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  1. If you could only keep one RC. Everything else had to go. Everything! 😱 Gone for good. What would you choose and why? Just curious! Me? I thought about it. As I like to run my RC's, so it would have to be something I can get parts for. Something fun, something that I could run just about anywhere. Hmm. πŸ€” I'd keep my Terra Scorcher. One of my first RC's as a kid. But what would you keep?
  2. I use a G15 in my Javelin and it's pretty quick, as Nova1 said on a par with a Superstock and a pretty good performer given its price. My Optima runs a G2X but it's a little slow for the Kyosho 4WD buggies. For the 2WDs I run the Le Mans 490 in my Scorpion, Turbo Scorpion and Tomahawk which although 30T, is quite fast given the standard gearing. My Beetle runs a Sport Tune, but it runs a little hot, so I guess the gearing isn't ideal. My Ultima has a G15 too, and it flies! πŸ™‚
  3. The Mid shares many parts with the re-released Optima/Turbo Optima and Javelin. There are however some subtle differences, swing arms being one of them! I recommend you check out the detailed article recently posted on https://theoptimahouse.blogspot.com. The interview with Akira Kogawa on Feb 14th has the info you need. Hope that helps! Oh, and check out my YouTube channel - I have already posted a couple of running videos with the newly built Mid. πŸ˜πŸ‘
  4. Thanks for the responses. Your help is very much appreciated πŸ‘
  5. Looking for info on how best to go about giving the Thunder Dragon / Thunder Shot canopy a very light clear green (or blue) tint? Any thoughts welcome! Thanks in advance! πŸ™‚
  6. I use three different motors in my Legendary Series cars, videos of which can be seen on my YouTube channel. The gearbox/transmission can handle hotter brushless motors, but I preferred to stay on brand and keep with brushed motors. 😊 The Le Mans 490 is fitted to my Scorpion, Turbo Scorpion and Tomahawk. It's a fantastic looking motor, but not fast by any means. I'd say it's not too far off a Tamiya Sport Tuned in terms of top end. My Optima runs a Kyosho G20, it's not much to look at (silver can with a sticker) but it's slightly quicker than the 490. My Javelin and Ultima run the Kyosho G15 Single. Another silver can with a sticker, but again very cheap. That thing is plenty fast for the 2WD buggies. All of the cars use Hobbywing 1060s (or the Kyosho branded equivalent) and I run them on 7.2 NiMH. Hope that helps!
  7. Very temped by the Avante Black Special but as I already have the standard Avante, I opted instead for the Optima Mid. (Wish I could afford both!) At some point I'd like to get a C11 just because I love the way it looks!
  8. Both. At the same time. 😁
  9. I always just go with grease. For the kind of casual running I do, it's more than adequate.
  10. Buggies for me, with touring cars a close second.
  11. Likewise, ordered straight away.πŸ˜€ Been told the releases date is sometime in March. Happy days! 😁πŸ₯³
  12. Excited that there is finally an XV-02 on the way πŸ‘. Personally, I'd prefer it if they stayed with belt drive and front mounted motor, but nevertheless looking forward to seeing it.
  13. Optima Mid has been revealed at the KYOSHO Fair. I’m very excited for this release. πŸ˜ƒ Raced against them back in the day. Always wanted one, but way to expensive then. Finally! 😁
  14. Cleaned up my XV-01 after it's Forest Rally through the Japanese mountains the other day. ☺️
  15. New here, well kind of. πŸ˜€ Guess you could call me a long time lurker 😁 I started out in RC in the 80's (Frog, Monster Beetle and Terra Scorcher) then left for a while before returning on/off for the past 15 or so years. I really got back into the hobby in a big way last year when I picked up a Turbo Scorpion (my first re-released Kyosho) and been a Kyosho addict ever since. (still love Tamiya too πŸ˜‰) I just wanted to share my collection. This photo is a little out of date, as there have been a few additions since (Ultima and Scorpion). If you're interested you can see them (plus many others) on my YouTube channel.
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