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  1. How many do you need, I probably have a few spare. Luke
  2. I was about to default to that very British “yeah all good”, when the opposite is true. Just one of those days where everything goes against you, and there’s been a few of them lately. Anyway, thanks for the message, trying to pick myself up and dust myself off! Luke
  3. Having a low day today and remembered this thread, which got me thinking about how toys keep us alive in other ways. I’m very grateful this club exists, that I get to indulge my passion and escape from my troubles for a bit, so thanks all for that. Luke
  4. I use Square, and mostly order them from Dai Sakaguchi’s shop. Have tried Hiro Seiko before but found they marr very easily. Luke
  5. As some of you may have spotted in an earlier post of mine, the very expensive TL-01 chassis I ordered came with a free TRF415MS Whilst waiting on the last parts for one of my other special TRF builds, I decided to start the hunts for parts to make this a replica of Marc's car from his first IFMAR Worlds win, and this meant finding an elusive Protoform Mazda 6. Luckily, a seller in Israel had 2, so I bought them both - never know when I'll need a second eh! Twice the rarity... Anyway, they arrived well packaged, but it seems that at some point in past storage they both acquired some creases and I'm wondering if anyone has a proven trick to soften or smooth these out so that they show less/not at all when painted. Thanks! Luke
  6. I did, looks like my mobile didn't like it. Here you go: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/285178630894 Luke
  7. This one is on eBay and I could organise getting it for you if needs be? With that said, eBay allow you to pay with card now so you wouldn’t have to use PayPal. Luke
  8. This one is in a slightly better condition than the last: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/155447875864?hash=item24316a5918:g:HM4AAOSwwChj~6OT&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA8FsuHkyW5FuTKOmQvkdc4XMh%2FUATtEHrnKZI2NnW8wFMMsjmEOw0FBodACzOL3fI%2BxQ28ZH2Z9Xq0D0GBHGmP46d%2FwvzfEZsZh%2FLpoXmWOWdCmdub2NZrRTyYBlNJwDYDnZptGY7fFPPSyEug7p6k%2FnarY8ga%2Ba%2BZHW5%2F7a78wBFuUxRbsL59V3bycRjK8%2FrrNR13raUIfsy3o0EeS0RyEplcV4XbNM7DGhy8fLandec1pvZPUQaTySeV8zhc9DAIwgClhg%2F%2FCFUJpdYPZk39nHGSJsTJfwdNSti39tWYHsh4ija3dax3DdQWBykoX68aA%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR_q9wOffYQ Luke
  9. It's been a couple of weeks since I had the chance to sit and properly update this, mostly on account of having a job that pays for my Tamiya habit. Anyway, here's where I've gotten to. I found and ordered a R603FS receiver from Italy, knowing that it had the wrong sticker. I also ordered another incorrect sticker for an R604FS from Japan because it was the correct shape and had the logos/colours on it that I'll need to match for my build. And promptly set about recreating the sticker I need in Adobe Illustrator. This is an ongoing process, and will likely take a few iterations before I'm happy, but the output colour of Adobe will be set to CMYK and I'll Pantone match the colour of the orange to make sure that we get it right. The bigger annoyance will be getting the FASST logo drawn correctly as the sticker is actually low res but I want to start from a place of higher quality and let it print as it needs to. One perk of returning home today was to be met with a package from @wtcc5 who very kindly ordered my tyres from Modellbau Seidel for me, thanks again Kevin! And in the interim a new project arrived... As you can see I have a TL-01 build planned, and I needed a new chassis... Anyway, that's it for me for now, and I think with the exception of the sticker for the receiver and the servo which I've no luck finding, I'm about ready to start building. Luke
  10. lukej

    wtcc5's TT-02BR

    5 days, it took him 5 days...
  11. Some tyres for my TB Evo5 MS build, from Modellbau Seidel, via @wtcc5 - Thank you Kevin Luke
  12. Yeah, they’re getting funny about it but as you say, only Lithium which is a problem. Luke
  13. Have you tried Buyee to shop in Mercari or Yahoo Auctions Japan? I’ve use it a bit recently and found these options for you: https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/o1084973101?conversionType=search_suggest has 53464 https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/d1083059461?conversionType=search_suggest has 50766, 53464 and 53437 but £££ Whatever you do, don’t buy anything with batteries in it or you stuff will be held in Japan until they can dispose of the cells. Wish I’d known this before buying some NiMh cells… Luke
  14. Boys, boys, boys, it's only just gone 10am and we've had a day already... NIP TRF 415MS from Mercari NIP TRF 415MS World Champion Parts NIP Futaba R603FS receiver for me TB Evo5 MS build (with wrong sticker) NIP Futaba R604FS sticker for me to copy the artwork and make an R603FS version for the receiver above. Various bits for a NIP FF-03R that I bought and a client of mine mistakenly opened TL-01 A Parts to rebuild my first ever Tamiya kit Some Tamiya files. As I say, we've had a day already!
  15. It’s for my TB Evo5 MS, which is being built to launch specs. I guess if Tamiya intended it to run they might’ve done that, but for static display? Luke
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