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  1. Nice job restauring these beauties. I had a F101 back in the days. The track looks nice too, where is it located? I’m from near Fribourg
  2. Here’s my very own personal TB Evolution III . I love it 🥰
  3. Slipper clutch added. Had to set it really tight to handle the TRF Transpeed power 😁
  4. Body and wing ready for paint. But I’ve no idea for my futur paint scheme 🤷🏻‍♂️😩
  5. Rear dampers allowing to much travel and because of the short gear diff out drives , the rear drive shafts were popping off the cups at full droop. So limiting damper stroke was needed.
  6. Added the dampers and blue anti roll bar ends for more blue bling 🥰
  7. TRF 8,5t motor should be fast enough for me 😅
  8. Springs for big bores arrived. So let’s continue the build
  9. It looks like the actual kit has this slick looking glass fiber reinforced chassis . i’ve just ordered a slipper clutch as I plan to use it with a low turn motor
  10. Rear view TRF anti roll bar
  11. Some details as the front TRF double cardan and rcjaz caster block
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