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  1. OK, so I bought a DT03, currently in progress building it ;-) thanks for all the advice, still uncertain whether to sell or keep my 1981 Sand Rover, yes it has lots of goof memories for me, but I don't have space to display it, so it would just sit in a box in a storage space. I was offered 150 for it, which is a very tempting offer.
  2. Oh, and if I sell it, whats it worth and where should I sell it? thx for the suggestions on the DT03, I’ll check it out.
  3. Hi, I just unboxed my 40 year old Sand Rover, cleaning inches of dirt and dust from the top of the box (ok exaggeration). The goal is to have some fun with my kids and introduce them to RC cars. The car is currently partially unassembled and dirty, I played loads with it as a child, loved it. I was also a big Spiderman fan and my parents gave it a custom paint job in that theme ;-) It has both small and large motor, and an upgraded speed controller + a body mod that allows action figures to sit in it ;-) I have seen some posts saying that these old cars are wanted by collectors and enthusiasts, and I am wondering whether it would be better to: - spend time/money cleaning up the old car and getting it working again and just having fun with it until it breaks beyond repair, - or selling it and using the money to buy something new.
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