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  1. Wow. Thats just like being in your own hobby store! Very awesome vid.
  2. You are truly a gentleman. It is quite the collection. You are like the Jay Leno of Tamiya God Bless
  3. Never enough!!! Need to update this photo.
  4. We used to race two group of Tamiya cars at our local club. Either you were running the Rough Riders or the Frogs/Grasshoppers. I ran with the RR. We would pull away from them but on the turns they would kill us with the diffs. We were the grassroot group in Maryland. The club owner dug up his backyard so we could have a place to run. We basically ran what you bought. I of course got hold of a Cobalt motor and home made 7cell pack and had a blast around the track.
  5. Rare vintage 1/10 Countach and 288 Ferrari GTO. Currently restoring the 1/12 Lamborghini Countach 500 CS black.
  6. Used stretched RR chassis for our speed runs. IMG_1587.MOV Unfortunately we learned about aero the hard way at 51 mph.
  7. Very awesome. Reminds me of my two cheetahs I had along with a XR311 from a friend later. Loved the way it roll around the turns and the soft suspension setup. Like how u did ur updates. I think I will dust out my cheetahs and do some restoration work on them. I am glad there are others who are true enthusiasts and not just bashing around.
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