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  1. That's beautiful! Good work indeed. What's your secret? Warm spray booth with fans? :)
  2. Ok, I see. But thats listed as a spare part. No info on the option kit that I mentioned in my op?
  3. Are you shure about this? The platform is not THAT old and I see no info that there already are two motormounts.
  4. Hi! I’ve read on several sites that there are a dual motor option kot for the new Usa-1. Is this really so? Didn’t see it on official site. Thanks!
  5. Ok, many different answers. I guess Juggular answers my question right. I did not got an answer for wich Tamiya polish I should use. I saw that they sell three different kinds and I think that it is for the shelf queens. Is it possible to use just one for an ok result? Thanks in advance!
  6. Ok, thanks! I saw that Tamiya has three stages of polish but I would guess that's for the shelf queens? Can I use just one to get ok results?
  7. I am not very into perfect shelf queens. I respect them but I have not the patience myself. A few quick layers of primer and then a few layers of paint is good enough for me. When I painted my Black Foot I got a mirror like finish without even trying but the last layer of paint went orange peel of doom! Locks seriously awful.. soooo, how do I fix this? Tried to google it but I only got guides for getting perfection. I guess clean the body, wet sand with I don't know - 2000 grit?? And the some polish maybe? Wich kind? As I wrote I don't need perfection but better than what it is now. Thanks!
  8. Ordered two sets and they got shipped the day after. Arrived some days later even though it was over seas shipping. Really impressed! The kit was complete with hardware and it fits without any issues. Took me about 15 minutes to assemble. Before and after pictures below.
  9. Oh thats a nice app. Im spraying from a can.
  10. Well I guess spray is best. I am building a Super Clod Buster and the manual states spray gun metal on lower part of the body.
  11. Thanks for the info, great news!
  12. Any suggestions on a good TS-38 replacement? Seems to be sold out in many places. Preferably from a eu store. Thanks!
  13. Great, thanks for the swift replies!
  14. This may be a stupid question but I have searched but no luck. I’m about to order som Tamiya enamels (X) for painting details on a Blackfoot but I was wondering what would be the best solution for cleaning the brushes after use? Thanks!
  15. By the way, any tips on wich 3s that will fit the battery compartment? I have a Spektrum S150 charger with their IC plugs but their batteries sre expensive..
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