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  1. I spent yesterday exploring Prague, and obviously that meant trying my luck at the MPM, a the local model store where I was told they would have a good selection of the hop-ups I cannot find in the UK just now. Unfortunately, after a 40 minute walk across the city, I discovered that their address had not been updated on Google, and I was 8 miles in the wrong direction! Anyway, unsuccessful trip to MPM aside, the car build can continue now I'm home. I've opened up the first packets to reveal these from RCbearings: and these from Stephen Dunk (of Modelworld, Sittingbourne): That's 3 sets of ballraces and 3 MRT transponder mounts Stephen has 3d printed for me. Ordering more than I need should make sense once you've read on, but I also like having spares of things that could ruin an event for me if I damage something during a race. On another note, I decided whilst I was away that once Chassis #2 is in service, I will rebuild Chassis #1 to Eastbourne KoC indoor spec. The rulebook for this series is a bit more prescriptive than over at Sidcup, so whilst I can do more to the car, it is very exact and I probably need those hard constraints on what I'm doing or else I'll get into trouble with my interpretation of the regulations. An example of that is the difference between the body shell rules for both as below: SRCC "Any shell supplied with the Tamiya kit or bodyshell that has a real likeness of a real road car, GT, saloon or rally car." EECC "Only Tamiya 1/10 Scale Body Shells can be used. BRCA Approved Touring Car Body Shells are strictly prohibited" Under the wording of SRCC, I would argue that a BittyDesign Seven20 is legal, as it has a real likeness to the McLaren 720 GT3, but at EECC it is clearly not allowed. With that in mind, I think I need to stick to Tamiya shells for both cars, does anyone have any recommendations on shells that race well? Thanks, Luke
  2. Morning all, First thread here, and I've decided to bring over what I started on RCTech. It'll probably be quite bland compared to some of the TT-02 builds I've seen by others like WTCC's TT-02KR Anyway, having messed around with RC cars back in my teens, I decided I need an outlet that combines my job (motorsport) and my hobby (also motorsport), at a price point that I can justify - first mistake was thinking this would be inexpensive... Having visited Sidcup RCC last Friday to see how their meetings run, I committed to building a TT-02 for their Tamiya Touring Class, picking up a used kit from the local shell painter (Basil Airbrush) that I planned to run at close to stock spec whilst I wait on other parts to arrive, the only problem there being that the parts I need first are the ones I can't get! As of last weekend, everything was pretty box stock, but here are some photos from George (Basil) of the kit I picked up from him as it was, and a photo of the car on my dining table as I rebuild it following a tear-down and check of all the parts: A Will Gollop RX inspired design. The Marlboro inspired Yaris WRC. As it stands today mid rebuild. Hop-Ups fitted are Tamiya aluminium propshaft (54501), propshaft cups (54502) and Fastrax aluminium motor mount (FTTA020B). At this point I flew off to Prague for work, and on arriving home last night the first of a few deliveries had arrived. Excited is an understatement. Cheers! Luke
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