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  1. Still got this if anyone wants to make me an offer for it. I'm moving in the next 2 weeks so would be good to pass this on to someone before then 👍
  2. Giving this one a bump. Still available and open to offers
  3. As per the title I've got an original Bigwig for sale. I've never run the buggy it's always been a shelf queen for me but it has been run in the past as it does have some scuffs on the bottom of the chassis I sourced and replaced the bodyshell and stickers last year with original parts not ReRe parts I also have the Technigold Motor to go with it if the buyer is interested I can provide more pictures if anyone is genuinely interested £275 including the Technigold Motor £225 without Motor
  4. This is all left over from various builds Selling as a job lot please study the pics carefully as what you see is what you'll get Feel free to make me a sensible offer and it can all be yours UK only
  5. Hi. The Le Mans was fitted to a Kyosho Beetle but that was a shelf queen so it's never been run. I can't however find the box for it It's a 30T
  6. As per the title these are no longer required and need a new home BZ - £32 posted SOLD RZ - £32 posted Technigold - £65 posted SOLD Le Mans - £35 posted SOLD
  7. As per the title. Have looked high and low for one of these online to no avail Anyone UK based that's got one of these they'd take a few pennies for
  8. I only sell on ebay when they have reduced fees offers. Like presently I have an 80% reduced fees offer active on my account for the next 3 days. So anything I list within the next 3 days benefits from that offer
  9. There's a 2018 rere Manta Ray on Ebay. Shipping from Japan £410 all in give or take, obviously you might get stung on customs https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-Manta-Ray-/363712151251?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0
  10. If you know where the music is from then you also had a wicked childhood
  11. Looks wicked dude. I've got of a backlog on kits at the mo so the Bigwig is on the back-burner kinda
  12. That looks great I finally finished the Bigwig shell. I've not gone 100% boxart as I've used PS16 Metallic Blue. Original vintage decals so was a bit nervy putting them on. Pretty happy with end result 😊
  13. I don't loathe the painting part like I used to when I was younger I quite enjoy it now, even with the mistakes 😊 it's nice to also occasionally get a precut and painted body too. It does seem as if quite a few of the new reres are precut and painted
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