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  1. I’ve just switched to my third shell after nearly a year of racing. My first shell was the Tamiya Audi Quattro rally shell and didn’t last too long. The next shell I bought was a cheap pre painted skyline gtr shell from eBay. Cost me something like £16 and looks good although “Nissan and skyline” is spelt wrong as it’s not licensed. It’s lasted me ages and has only just lost a piece of the rear bumper after I got rear ended. I always tape up the inside of the shells around the front and rear bumpers and above the wheels arches to help reinforce them. A lot of people move the front body posts to the bumper too to help reinforce the front.
  2. Just thought I would do a quick update as the race season has now ended. Had a great time racing pretty much every week since I started racing back in March, my driving and car have definitely improved and I’ve met some great people through the hobby! My last race was last Tuesday at Leighton Buzzard with my TT02 and although my driving wasn’t great that night I still had a great time. I finished 2nd and 3rd in the heats after struggling with grip and getting taken out badly in the second race. I finished 2nd in the final after making a few mistakes and the car not quite feeling right. Had a good little battle with my friend Adrian though so really enjoyed that. The awards for the different classes were handed out and I actually came second in the TT01/02 class so really pleased with that, even though I only really race for fun. My next race now is not for a couple of weeks so I will strip the TT02 right down and clean and inspect everything. Will also clean the motor out as haven’t done it in ages and it doesn’t feel as strong as it once was. Debating running my supra shell or buying another shell as the skyline one now has a bit of rear bumper missing! Over christmas I also bought an MTC so will build that up to race soon aswell. Next year I’m hoping to still race my TT02 at Leighton Buzzard and race my MTC and mardave mini at Aylesbury when I can. Also every now and then run my TT01 truck at Milton Keynes as Aylesbury seem to of killed the truck class off now. May even convert the TT01E into a touring car to compare against the TT02. Happy new year to everyone that’s read and contributed to this thread and here’s to plenty more racing in 2023!!! 👍🏻
  3. Yeah was told by a few guys at the club that sometimes if the 1060 is put into Lipo mode they can cut out too early. Plus it’s only their to cut the power when your Lipo hits its minimum voltage and I always change my battery for each race. I’m sure it was a fake hobbywing so I always buy from a legit hobby shop now. Thanks, I’ve still been racing but haven’t updated in a while will have to update as soon as I can. Hoping to do the iconic cup and some different racing next year so will update this thread soon.
  4. Thanks. I’ve enjoyed writing down all my mishaps! 😂. I’ve still been racing recently but haven’t updated in a while. I can’t seem to add any pictures at the moment, but will update soon as the LB race season is now over and I’ve had a few breakages/changes to the car to report.
  5. Amazing! My brother used to have one of these and spent many hours jumping stuff in our back garden! Always remember it used to be quite quick and jumped really well. Enjoy!
  6. Went racing again Tuesday night but had a busy weekend and hadn’t had a chance to look over the car or even clean the tyres since the last race. As usual I turned up late and missed the practise session 😬. This week there were 8 TT class cars and only 3 minis so we got split into 2 groups. After my wheel bearing collapsed the race before I ordered a new bearing set but didn’t get a chance to fit them so took them to the race. Thought I would have plenty of time to replace them before the race but just as I had fitted the new bearings the TT01/2’s were called to the grid for the first heat! I worked like a F1 pit crew and got the car back together just before the heat started 🙄. As soon as the heat started I then remembered that I also hadn’t put any tyre additive on so had no grip for the first few laps! I finished 4th out of 5 but finished on the same lap as 2nd and 3rd and put in a decent fast lap. For the second heat I remembered the tyre additive and had a good start to the race sticking with 1st and 2nd until I tangled with a lapped car and hit the barrier. I had no steering after the accident and a Marshall took it off the track to try and fix it. The steering arm had popped off, the marshal did manage to fix it but by the time I was back on track I only did 1 lap so finished last. For the final due to my disasters in the 1st and 2nd heats I moved into the mini group. Had a great race starting well with no drama’s and had a great race long battle with my friend Jamie and his TT01. It was that close I actually thought he had won then realised I had lapped him at some point! A great night of racing again but I need to now go through the car and make sure I have no more breakages. I’m also leading the championship at the moment but that’s more to do with me racing every week and the front runner missing a race!
  7. I raced the truck again Friday but before I went I took a look at the truck and gave it a good clean (it’s amazing how dirty they get from running in carpet!) looking at the ride height it looked too high even for a truck, measured it at around 18mm alround! Struggled last week when the grip was high with grip roll so thought I would have a look to lower the COG. Im using the oil filled Tamiya cva shocks I’ve borrowed off my TT02D. They work well but are a bit long and the springs are very stiff. Looking in my spare box I still have a load of springs from my TT02 yeah racing shocks so picked a set that would work. Went for softer springs than the TT02 so hard from and medium rear. The springs are also shorter lowering the truck to around 8mm ride height. At racing I had a good night with a second, second and a win in the final 👍🏻 Out of 6 trucks. The truck handles really well, the new springs made the body roll slightly more but seemed to make it grip better. I found that if it did loose rear grip it was easy to get back inline with the throttle. At some point I will get some yeah racing 50mm shocks for it so I can give the cva’s back to my TT02D but for now they are doing the job. Could also do with adjustable turnbuckles just to straighten the steering trim out a bit and maybe add a bit of toe out. The truck really is great fun to drive and impressed how good it is straight out of the box!
  8. Amazing job 👍🏻. For the issue with not enough weight over the front could you use brass weights inside the wheels? I’ve seen them used in crawler front wheels to gain extra weight without effecting the cog.
  9. I’ve got a TT02 I carpet race so my spring choice will be very different but I always use harder in the front than the rear.
  10. Raced the truck again last Friday night. Made no changes from the first race night. The truck class was a bit quiet this week with only 3 of us racing. Heat 1 I finished the race in 2nd struggled with rear grip and made a few mistakes. Couldn’t get anywhere near 1st position their truck really looked planted to the track. Heat 2 and after speaking to the winner in the first heat I found out he was using tyre additive. I had some I use on the TT02 so have it a go. Instantly found I had loads of grip but too much as every time I went into a corner fast it grip rolled! Finished 2nd again but was even slower than the first heat. The final again I finished 2nd and this time didn’t use any additive. The truck felt much better without and the track grip was much better. For the next race I need to check over the truck again and also fit a motor cooling fan. Bought the fan and heat sink but won’t fit due to the top chassis brace so will have to cut down the heat sink to fit. At some point I will get some oil shocks and turnbuckles ordered too.
  11. Took the TT02 racing again last Tuesday night. Didn’t get chance to fit the adjustable camber arms so just cleaned the tyres and checked it over. There were 7 of us in the TT class so a busy night! Again I missed practice and the track layout had changed to a track I hadn’t raced on before. The track was a lot more technical with slower/tighter corners. Heat 1 I started well and had a really close race. Finished in 3rd but near the end of the race felt like my car was pulling to the right quite heavily. After the race I checked the car over and found my front right driveshaft pin had come loose and had cut a groove into my front hub. I had a spare driveshaft so fitted that before the next heat. Heat 2 again I had a decent race and finished 3rd again. Car felt much better and the grip felt a lot better. Did notice the front right wheel vibrated a lot and looked buckled. Stripped the front right suspension down and found the wheel bearing had collapsed! Had to fit the kit plastic bushes to get out for the final. The final I had a terrible start and got collected by 4th place pushing me into last. I managed to recover and worked my way back into 3rd from 4th after a good battle with 3rd position. The leader had a collision with a back marker which pushed me into 2nd. Then the new leader clipped the barrier letting me past into 1st. It didn’t last long and a lap later I made a small mistake and dropped to 2nd. As the final laps counted down I could see 3rd position catching me. I got tangled up with 2 back markers at the same time and 3rd position managed to sneak by all of us demoting me to 3rd. Really enjoyed the race though and put some decent lap times together. There’s some great clean driving in the TT class and very similar lap times now. For next week I need to replace the bearings and get some spare driveshafts on order. Have to add if anyone does read this and is thinking about trying racing I would say go for it! I’m so glad I did. I’ve met some really nice, friendly and helpful people at all the clubs I’ve been too and always have a great time.
  12. Only allowed the Tamiya body in our truck class. Yes it is very close racing and great fun 👍🏻
  13. Thanks 👍🏻. To be honest the faster guys have switched race classes so if they were racing I would probably be winning the B final! I’ve still come a long way from where I started though and I’m enjoying my racing even more.
  14. My truck didn’t cut out and the esc didn’t feel too hot so it must be ok. I’ve got a hobbywing 1060 in my TT02 I also race with a 21 turn core rc motor and 2s Lipo with a 24t pinion and that doesn’t get too hot probably cooler than my truck. Is your 1060 genuine? I unknowingly bought a fake for my TT02 that caught fire in its first race!
  15. Went racing again last Tuesday and borrowed the top suspension arm off my TT02D as my adjustable arms didn’t get here in time. Also had to fit another front top shock mount as the old mount had loads of play in it. As usual I got there late and missed practice 🙄. My friend Brendan wasn’t racing but there was still 5 of us in the TT heat. Heat 1 I set off in first position and felt comfortable straight away. Stayed in the lead for the whole race and finished 1st. Heat 2 I had another good race and had a good battle with second place for a few laps. A lap from the end I went to overlap 2nd place and got t-boned which pushed the shell right in so that it got stuck over my esc! Looked like a real car that had been in an accident. The shell was rubbing on the rear wheel but I carried on as knew I only had a lap to go. Finished 1st again. The final. The car wasn’t damaged at all managed to pop the shell back and had to restick the esc and receiver down. I was first on the grid and got a good start into the first corner and was away. Had a good clean race and finished in 1st, 3 laps in front and with a lot of good fast laps. Should be racing again Tuesday and hopefully Brendan will be back for a close race again. Will probably leave the stock arm on for now and build up the camber arms when I get time.
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