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  1. Hello all, I’m after some advice with regards to the rear shock. followed the instructions however I still have loads of air in the shock line? Is there a knack to removing all this? also the front shocks seem a bit clunky everything assembled correctly and they function as intended they just feel like they are catching. Any advice at all?
  2. I got my eye on a few chassis around the £100/£130 mark
  3. Nice! However way out of my intended price range. Many thanks for getting in touch.
  4. Looking to buy a Madcap either whole or just the chassis
  5. Brand new in packet. £40 posted in uk (international a little more) open to offers.
  6. Branded new in box! sold on eBay previously but buyer pulled out the listing. I’m not sure you’ll find a cleaner one complete never fitted. £180 with free uk postage (international extra) I am open to offers (This is a friendly forum so I’ll offer a discount too) Try your offer, you met never know!
  7. As per the title I am looking for Tamiya 84113 buggy champ diff set. This is available in the big shops here in the UK but if anyone has one laying around they no longer want/need and could sell a a bit lower than retail I’d be interested. Many Thanks
  8. Could I recreate the Super champ from a Fighting Buggy re re with just a set of super champ decals? what are the differences?
  9. Thanks all, I’ll have a think I don’t have loads of kits (2 at the mo and some boxed accessories, motors, body sets etc) and I don’t plan on having loads, but then again I have just got back into the hobby. This is only going to end one way 😂 I have a whopping great garage that I need to fill!
  10. Has anyone created a list of all the RC Buggy kits to date that Tamiya have made? Or is there a list available online at all? Many thanks
  11. Thanks, I have seen some framed which are nice but I would like to keep the boxes as a whole ideally as I have some pets inside there
  12. Perhaps a strange question. I, as I suppose many others do love the box work on Tamiya’s RC kits. I want to display these alongside the models but I don’t want them going funny. How do you protect them? Is there some sort of film I could wrap them in? Noting they would be stored in my garage on display.
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