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  1. Hi guys, i've got a Panda Cyclone which is missing the decal sheet so can anyone help with that?. It consists of a few Panda racing logos, a few number 3's and the word Cyclone along the back of the body. Many thanks
  2. Thanks for advice so far guys. It's easier to find tyres for my 70's cars than a Bear Hawk. Making the wheels a different size to the norm is not helping me on this one. It can sit on slicks for now until some come along
  3. Hi, does anyone have for sale or know where I can buy the Speed Disc wheels and tyres for the Bear Hawk as i'm trying to restore my chassis? Even just the tyres would be a good start. Many thanks
  4. Hi guys, i've just joined but am having fun reading up on all the builds. I'm after a Blazing Blazer knuckle arm as mine has snapped. If anyone can help that would be great. garyswayne at hotmail dot com
  5. Thanks 53HRA spot on, did you used to have one?
  6. Hi, can anyone help identify this chassis. The wheelbase is 260mm but I can't see any stamps anywhere. Many thanks in advance
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