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  1. Jadlam had a good selection in the other week
  2. I ran one the other week in my sand viper with a 5000mah battery and got a good run out of it and it was fast enough to make the thing wheelie at first.
  3. Yeah the bind plug is in and I have tried it in and out without any success
  4. I have a transmitter and receiver that were once bound but have now stopped working together after not using for a few months. I have followed the Etronix instructions and tried numerous different combinations. Rx has bid link in, red led flashes Tx switched on holding down bind button and green led is flashing I continue to hold the bind button but it never goes solid. How do I find out if it's the transmitter or the receiver that maybe faulty? Any help would be great
  5. I tried Schumacher earlier this year after buying a cougar to add to my collection but after building it I realised that I was a tamiya guy so it was sold to fund another tamiya purchase
  6. I have recently put a tamiya bz motor in my hotshot matched to a TBLE02S and previously it was going well on the rs sport motor but on the first run today the new motor is cutting out. I take it that it must be the motor drawing to much current and stopping the esc. Can a bz motor which is brand new draw more then 60amps? Or am I missing something simple? If I need to upgrade the esc to run this motor can anyone suggest a good upgrade
  7. Hi Could I please get a copy of a club 10 manual if at all possible Thanks Marc
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