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  1. Hi all, i have a reedy/hobbywing 3300 kv brusless motor which was not working i took it apart and ran out of time and went back few weeks later and now canot remember order it went together. The shim and spacer is the problem. Cant recal which side and order it went in. Any help be appreciated. Many thanks adam
  2. It is a reedy esc which to my knowledge is a rebranded hobbywing 60amp esc but not programmable. It does say it detects 2s or 3s and adjusts cut off but not what that is. The time out on charger is 2 hrs. I will charge up my good 3s and give suspect one same time and see what the figures are and get back. Thanks for your time
  3. Thank you, i am using skyrc e680 charger I have a 3300mah and am charging at 3.3 amps. I am not sure what you mean when you say at 1c. I set up charger options for amp and voltage and cells.
  4. Hi,good day to all. I have a 3s 11.1v lipo that when i charge or put on storage it always times out. 2 hrs before that happens. I always use balance charge. The battery does not get hot and when i check stats it is up to charge, one cell seems to be .1 volt lower than others. Is this a dangerous battery or not a problem? Thoughts? I have used it about 4 times but not sure if its safe. Thanks
  5. I will try that, i have two, so basically pair them both at same time correct?
  6. Just ordered rival mt10. Just had to do it. Did research and for price seems best option. Looked at the arrma granite but for another £100 didnt seem like i got much more. Cheers
  7. Thank you guys. Good to know.
  8. Hi, can anyone tell me if i can pair more than one reciever to same transmitter please. I have an absima srs2 2.4 ghz and want to run a few cars with same transmitter. Would this be possible. Many thanks
  9. Looks sweet. Fun build by the looks of it.
  10. Thank you, does it work ok? Does it save fastest speed?
  11. Hi, can anyone recommend a cheap but good gps to test the speed of my cars please. Been looking and fair amount at different prices. Thanks
  12. Sorry i did mean is mad van tough? My bad.
  13. I have been looking at the mad bull. Looks great. Is it tougher?
  14. I know, i love tamiya for the build and the nostalgia but i do think arrma be more suited to my needs. Feel like i be cheating though 😆😆
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