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  1. I have been creating a series of videos as a visual guide to newbies coming into the hobby… I have been racing long enough that it is the same question being asked so I want to have a few videos to support and encourage people into racing.. a few of the local clubs have already shared it on there pages … so feel free to share at you club and also nominate your local RC Guru New to RC car racing - hints and tips https://youtu.be/KY6Tk4C-IYc
  2. Www.popalongrc.com facebook = Popalong rc local clubs are Leighton buzzard/Milton Keynes/Stevenage raceway here is footage from Leighton Tamiya takeover .. Tamiya TT01 TT02 racing https://youtu.be/MV6Br5BuS-g
  3. Hello all, I am new to this forum and this is my first post… Over a decade ago I was racing the Tamiya M03 at my local club before moving on to race TRF416 in the 13.5 touring car class.. unfortunately the M-chassis class faded away to nothing… Fast forward to 2021 and I reignited my love of RC and set up Popalong RC. Our goal was to get more people involved in racing and encourage new blood into the hobby. Tamiya racing has become the latest focus for us. After an amazing weekend racing my old M03 at the iconic cup, in the summer, we were hooked again. Over the last month or so we have got into racing the TT01E and we are really impressed with the performance. We created some videos on our YouTube channel of us racing and what started out as 2 TT01’s about 6 weeks ago has grown to over 15 Tamiya racers running a mix of TT01 TT02 and m chassis cars. We have another 5 drivers looking to join in 2022 Super excited to be a part of the Tamiya RC community… We are planning to make some beginner guides for new members at the club and we spend a lot of time help people with car set up… we are having to slow our cars down in order to bridge the gap to the beginners but for us it is about close competitive racing not crazy fast speed . Our local clubs are now closed for Xmas so looking forward to an amazing 2022. Currently running: TT01E subaru torque tuned motor upgrades shocks sweep 28 tyres 58/23 gearing etronix servo Actually one of the best handling cars I’ve ever driven.
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