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  1. Fully agree. But what can we do? So much interesting bodies on always (nearly) the same chassis. Maybe one day Tamiya will redeem us with something like they did on the actual rere of the Opel Calibra V6 / TA-02. Everything´s perfect, including the nice box. Edit: I guess it is only worth it if your are a great chassis or vintage enthusiast or maybe a nib collector. In my opinion you can invest the 260 USD better in other Tamiya fun stuff.
  2. for some of you guys this might be boring. But I'm looking forward to it. I´ve always missed the Alfa 155. A good friend of mine had this car back in the 90´s with a different livery I guess and he raced it around with an unpainted body. Every time I remembered him to paint the body, he declared it runs faster without paint. Very good memorys. https://tamiyablog.com/2022/12/new-production-batch-of-some-tamiya-rc-kits/
  3. My bag is packed. Holiday trip can start tomorrow 😁 P.S. Sorry for the blur. Need a new phone
  4. My heart almost stopped reading the post on BigSquid. I thought they'd release something closer to the old Wild Willy, with smaller wheels and a chassis that's like the old one. But it was nothing. It seems like only the ESC is new. THW-1060, whatever that means.
  5. I guess my ReRe Grasshopper or my Novafox, I'm undecided. Both cars are only ReRe's but they are wonderful memories of my childhood.
  6. Is this 1:1 or another piece of your fantastic model workshop equipment? 😉
  7. After building so much 80´s ReRe dreams of my childhood, I am on a very strange runner building trip. I picked up a Sand Viper already. I think I want to build some usable runners that aren't subject to the circumstances of the 80's. I have no idea if I'm right about that. Here is the newest very lazy upcomming build of a Plasma Edge II with prepainted body. CVA Shocks are included, need ball bearings, a faster motor, and a 17 and 19 steel pinion. What would you recommend? I am going NiMh.
  8. Thx alot. I am a great fan of your work. So, this means much to me 😃👌
  9. Novafox finally done. Classical black Sport Tuned Motor, fully ball raced, I mean, 4 more for the wheels . Cut out front window to have a better look at the driver, enlarged rear window to have a better access to the power switch. And at last, I played around with the decals. Yes, I think I love it.
  10. Do you have any experience with it? Is it worth the money? So far I've always taken a Tamiya paint can and wrapped sandpaper around it. Apart from that, my TA-02 Opel Calibra also had pre-cut wheel arches.
  11. The Jägermeister livery really fits always! Except in this case. I think blue is more appropriate for the Alpine. The Jägermeister livery suits Porsche´s, BMW´s or maybe Ford´s (there was also a nice looking Alfa Romeo), but not necessarily this car. As I said, it's my opinion and your choice. Both are beautiful.
  12. Novafox body is painted. Decided to go box art. The silver of the decals has a matte finish and I guess it goes pretty well with the PS-4 of the body and the color of the driver helmet. I also had an unused can lying around. So, the decision was made. I cutted out the front window to give a better view to the driver and I enlarged the rear window to give a better access to the power switch. The paint job goes well. Had a few overspray on the outside which has to be cleaned. But I guess I like it.
  13. Sorry, but in this case you have to buy both of them. For me the Frog is the grandfather of all modern buggies and an iconic piece of RC history. The Hotshot it the mother of all 4WD buggies. I personally cant give a favor. Sooner or later you have to get them both. Acually I have a NIB ReRe Hotshot waiting to be build. The Frog is hardly available, but if I get my hands on one, I will get it (when I have the money to hand).
  14. Thats absolutely insane! I've rarely seen anything comparable.
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