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  1. Seems the pictures I originally posted didn't work.
  2. Super excited for the latest addition to the Vintage Series from Kyosho. The Optima Pro arrives in late May, along with a new Lazer based 4WD kit with Dirt Master styling. 👍 IMG_6304.webp IMG_6303.webp
  3. Thanks for the replies. 👍 I plan to head to the circuit later today to confirm what motor can be run. I'm probably going to go with either the Dirt Tune or GT (whichever is permitted) for the extra torque and better cooling. The rules also state that you can run a different machine in each round, so I'm planning to prep three machines - the Genova, Dirt Master and S1 RM. The plan is to compete with a different buggy in each round to keep things interesting. CoreRC are not very common over here and the track I run at prefers to spec "slower" motors for the races (usually silver cans). But while the speeds might not be so high, the races are no less fun. Nevertheless, it would be good to use a motor with a built in fan! We have to build custom mounts to install them on the DT-02 and Grasshopper.
  4. Thanks for the responses! I'm a huge fan of the Kyosho Legendary series and it would be great to run a Turbo Scorpion or Tomahawk. But they aren't really suited to indoor high grip carpet tracks. Likewise, I love the looks of the BBX, the Blitzer and Wild One. It would be great to see them out on the track, but perhaps not the best choice for racing. I'm leaning towards the Dirt Master, Genova or S1 RM. What about motor? The regulations are either 540 silver can, OP.68 Sport Tune or Dirt tune. (I need to clarify the race regulations, as the text states "Dirt Tune" but the item code given is OP.779, which is the GT Tune.) According to Tamiya's website, here's how they stack up: Sports Tune 23T 350gf・cm and 18300rpm @ 7.2V GT Tune 25T 500gf・cm and 19,000rpm @ 7.2V Dirt Tune 27T 37.24mN・m and 17,000rpm @ 7.2V The latter two also have the benefit of replaceable brushes. What's would you consider more important - turn, torque or rpm?
  5. I'm after some ideas for what to run in a new race series being held at my local indoor, off-road carpet track. If you're familiar with my channel you'll know I raced in both the DT-02/03 and TT-02B Race series last year. This year a new race series will be held and these are the regulations. 🤗 Must be RWD with the motor mounted behind the rear axle. Must use the kit supplied body, gearbox and spur. Must use either a Sport Tune or Dirt Tune motor Gear ratio must be 8.0:1 or above. Control tires are Tamiya Square Pin Spike front and rear. Aside from that, new or old anything goes! A few notes about the races. Small(ish) indoor high grip carpet track, narrow lanes, jumps and banks. Races are generally 3 to 5 laps and points are awarded depending on finishing order. Death Match style rules.There are NO MARSHALS. Flip over or get stuck and you're out! Some of the "suggested" chassis include the DT-03, Wild One, Blitzer Beetle, BBX, Ultima, Turbo Scorpion, Dirt Master and Genova. (based on what is commonly run at my track, the latter two will likely be the most popular choice.) I'm not very competitive and I enjoy racing just for the fun of it. Nevertheless, I took 2nd place overall in the TT-02B Cup and I'll admit it's nice to cap of a fun nights' racing stood on a podium. 😁 So if you were in it to win it, what would you run and why? (Here are some links to our recent races)
  6. So far no word on spares for the 870c here in Japan. I doubt they’d release a buggy without parts support, but until I can order spares (if needed) it is making me hesitant to run the 870c on the track!
  7. Blue is the best color for the Tomahawk! (I may be biased ) And I thought I was addicted to the Legendary series, with about 15 kits in total! 😅 But you've taken it to the next level! Quite the collection! 👍🤩
  8. It’s due here in Japan on the 15th. I’m not in any hurry to build it. Still haven’t built my JJ Ultima! 😅 Next build for me will be the Super Dogfighter. 👍
  9. The G15 is a sealed motor, much like the 540 silver can. It is now discontinued though, so finding one could be difficult. For the money they are plenty fast. I run one on my Javelin. Another cheap option is the G2X or G20 motor. It's slower at 20T, but with the right gearing isn't too bad. Another option is Kyosho's G14 Single. It's a 550 motor, but *should* fit in the Optima. (I've not tried though).
  10. Another +1 for the Le Mans 490 and Hobbywing 1060 combo. Perfect fit for the Tomahawk, just the right amount of power and the motor suits the look of the buggy. I use this combo in all of mine: Tomahawk, Scorpion, Beetle and Turbo Scorpion.
  11. I painted my PR Racing in JJ Ultima colors and it came out looking pretty good. I find the colors and design make it easier to see on the track. Though I used pearl white instead of PS1. Still haven’t got around to building my JJ Ultima, yet! Hopefully I can find the time to get it done before the Super Dog Fighter and WC Worlds Spec Mid arrive in December!
  12. Thanks! It was a fantastic day out. I got to chat with a lot of really nice people. And thank you for supporting my little channel on YouTube!
  13. Well after seeing one in person this weekend, talking with Kogawa San and watching him drive it on a track I've made my mind up! I Ordered one.👍😁 I probably won't even try to match the green paint, so it won't be box art, but that's cool. There were several JJ Ultimas at the event too and not all of them were done box art. I attended Kyosho's Vintage Meet here in Japan this past weekend. I have a video up on my channel. If you're into vintage buggies, it might well be worth your time. (shameless plug😅)
  14. Exactly! Snapshot_rccars on Instagram posted this from the manual, so I guess that's all the info we have. I don't have an air brush (or the skill necessary to get good results with one) so my best effort would be to try combining cans of Tamiya PS paint in the hopes of getting a match. I estimated my chances of a successful result to be slim to none! 😅
  15. I'm really on the fence with this one too, but in all probability I'll just pass. Mostly because as it's a replica, it makes sense to paint it in the correct colors. I'm not a fan of the mint green! And it seems replicating the exact color to match the wheels could be quite tricky. Quote from Kyosho's instructions: "Approx blending ratio of Peppermint green = White: 70% + Green: 30% + Blue: Few drops (use water based lexan paint)." In my case, I'm sure I'd screw its up! 😅
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