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  1. It’s an adventure to build, and the kit is super quality, glad I did it. Just finished a midnight pumpkin, and I can see where the extra cost goes, even without the iconic history…
  2. @willie iine Just around the house, at this stage
  3. Finished. Really enjoyed the build,
  4. I got a set from Tamico in Germany, along with the rubber boots for the rack and pinion steering
  5. Getting there, it’s been a good build, but I’m not sure why they bother with parts bags. I think they were all open by step 7…
  6. i just got a bigwig vintage with a working technigold in it, I am tempted to put it in this, and save the Gt tuned
  7. I am starting my Avante tonight, and PS16 for the body... getting hard to find paints here right now
  8. yeah i normally do box art, but maybe something different this time, its going to be a runner, we had some show up on shops here in NZ, that i think we just a delayed shipment https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/marketplace/toys-models/radio-control-robots/cars/electric/listing/3474625937
  9. not started it yet, maybe this week, im looking froward to it though... just trying to decide on colour also, i have a nice gunmetal that would look good
  10. All finished, what a joy to build, have just put a silvercan in it as at this stage I’m planing to have it as a shelf queen, I’m pretty confident that’s going to change though, no point having them if you don’t drive them, and have a BZ 23t to go in it. Painted in SILVER METALLIC ANODIZED ALUMINUM – PS-48 and backed in black…
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