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  1. I'm very excited about this. Now all I need is a 205 T16 body, a Delta S4 body, and a 037 body that actually sits properly.
  2. XV-02 is very exciting. Really like that Sauber C11, too.
  3. Hi. Just a quick update. I've finally removed the little tab on both rear lower suspension arms (B1). Problem solved. Ride height front to back is now equal. Thanks for all the help, guys. Just as a side note, when trimming these tabs, try to be accurate as possible as I suspect you could end up with one side of the car sitting at a different height to the other side if they aren't trimmed the exact same amount.
  4. The Monaro, the Falcon sedan and Falcon coupe. The unholy trinity of movie cars.
  5. Yup. I even started a thread about it. I thought I screwed something up at first.
  6. @Frankster Mark Bryan video gets all the credit. I haven't even done them to my Quattro, yet. @OnTheTrail I'm glad it sits level, now. I noticed that the front sits a couple of mm's higher than the rear.
  7. I think they do fit. I'm not 100% sure as the kit doesn't come with them, but I'm sure I've seen people running them on stock wheels.
  8. Oh, cool! I'm currently building the Audi Quattro as well. I bought a few mods for it but I plan on running it stock (except for bearings) for the first little while. I want to see how much of a difference the upgrades actually make.
  9. Hi, @OnTheTrail Have a look at this video by Mark Bryan. He specifically answers your question. Some great tips throughout especially if you're building a Rally spec TT-02. There is also a Part 2.
  10. -Lancia 037 that sits properly and with a correct front fender wheel arch opening. -Lancia Delta S4 -Audi Quattro S1 -Peugeot 205 Tubo 16 All for the TT-02, please.
  11. That's exactly why I'm doing what I'm doing. I want to see how much of a difference (if any at all) each mod makes.
  12. Thanks for the response. Yeah, I look forward to experimenting with different settings. For the first little while, I'm going to run the car stock (except for the bearings).
  13. @Juggular Thanks for the information. Some things to surely consider.
  14. I've ordered CVA super mini's for my Quattro. Is that set up you'd recommend for this type of effect. Also, is the yellow oil it comes with the same oil you were referring to?
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