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  1. Should i choose one these 2 colors or should i mix them with the bronze pearl as the backing color ? Ohh yes, in the sun light the color is different ! I find some who tried the mixing you said, but he added black at the the end (see picture below) : "Here's my own translucent purple painted EvoX (although it's now someone else's shelf model). I used translucent purple then backed it with gun metal and black. It looks almost black in normal light but when the sunlight hits it the purple comes out."
  2. Hello, This my first post on the forum. i found a member (metalheaddad) who shows a method for mixing translucid color with metal color : Check out the paint.. translucent blue and anodized silver I want to make a dark brown metallic colour with Tamiya Lexan sprays. Is it possible to do that by using the same method ? If yes, do you know what translucid colour i have to mix with which metal color ? Otherwise, do you know other lexan paint spray with this kind of colour ? My goal is to get the colour of this body (Pontiac GTO) Thank you in advance for your advices.
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