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  1. Thanks I’m glad you enjoyed the video. I still don’t know what I’m doing as I’m a carpet racer not a speed runner but i had a great time. Learnt a lot too so will definitely do some more speed runs soon. That’s an impressive collection of TT02’s! My TT02 was my first proper hobby grade rc car and it’s my favourite rc I have. Really enjoyed carpet racing it, but now race an mtc which is faster and handles better but if I could only save one car it would be my original TT02! Funnily enough it’s an open night at my local carpet track Tuesday and I’m dusting off my TT02 for a race! Thanks for the idea I have some left over lexan so will make something to stop the rocks. 👍🏻
  2. Good afternoon. The poor boys rc speed run challenge finishes tonight so this morning was my last opportunity to give the car a run. Luckily the weather was dry and warm this morning so me and my friend Adrian from Atomartrc took our cars to the road near my work for a run. I was the Guinea pig and went first. I did a few warm up runs on 2s. Unfortunately I was still using the smaller motor as it looks like my big 5900 kv motor is lost! The car felt really stable on 2s and I did a couple of good flat out runs. Just as I was about to bring it in and check the speed something happened to my steering and it would only turn left 😬. Luckily it was just a stone wedged in the steering so easily fixed. I checked my time and I managed 40mph on 2s so was happy with that. For my next run I fitted the 3s battery. Instantly I could feel it had so much more power. Started with a couple of slowish passes and added a bit of expo to the steering. Then I gave it the beans! It felt really fast and was a bit of a handful but still controllable. Did around 4 runs without any drama and brought it in as I was at full throttle and was as fast as it would go. Checked my speed and a very respectable 55mph on 3s! Was very pleased with that. Adrian’s car has a much better motor and esc and looked like a real handful wheel spinning and snaking around. He managed 65mph straight away but still feels like there is more speed there. We cut the rear wing off and he then managed 66mph. Still think there’s more in it but we called it a day. We had a great morning messing about with the cars and considering we had never done anything like this before I think we did alright. Above is the link to my YouTube entry to the speed challenge if you want to have a look. If my other motor ever turns up I will still fit it and see if I can go faster as really enjoyed it 👍🏻 Have a look at Adrian’s channel Automartrc on YouTube too he has loads of Tamiya content.
  3. Good morning. Just a quick update with what I’ve been up to with my car. Been really busy lately and not been able to get out for a run and trying to find somewhere suitable has been harder than I thought. I was working Saturday morning and decided to take the car with me to find somewhere on my way back. Luckily on a nearly empty industrial estate round the corner from my work I found a completely straight and flat road. Haven’t got the bigger motor or a 3s battery yet but took it for a run. After getting the steering trim set up it drove really straight and felt easy to drive. I managed to get full throttle ok and did a couple of speed runs without any issues. Checked my max speed and it was 38.9mph. Not bad for a first go with the smaller motor on 2s. The poor boys rc speed run challenge finishes on Saturday and I’m going to give it one more final run with my friend who has also built a tt02 for the challenge on Wednesday. He also has a 3s battery he is going to let me use so should get some more speed. Im hoping my bigger motor turns up in time but it’s looking a bit like it’s been lost in the post 😢
  4. Hi all three motors I have the 3100, 4200 and 5900 are 2845 size. I’m guessing the 2845 is the size!?! Is that the actual measurement of the physical size? I really have no idea 😂. At the moment I have the 3100 motor fitted with an fdr of 3.96. I took it out for a shakedown run when I took my kids to the park and found an old astroturf bowls court. It was completely flat but not as big as I need. I didn’t have a lot of grip or space but easily hit 26mph on 2s, think with a decent road it would do 40mph. The car drove great though nice and straight and no breakages or crashes. When the 5900kv motor turns up I will fit that and see what happens 😂. Only problem I have now is that the weather has turned awful for the next week! thanks for your help!
  5. How the car started off. A stock TT02D with a sport tuned motor and ancient esc! Was great fun to drive around a carpark but didn’t really get much use. Carries out the steering bridge mod, I have done this on my carpet car and it made the steering a lot more responsive with less play. A couple of upgrades to help me change the gear ratios. Aiming for around an fdr of 4. How it’s looking now with the shell painted and fitted 😳😂 Still waiting for a new motor, steering servo and pinion and spur gears. Hoping my parts will arrive next week to give it a run at the weekend 👍🏻
  6. Great write up. 45mph! That’s an amazing speed for a brushed motor! Didn’t think a brushed motor could get anywhere close to that. I’m building a TT02 speed run car too but going the brushless route using parts I pretty much have laying around. Hoping to get it together for a run next weekend.
  7. Thanks for your help! Any info possible is great as I am a complete beginner to speed runs. I’ve only ever raced indoors on carpet and this is a completely different ball game! Looking into the gearing I was thinking of aiming for around an FDR of 4-4.5 as thinking I will do a run then let it cool right down before another try so hoping heat won’t be a big issue. I do have a bigger motor (4200kv) I could borrow out of my brushless converted ftx zorro truck. Didn’t know if that would be too big and would cog and get too hot?!? Will have a search through and see if I can find TMM’s build. Thanks for your tips I have a feeling I’ll need all the help I can get 😂
  8. Thanks for the help. I haven’t bought any pinions or spurs yet so 48dp would be a good option. Didn’t think of wheel hexes. I do have some spare alloy 7mm hexes so will fit those. I already have adjustable turnbuckles for the steering but may need some parts to take some slip out of the steering. My TT02 carpet racer has the yeah racing steering hop ups with an extra steering bridge that works well so may go for that. Haven’t seen the turnbuckles from the top arm to bumper so will take a look thanks 👍🏻
  9. Hi guys. Been racing TT01/02’s for a little while now and still really enjoy the budget chassis especially with all the hop ups available. Recently seen on YouTube that poor boys rc are doing a speed run challenge for brushed and brushless TT02’s. my friend and I both have TT02’s laying around so thought it would be a great idea to see how fast we can make them go. We are both going to compete in the brushless class. I have an old cheap 2/3s brushless sensorless esc so have bought a cheap brushless sensorless 3100kv motor to go with it. My TT02D already has ball races, alloy prop, adjustable motor mount, high speed gear set and yeah racing oil shocks. I’ve got a Honda Accord low drag body to cut and paint for it too. Just need to work out what spur and pinion gears I will need?!? Has anyone else used a TT02 for speed runs? I have the same cheap motor and esc in my ftx zorro trophy truck and that managed 30mph so I’m hoping for around 40mph with the TT02. Will upload some pictures soon.
  10. Last weekend was round 5 of the iconic cup. It’s the second round for me as only booked to race 3 rounds. A week before the race I thought I’d better get my TT01E out and check it over ready (nothing like being prepared!). After the last time I used it in the wet Broxtowe final it was filthy so stripped it down and gave it a good clean. Was chatting to my mates I race with indoors and they had managed to get cancelled spaces for West London so there would be a few of us this time. They also suggested I cut down my top deck for extra flex and as I had a spare I cut it down and refitted it. I also swapped my springs from front to rear so now have softer on the front than the rear. I swapped in my 28t pinion again as was told this was the best gearing for west London. The only other thing I changed was I got a bigger motor cooling fan as my last fan was too weak. I missed practice again Saturday but the other 3 guys I was pitting with went, with a couple of them completing over 200 laps! The weather was looking a bit over cast for Sunday with possible showers but was dry when I got there early in the morning. I put my old 28 tyres on with additive and waited to get called out in my stock heat for our 5 minute practice. I was in my own heat with 2 of my mates in the stock heat before me and 1 of my mates a couple of heats back in super stock. Practice. This was the first time I’d ever raced at West London and I was really impressed with the track. It’s much flatter than Broxtowe and not as technical but faster and flowing. I picked it up pretty quickly and put some ok laps in with out and crashes. The car felt really good too just a bit slow but there wasn’t much I could do about that, some of the other cars although using the same motors were noticeably faster. Qualifier 1. I stuck with the 28 tyres and made no changes. I Started off in position 9 out of 10 so that suited me as would rather not have the pressure of being at the front letting the faster cars passed. I had a really good run putting some good laps in and getting past a few cars along the way. Finished in 4th with 14 laps. Qualifier 2. The temperature was warming up a bit so switched over to my scrubbed 32 tyres. Had another good run this time with a couple of little slides where i was pushing in places just trying to find my limit. Still got 14 laps and managed to get a slightly faster best lap. Finished in 4th again. Qualifier 3. Stuck with my 32 tyres again. Still felt like the right tyre and again had a good run with no issues. Had a couple of little clashes with a couple of drivers, and did spin out on the straight when I went wide and hit the side of popalong Carls car which I felt bad about. Apologised and all was good. Finished 3rd this time with a faster lap again and 14 laps. Qualifier 4. The temperature had risen again so I fitted my new 34 tyres. These tyres were brand new but I had run them round a carpark for 5 minutes to bed them in. Again I had probably my best run of qualifying really getting to grips with the track and driving more consistently. The tyres felt great too. Managed 15 laps this time and finished 3rd again. Finals. I managed to get into the C final with both of my mates that were in the stock class too! I stuck with the 34 tyres although it was a bit warmer (I had no 36’s). Lee was on pole, Luke 5th with me just behind in 6th. For once I actually got a really good start and within 2 corners I was up into 3rd! It didn’t last long though as 2 corners later I got hit and rolled. Luckily I didn’t lose much time and held onto 4th. For the next couple of laps I stayed consistent and put some really good laps in. There were a few crashes around me I managed to avoid and around 5 laps in I was in 2nd place! I then started to gain on Lee still in 1st position. I stuck to his rear bumper for another really close 4 laps but couldn’t find a way past although felt I had the pace too. I could see 3rd place starting to gain on us so was desperately trying to find a way past! That’s when I made a mistake and ran wide and up a kerb letting 3rd and 4th position past. I didn’t lose too much time but had to push really hard to catch back up. In hindsight I should of maybe slowed it down a bit and stuck to my lines not panicked but I thought I could of won so went for the win it or bin it mentality! 😂. When the chequered flag dropped I was 4th narrowly missing out on a podium place and a trophy. Lee won though and Luke finished 3rd so all together we had a real result. Overall we all had a great day, not just the racing we had such a good laugh and it stayed dry all day! Result 👍🏻
  11. Give it a go I’m sure you will love it! on my TT02 on carpet I started with sweep 28 slicks which worked really well, then moved onto contact a30 slicks which I found had slightly more grip but don’t last as long. The contacts are a bit cheaper too.
  12. Great thread! Would you say the only worth while non Tamiya hop up would be the bearings? Really like what you’ve done with both shells they look great
  13. Sounds like you had a bit of a nightmare! Still managed to get into both A finals though so nice one! 👍🏻 You wasn’t running a gold Ferrari shell by any chance was you? Guy pitched up just behind me in the carpark and was running two classes. Madman! I agree another final would of been good I did so well to get second on the grid in my final only to make a little mistake and then have to contend with it starting to rain. The next round I’m doing is west London so hopefully will see you there 👍🏻
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