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  1. Hi It was an aqroshot we've put a brushless in it , and want to put Hoosier slicks , my basic problem is what wheels for the Hoosier slicks and the how to counteract any issues caused by the addition of these slicks and the wheels
  2. I have played with fitting grass hopper front spindles and that works perfect with the proline wheels I have BUT now I've still got to find some wheels that fit the stupidly expensive Hoosier slicks and fit the short spindles . It's fun to tinker , but it's time consuming and needlessly expensive, so all help is greatly appreciated.
  3. Do you have a link or part number [if you don't mind sharing your idea \ r+d] ? As I'm accumulating lots of bits I can't use whilst trying out ideas !
  4. Thanks I think it'll be a change of knuckle. I wonder if a grass hopper one will work ? I wonder if this affects the angle they sit at
  5. I've gone down that rabbit hole and so far wasted 100/ish quid on nothing wonder
  6. Chaps , I would appreciate a little help, I've bought the tyres , and tracked down the wheels to match ,the next hurdle is the wheels are hex (they are going on a Dt02 b) which means the Front axles are too long and the hex have no bearing d , I've overcome the bearing issue with ball raced inserts but the axles are too long and if I pack them out the Front face of the wheel binds as there is no facility to put the bearing against the lock nut. Please help !!!!!!
  7. @Popalong I would be interested in bringing my son to the rc meets you attend , could you give me a little help on dates times etc , he is very keen
  8. @Frog Jumper good evening , thank you! Yes that's the one
  9. good evening all, I have been stalking this forum for a few weeks and would like to say that there is some truly inspiring peeps on here. you have rekindled my childhood hobby and for that I have to say thanks ! i'm on the hunt for some wheels and tyres for a build I want to recreate ive seen on youtube. the chap builds beetle and puts Hoosier drag wheels front and back on black wheels, ive been searching high and low for them but cannot find. they are for a Tamiya DT03 [1:10 scale] if any one can sell me some I would be a very happy man . happy RC'ing
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