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  1. New JC racing 2.2 wheels and tires ready to go
  2. This has been a question I struggle within my own behavior and use of RC models and for me in changes from manufacturer to manufacturer. I don’t know if this question has been ask before but I will ask this question as it relates only to Tamiya vehicles. When you purchase a new Tamiya vehicle, what plans will you have for it and why? Will you race it? Bash it? Build it as a shelf queen? Or store it in the unopened box? if you build it and drive it, do you buy spares as they need replacing or do you buy spares and upgrades before you start building? do you have a contingency plan to restore the vehicle to its factory box art finish at a given point or do you typically sell the vehicle when you are done with it? if you do restore the vehicle to its original new condition, do you ever run it again? finally how many of you leave the vehicle in its used and or broken condition with no plans for restoration or sale? I have many vehicles from different manufacturers for many different uses but Tamiyas live in a special class for me that deserve more attention and respect for their nostalgia. so again…ahow do you Tamiya?
  3. I’ve been looking at replacement bodies. Like I’ve said I’ve lost the under tray so I know I at least need to buy one of those. I was going to simply repaint the original body but I found a big crack on the back near the mounting area. Wing is in great condition and complete with mounting grommets and bracket. I have a couple of options here that I didn’t even know existed. I’ve contacted all three companies to get more information figuring if I’m going to do this I’m going to want to do it as close to the original but without breaking the bank because none of these companies are in the USA. first we have Kamtec bodies in the UK. Picture in green. These are sold as a complete set of 3 parts body, undertray and wing then I found Penguin body shells also UK (rear view photo) also sold as a complete set. and finally Team blue groove in Canada (red body black wheels) body and wing sold together. Undertray is a separate purchase. I’m only familiar with Kamtec who I have purchased before and was quite happy with the bodies. I’ve never purchased anything from Canada but the TBG set would be the most expensive from what I gather. I know nothing about penguin.
  4. Parts are now starting to show up at my door. I typically like the KNK brand of fasteners kit but they aren’t available so this will have to do. New wheels, tires and foams have been ordered from JC Racing. I still haven’t decided in a replacement body as I have found a crack near the rear mount on this one.
  5. Your wheels came out amazing. I’m going to get those Schumacher tires and wheel combo.
  6. I can’t seem to locate the under tray so I may have to purchase a new one. I’m debating whether I want to buy a repop Body sets that I’ve seen on eBay or work with this pre-painted one and strip the paint off. I’ve used brake cleaner before to strip paint jobs off and it left the Lexan nice and clear with no fog and able to paint a new paint job right on it. This body was painted but rarely used on the original car as I immediately changed it out for the Baja bug so there are virtually no scratches or scuffs on this body
  7. Those wheels will be perfect if all I have to do is dye them. My originals or a little bit chewed up. I can probably definitely clean them up and maybe file some of the rough edges but I guess I won’t be able to truly see what they look like until they are in a tire that covers the backside of the wheel. I just received the upper deck kit as I was missing one of the body mounts. Who knows where it went. I also have a stainless steel hardware kit arriving soon so the dismantling of the entire chassis will happen soon and cleaning of the parts and the rebuild with more photos. Thank you for the Link on those wheels I think those will be perfect. I’m debating whether the body is in good enough condition To provide a fairly good candidate for a repaint
  8. I want to go with the original style looking wheels in black. I am fine with dying A set of white wheels but I would like to know if I could use front and rear wheels from let’s say an egress or a Avante that I’ve seen in red even though those are four-wheel-drive cars. I do not care for the super astute wheels. I don’t mind if the wheel and tire combination are a little wider but I just want the look of that spoke
  9. Thank you for the information . I will most likely not ever Drive this car again. I mostly want to just be able to look at it and have it serve as one of my earlier vehicles. The wheels I have on the car are pretty trashed. Back then I used some tires that did not protect the wheels as good as the original stock tires dead so the edges of the wheels got pretty gouged tab. I was thinking about just swapping the wheels for a set of egress wheels and tires and maybe dying them black. I think I could be happy with that say that even though it wasn’t technically original. I’m gonna try to make my own decal set as I have not been happy with the MCI offerings. I’m gonna take a look at the body and see if it is suitable for stripping and repainting so it looks now but I am missing the under tray. I’m trying to see if it would be worth it just to buy an entire new body set.
  10. I loose interest in everything all the time. This last year I lost interest in collecting hot wheels after a 40 year on and off run. 5 years ago I lost interest in working and driving my vintage VWs. My car s have been on jack stands in the garage awaiting a disk brake conversion. My RC obsession trades places all the time with other hobbies like model building and music production with various peopl and bands. Recently, I bought a retro video game arcade cabinet that has my current attention. I haven’t currently given up on anything because I eventually come back depending on the time of year or time constraints with friends and family. I tend not to sell off anything because it’s more costly to repurchase everything. I currently own 27 RCs and jump from crawling to drag racing to drifting. I just put the ignored hobby away for a while knowing I’ll be back. Sometimes I’ll have a renewed interest like my vintage Astute I just decided to restore.
  11. I had a bad experience with MCI decals as I was building my ultimate monster truck replica of son uva digger. I originally thought that the replica decals would be much closer to the originals in color and quality than what I received. I bought these through another vendor who purchases from MCI. These were $46 USD and I was so dissatisfied with them I did not put them on the truck. The quality of decal film and vibrancy are very good, but the quality of the image is extremely poor. I have been a graphic designer for 21 years so I’m aware of what good quality print looks like even with various printing methods in mind. I have just started designing decals for my own projects after having received these but the cost time to create a set of replicas is extremely expensive and long. As you can see it appears is that the images from the original decal sheet were captured in a very crude manner and not cleaned up so the edges print jagged. The screen resolution is very coarse we well as can be seen in the side panel decals as well as part of the image missing that would be purple sky underneath the yellow crane arm that is fragmented I eventually designed my own custom themed graphics based on a local Halloween prank near my hometown. These decals were printed using a toner based laser printer and laminated with clear film. These were printed on white vinyl so The design incorporates the color of the painted body otherwise the white vinyl would show through. I’m happy with the way they turned out but I have yet to perfect my clear vinyl designs which is how a proper Tamiya decal should be done. If the images from MCI or actually vectored and drawn based on the original decal sheet, they would be nice and smooth but I am not sure how they go about capturing the original image based on what I see in the final product but it’s not good. a few more examples of my laser print decal wraps
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