes if the indent isn't rather deep.
  22. Very good advise in my opinion. It's challenging to get an RC car body panel lines (specially polycarbonate) to look scale when done. While I haven't tried the tape method yet, I was able to find a very thin charcoal color marker at my local Hobby Lobby craft store. I also have black ones of varying tiny sizes. If the area on a real car caused by the absence of light, I use the charcoal color. In other words the entire door and door jam is painted the same color as the rest of the car. The dark areas we see is not black paint in the door jam but rather the absence of light. Areas of joining two panels together at the factory where there's a small gasket between is better portrayed by the black marker. Think the fender of a Beetle. Black rubber gasket between the mating surfaces. In either situation, it takes a steady hand to do as there's usually only a slight indent in a poly body and the marker will want to hunt on you when applying. Good news is, you can clean it off and start again.
  23. I've also used the SPT4412LV low profile with good results. I even use it in builds that don't need low profile. My last two I got back in March from Amazon for about $19.50 USD. Now it looks like they're up to about $25. Edit: Depending on how quick you need them, it looks like they're some out there on Amazon for about $19.
  24. Has Tamiya released photos of the actual RC car?
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