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  1. Hi guys, can anyone help with what truck this chassis came from and if it's original or a rere?. Thanks, Gaz
  2. Surely the bbx is a modern take on the old rough rider
  3. Hi, does anyone have or know someone selling the Porsche 959 / Gr.b front lower arms as both mine have snapped?. Many thanks, Gaz
  4. I bought my Pink metallic version for £175. I know they were around £105 on release. Do you have one for sale? Thanks
  5. Hi, does anyone know where I can find that Porsche body? It has the flared arches so is from a standard 944. I used to own a real one so would love to make a 1/10 model of it. Thanks
  6. Hello mate, not had a chance to start it yet as i've got quite a few on the go and need the space. I haven't forgotten 👍
  7. Hi everyone, does anyone know where I can find a TT-02B Neo Scorcher Blue Metallic Tamiya 47346. I've got the pink metallic version but thought this would go well with it. Many thanks
  8. Ok great, yes I must remember to warm all my cans from now on. The paint arrived so if it sprays like the lid colour then i'll be happy backed up in Silver
  9. Yes i'll let you know how I get on
  10. I managed to find the lexan paint to use for this from L&L. It's called Berry Purple CR610. Thanks for the reply Badcrumble, much appreciated.
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