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  1. Time to build. Got all the parts in for the transaxle rebuild. I have enough to completely build 2 new axles from parts. Coffee is on
  2. I've done the same on the clod I've been messing with. I wasn't happy about the price either especially when I purchased a second kit to get 4 wheel steering. It is a nice kit and solves allot of problems.
  3. Ha! Probably right I'm never going to get it to turn on a dime but I'm going to try and tighten it up a bit. Looks like the integy gears are my only choice or wait for big T to make some.
  4. Nice looks mint! I bought a j concepts gmc body when I first got it because I didn't think the body was salvageable. Now I've got a spare for ideas.
  5. Some parts for the axle rebuild. Tamiya parts or integy nylon set for the gears? One thing I noticed about the clodbuster. It's a money pit. But I'll do it anyway for some reason.
  6. Maybe I'll just free up the front first see how I like it. Just running in the yard and driveway.
  7. Thanks for the replies guys. Yes I did take note of the esc ratings that's why I went with 35t cans. Not very fast but torque is good and can pop nice wheelies. I had printed a wheelie bumper for it as not to scrape the back bumper off. I never had a clod when I was a kid just a Hopper. Kid that lived behind me had a Clodbuster and I was insanely jealous of it compared to my grasshopper. Thinking of it now I'm sure I was happy to have whatever I had but when your a kid you don't think of stuff like that. The 15000mah 3s is kind of a joke in this thing it doesn't need it but I don't have anything else to do with it.
  8. I ordered this battery for a Tekno sct410.3 I built for fun laps at the local track. Long story short it wouldn't fit. Found a home for it in the clod. I'm a 3d printing amateur and the learning curve is very steep in that hobby. The tray is a remix I did on thingiverse.
  9. Hey guys figured I'd share my clod here. Got this in a trade with a local guy. I repainted it and got some eBay decals. Body was beat pretty bad but I was able to make something of it. I have newer pics also. I couldn't leave it stock. I believe this was an original clodbuster. Had Mechanical speed control and the plastic is so brittle from age. Every time I use it something snaps 😂. Been having fun with it spite it's fragility. Hobbywing 880 esc, front and rear j concepts regulator steering kit, 3s powered 35t axial motors and Traxxas radio gear. My question is, someone had locked the diffs. Is it worth getting new diff parts to get it to turn better? The push is real bad even after I installed steering servos on both axles. I tried using the stock steering setup and it was even worse. I feel like the lack of steering is from the locked front and rear differentials.
  10. Even if I couldn't get into the conversation they were having. It was nice to see all the buggies through the years. I agree Tamiya are indifferent toward some regions. However they still are the longest running and ONLY factory sponsored race program in the states, TCS onroad series.
  11. wish i knew what they were saying. couldnt get close captions to work.
  12. The lemans motor is definitely more for show than go. I mean the whole car is for the show. I like the tekin gen 2 is programmable for different motors. I just threw in a 27t can motor to be simple. Local guys aren't sure what we are agreed on for motors so I like to have options without having to rewire the car. I replaced the heatsink/solder posts with 3.5mm bullet connectors so I can just swap cables to run brushless. The optional 51t spur gear OTW126 is probably going with the brushless motor. I also see they make wheels for 2.2 so my frustrations with fitting wheels might be easier if I can find them. SCH005 and SCH006 are the 2.2 wheel numbers.
  13. 27t can motor for now. Tekin rs gen2 esc and DS3218 pro servo. Want to fit some 2.2 dish wheels to it for some carpet racing. Looks capable so I'm looking forward to running it. Wanted to get the optional gearing and get the lemans brushless system.
  14. I just picked one of these up this past week. Really enjoyed the build. Couple of friends at the local track were running classic rc10's so I couldn't let that go unanswered. All I had on hand was a novafox and it just couldn't keep pace.
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