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  1. To be honest I hadn’t even thought about the foams until one of the racers said these are the ones he uses! Really didn’t think those were going to fit inside the tyres but they went in easily and there’s still a lot of squash in the tyre.
  2. The ball bearing kit turned up next so stripped the chassis completely down. One thing I did notice is compared to the TT02 chassis it is more fiddly getting to the diffs and you have to strip more down. As stock chassis sets I would say the TT01E has less slop in the steering and suspension components though. While I had it apart I also cleaned out the front diff and filled it with 1 million silicone oil as I have done in my race TT02 (rules allow any grease/fluid but no locked diffs). I also removed the ribs in the battery tray with a dreamer and file so I can use lipo’s when I race it as a car not a truck (truck rules are nimhs only). I also shimmed the driveshafts as the go through the hub bearings as they had quite a bit of play. Waiting on some more shims to do the arms next. Next job is to fit the servo when it turns up and get some oil shocks then it should be ready to race!
  3. The strip down begins. My tyre foams turned up first, I ordered medium fronts and rears as recommended by racers at my local club. The foams looked huge when they turned up and I had to check I had ordered the right ones! The did fit in nicely though and glued the tyres to the rims.
  4. Went racing at LB again Tuesday night with the TT02. Again there were 8 of us racing in the TT class so were split into 2 groups. I hadn’t changed anything on my car since last week apart from raising my rear spoiler back up with my new wing mounts my friend printed for me. Got stuck in a bit of traffic on my way there so made it late to practice. Got straight on the track but didn’t have time to prep and glue the tyres. Car didn’t feel like it had great grip but wasn’t sure if that was an issue with the carpet not being very grippy yet or my tyres not being prepped. Heat 1 I started first and as usual started a bit slowly as I searched for grip. Car felt much better after cleaning and adding tyre additive. Had a great race and led from start to finish with no major errors. Completed 21 laps and finished 2 laps in front of second. Heat 2 and again I got away cleanly and led from start to finish again. Had great pace for the whole race and didn’t feel pressured so kept it clean and tidy. Got a faster best lap, quicker average laps and finished 3 laps in front of second with 21 laps again. The finals, I was in the B final even though I drove well and finished first in both my heats I still can’t quite match the pace of the fast guys. I’m getting closer every week though, finishing 2/3 laps behind and half a second slower. In my final I was first on the grid and actually managed a good start getting into the first tight right hairpin corner first and with a nice gap. Had another good race but with a couple of little mistakes and a spin so completed 20 laps instead of 21. Got a faster lap time then in the heats but this time the other drivers had stepped up a gear and second position was only a lap behind. Very happy with the result though as still led from start to finish and I’m getting used to the pressure of leading. Also improving making clean overtakes and getting past back markers quicker. Should be back racing next Tuesday as missed out at Aylesbury tonight. Want to get back to Aylesbury when I can though and try out the truck.
  5. Did you sort your servo issue out? Just check you have the right number of teeth on the servo saver for the servo you are using as some are different. Also when fitting the servo saver power up the servo to centralise it. I can never get it dead straight always seem to be a spline out! Can easily get it straight with your trim though. Good luck!
  6. Just bought myself a TT01E racing truck to race at my local club. Currently racing my TT02 and my mardave mini, but the TT class seems to be quiet. The truck class is popular and looks like great fun with some close racing. Also would like to race at the iconic cup next year which means I would need to use a TT01 as my TT02 is too new. I had been watching a few trucks on eBay and checking marketplace for ready built trucks as didn’t want to spend a fortune on the kit and paint for the body. Also want to get it racing as quickly as I can. Although I would quite like a go at doing a non box art body at some point. Ended up with this MAN truck, it was listed as being built but never used. Came ready to run but without a servo or receiver. In the class I will run it in it has to remain fairly stock for close racing but there are a few hop ups allowed. At the moment I’ve stripped it down to see what it will need and it does look like it’s never been used. So far I’ve changed the esc connector to a deans and shortened the motor wiring to make it tidier. Also changed the pinion from a 19t to a 23t as it’s allowed in the rules and I already had a spare. My list of parts needed are: • Servo (ordered) • Bearing kit • Alloy driveshaft • Oil shocks • Tyre foams • Adjustable turnbuckles If anyone has any tips on how to set the trucks up for racing let me know 👍🏻 Also size and best shocks for it would be great.
  7. Managed to get to Leighton Buzzard again Tuesday night with the TT02. Again there was a good turn out of tamiyas and we were split into 2 groups. I was in the slower group with 4 other drivers. Heat 1 I struggled a bit with grip still feel as though I’m getting some under steer especially at the start of the race. Still managed a good race but dont feel like I put a tidy lap together. Finished in second but 2 laps behind the leader. Heat 2 was more of the same felt like the grip had got better and the car was handling better. Had a couple of small mistakes and finished in second again but a lap down from the leader. In the final I was put in the B final and the leader of my heats was moved into the A final. There was 4 of us in the B. I started in the lead but got a bad start and was into 3rd by the second corner. I stayed calm and got into second by the second lap. I started to reel in the leader by the next couple of laps and managed to sneak past. I led for 2 laps then went wide, got passed and hit the barrier rolling over! Luckily managed to land back on my wheels and didn’t lose too much time. Got my head down and lap by lap started to catch the leader. I was 2 seconds behind with only a few laps to go but was catching up with some really good laps. On the last lap I was on his rear bumper when he went wide going into the second from last corner and I snuck up the inside! Won the race, got the fastest lap and had the best race I have ever had! All in all it was a great night of racing! Can’t make racing this Friday but hopefully will be at Leighton Buzzard next Tuesday. Also bought a TT01E race truck to keep me busy to race at Aylesbury!
  8. Liking the tray idea! Really neat. I agree with L&L models I’ve bought quite a few parts from them and never had any problems and fast delivery. I managed to find a decent TT01 truck on eBay and won the auction so as soon as it’s delivered I will get it racing. Good luck with your build 👍🏻
  9. Does anyone else here race the TT01E trucks? Just bought a stock used one and will race it at my local club. The rules are to keep it stock but allow for bearings and oil shocks. I use yeah racing shocks on my TT02 and they have been great, does anyone know if they suit the trucks and which size I would need? Any more tips appreciated 👍🏻
  10. Managed to get back over to Aylesbury on Friday night again and again took both cars! Heat 1 the mini was up first started off slow as didn’t get time to practice and it was a completely different layout. Put a few good laps together but didn’t have the speed to match the other drivers. Still felt like my car was pulling under full throttle. Finished last. Heat 1 for the TT02 and I was in a mixed group with my TT02, a TT01, 3 trucks and an MTC. Had a great race and finished 3rd a couple of cars lengths behind a truck in 2nd and MYC in 1st on the same lap. Heat 2 for the mini before I went out I checked my ride height. The front was ok but the rear was 7mm on the left and 3.5mm on the right! Adjusted them both to around 4mm. The car felt much better and wasn’t pulling anywhere near as bad. Still finished last but the car was much easier to drive just need more practice! Heat 2 for the Tamiya and again I had a great race and finished in a very close 3rd place on the same lap and with the fastest lap of the race again. Even led the race for a few laps but always make a small mistake letting the more experienced drivers straight back past. The finals for the mini and I was put into the D final. I won! Finished a lap in front of 2nd with the fastest race lap. Strangely at the end of the race I drove the mini towards me and it stopped!?! Disconnected and reconnected the battery and it came to life again!?! The final for the Tamiya and I started well but got hit and pushed into last. I started to get into a rhythm and picked off the drivers one by one untill I got into the lead after 1st and 2nd tangled. It didn’t last long as on the next lap I clipped an inside barrier putting the car on its side and knocking the spoiler off. Then 2 of the trucks came round the corner straight into my stuck car! There was nowhere they could go. The marshal got it back on the track but it wouldn’t drive straight. Got it off the track and realised I had snapped the front right cvd in half! Race over. Had a great evening of racing again and feel like I’m getting somewhere with the mardave mini now just need a lot more driving time. For next week I just need to fit my spare cvd to the Tamiya and reattach the spoiler. Also take a look at the mini to see why it randomly switched off?!?
  11. I’m back! Was on holiday so missed a week of racing, so Tuesday I made my way down to Leighton Buzzard with my TT02. Since my last race I had fitted a brand new set of sweep racing 28 tyres as my last set are now destroyed! Also fitted the extra steering bridge so was keen to see if there was any difference. During practice the car was undrivable! I hadn’t had time to scrub the tyres in so it was like driving on drift tyres! Took the car straight outside and skidded it around the carpark for 5 minutes brought it back in and cleaned the tyres. I didn’t have time for another practice run so put the tyre additive on and got ready for the first race. Heat 1. There were a lot of TT class cars which was great and meant splitting the cars into 2 heats. My first race was great even though the tyres were still not fully bedded in. Finished in 3rd out of 6 on the same lap as 2nd and 1st with the fastest lap of the race. Heat 2 I was doing great at the start until my car stopped on lap 10. Ran over to pick it up and it started working again!?! Carried on and finished 4th and 5 laps down from the leader. Checked the car over in the pits and it all seemed to look ok. I was put into the final with my friend that was racing his TT02SR. Had a great little race with him Finishing 2nd out of 7 and 2 laps down but with a fastest lap only 0.03 behind! Just need to get more consistent! All in all a great night of racing and my car seems to suit the LB track more than anywhere else.
  12. Hi not sure what pinion size would be best as I run a 21 turn brushed motor in my TT02. I would recommend a metal motor mount though, it acts as a heat sink and will allow you to try lots of different ratios. I’ve been using the adjustable yeah racing mount and it’s great.
  13. I’m looking at the TT01E trucks as my next project they look like a great build and they race them at my local club. Box art would look great but I’ve also seen some great custom paint jobs too! Would be really hard to decide, good luck! 👍🏻
  14. Think I found the reason the handling was a bit off in the Tamiya final. Just checked the car over and found the left hand rear tyre completely ripped off the wheel! Everything else looks ok so just need to get some tyres. I do have some sorex 32’s if I can’t get any more in time for my next race. Also added an extra steering bridge to tighten up the steering and it seems to of worked.
  15. I was back at Aylesbury last night but before I went I had an evening in the garage prepping both cars ready. The Tamiya I fitted the new genuine hobbywing 1060 esc, carbon bumper mount and carbon battery holder. The mini I fitted a new low profile servo meaning I could run the esc lower down for a better center of gravity. Also have it a good clean and check over. Took the mini out for practice first and let the tyre additive soak into the tt02. The mini felt better after I set the steering trim and steering end points, still pulls when on full throttle but have been told that they all do it just have to be more progressive with the throttle. The mini was up first with 6 of us in the race. Just took it easy and didn’t even really go full throttle as wanted to have a clean race to get back into driving the mini. Finished 5th. The TT02 was in with the mtc group again but today there was another TT01 to race too. The Tamiya is like a pair of old slippers now and I can get on with driving it and feel comfortable with it now. Still made a couple of mistakes and was struggling with the two tightest corners of the track compared to the other cars. Came in 3rd out of 4 which was expected. Two laps down from the leader. The fastest car was an mtc which is a rocket and in 2nd place the more experienced TT01 racer. Was within half a second of the TT01’s fastest lap but still can’t consistently do quick lap after quick lap. The second mini race the grip had started to get better and I was able to use full throttle and pick out some good lines. Finished 5th again but a lot closer to 4th and not as many laps (3) behind the leader. The second TT race was more of the same. Had some fast laps but also had a couple of big crashes into the barriers trying to let the faster guys through. Around half way through I clipped an inside barrier which launched me off the track and into the wall at full speed 😬. Ripped the rear spoiler clean off. I never thought the spoiler actually did anything but it really does! Struggled with rear grip for the rest of the race. Finished 3rd again. The mini final I was improving again with a faster lap and closer average. Still finished in 5th but again was a lot closer and wasn’t making any mistakes just need to be a bit tidier and carry more corner speed. The Tamiya final i stuck my spoiler back on but had to fit it directly to the boot lid as the mounts were broken. Still didn’t feel like it had the grip from the start of the evening. Don’t know whether that was from the spoiler being lower, maybe I bent something in the crash or finally my tyres have had it. Still had great fun and finished 3rd again just had a lot more mistakes trying to keep up with the fast guys. Im on holiday next week so won’t be racing but will prep the cars ready for when I’m back. I need to get some spoiler mounts and bite the bullet and order new tyres for the TT. The mini is ok the servo is an improvement from the old one I had in before, just needs a good clean and check over.
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