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  1. I finally found a video of a test run. It is a very nice car to drive.
  2. Good idea, I will plan a video for a next ride and post it. With the Bruiser springs and softer tires they run smooth. BTW on that one I mounted 1.9” custom aluminium rims for standard tires.
  3. Thanks! Its a Toyota Color „Toyota SPECTRA BLUE PEARL 8M6“. I used a grey primer as a base coat, than a light blue as a color primer, then three coats of the Spectra Pearl paint.
  4. I startet a new project, now in blue metallic and the custom MCI decals. They are great.
  5. Do you have a recommendation for that? Do you use acrylic color for that?
  6. Thanks! Yes the motor is original and it runs quite good. Also the old transistor ESC is actually nice to drive, vintage but cool. I don’t now how well a stronger motor is taken by the transmission. Even if it is now equipped with ball bearings, it seams to be fragile and sensitive to torque. Also a weak point are the knuckles, it is certainly good to have one spare. The knuckles from the old Bruiser / Mountaineer fit also and are improved in stability. The only bad thing is suspension, for a runner it is worth to replace the leaf springs with softer ones, and add the damper with the most hard oil.
  7. Here are some more pictures. I added a full set of ball bearings in the axels and the transmission. Cleaned the case of the transmission, polished the rims and repainted the body. The truck is in good original condition. The only thing I probably will replace are the leaf springs. Unfortunately at the front there are minor adaptions necessary because the springs are a bit longer (second hole in the frame).
  8. I just finished a restoration project. The color is a orange-red. The decals are from MCI. The original Semi-ESC is working nicely. It is a nice runner.
  9. You need to heat the aluminium up, so that the size becomes bigger.
  10. Hi are the parts of the old Bruiser and the Hilux for the steering and axles compatible? Especially The knuckles are hard to get for the Hilux today.
  11. Hi, I broke one of the knuckles of a 58028 Hilux. If anybody has one for sale, I need one! Do you know it the rerelease knuckles of the Bruiser can be modified to fit the old axle of the Hilux?
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