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  1. Based in Sydney. Still waiting for delivery of the part, sooo long!! 😭
  2. Cheers @GeeWings / @Willy iine I will put it down to a bad batch then, I'm in Australia and the weather is plenty warm during summer. Already ordered a replacement, but will reinforce the next one with a bit of thin sheet metal around the mounts - seems stocks are pretty low for the G1 gear case at the moment so was lucky to find one.
  3. Hi All, Bought my first Tamyia RC and the very first RC I have ever had to build! It is a monster beetle trail. Was just wondering if anyone else has experienced a blowout on the rear axle mount on the GF01 chassis before? This was on the very first use not doing anything crazy - only thing I can think other than a faulty chassis, is maybe the screw was too tight? Any ideas on what causes this and tips for avoiding in future?
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