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  1. Hi I am interested in the castrol celica body you have, how much shipped to Canada postal code n3c3w5 thanks

  2. Where did you order part number 89950 I need a set and cannot find them anywhere please let me know thanks
  3. You will need the correct dog bones to go with these and universal shaft diff joint, I believe you already get the wide hexes in the kit, why not look at some MST offset interchangeable wheels, no modification required just select the correct offset and glue.
  4. Hi I have a brand new TB03 Nissan Xanavi R35 kit, these are selling for over 800 on ebay, I am selling my kit for $480 Canadian shipped within Canada, USA and Europe except Italy. Please only contact if ready to purchase, thanks
  5. Hi I have for sale some brand new Tamiya body sets, these sets were removed form kits long time ago and I have them for sale, I am located in Canada and shipping to England is 80 dollars Canadian per body, I might be able to put 2 together, but let me know, These are all brand new so please do not waste my time asking for pictures, I will send you pictures ifnyou are serious. 1) Tamiya Mercedes Original Teile CLK, body set has no hole drilled in the clear body so you can mount on any chassis, comes with decals, h parts and complete TL01 manual so you know how to mount decals. $100 Canadian plus shipping 2) Tamiya Martini Alfa Romeo, Complete with h parts, decals and Clear body with no body holes drilled so you can fit on any chassis $100 Canadian plus shipping 3) Tamiya Bosch Alfa Romeo complete with h parts, decals and clear body with no body holes drilled so you can fit on any chassis $100 Canadian plus shipping 4) Tamiya 2004 Raybrig NSX clear body comes pre cut but no holes drilled so you.can fit on any chassis, comes with plastic mirrors, The best part on this body set is it comes with Tamiya racing wing with Tamiya black aluminum adjustable wing mounts and complete decal sheet. $100 Canadian plus shipping
  6. I have a full set, new I am located in Canada , shot me a pm and a price you would like to pay regards
  7. since I was first to ask for pricing, I hope I am number one on your list lol, but please let me know when ready thanks
  8. awesome please pm me price shipped to Canada
  9. is this going to be a complete kit minus electronics, or just an upgrade kit thanks
  10. how much with out the electronics, please pm if interested to sell without electronics thanks
  11. Hi I can get my hands on a mint TRF 201 I just wanted to know how much it would be worth, I don,t want to over pay, it was only used indoors and has 3 bodies 2 new and extra nip parts as well as wheels and tires, box and manual please let me know before I pull the trigger thanks
  12. Hi I have for sale a db01 durga with every option part you can get for the car, you can basically built yourself a DB01 RRR kit with all blue tamiya option parts, I have all the aluminum suspension mounts, dual slipper clutch, aluminum steering, aluminum steering post ceramic balls for the diffs, WO front universals and rear universals, etc etc so many option parts to list them all, all new in packages. You also get a brand new durga kit. Selling everything for $495 CANADIAN shipped anywhere except Australia, Italy and Africa. Please pm me your email or number and I can text or email you pictures, please no time wasters, the price is listed and everything is new in packages. Thanks
  13. hi, I just bought the carbon chassis, could you please kindly let me know what size turnbuckles I need for the steering and from the servo to the steering linkage, thanks
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