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  1. I'll be there. Had a quiet month of RC. All change next weekend with 3 events in 3 days.
  2. @Mad Ax - just saw your rig briefly on the Popalong Mendip coverage. Looks sweet. Well done for getting it finished in time!
  3. A new project via buyee. Don't think it's significant enough for a build thread.
  4. Definitely not me then. Just been through the videos from our local club and I can't find any that are my Avante instead of the Top Force. I'll have to see about changing that.
  5. @Saito2 i wonder if the carpet racing black special is me? Mine is black with silver OG Avante decals, running occasionally at South Cambs RC if I've broken the Top Force. Regardless, it will actually jump quite nicely if you keep the throttle pinned. Let off to early and the tendency is to noise dive as you've seen. Big issue with the Avante (at least rere) is lack of shock adjustability more than fragility. Running on high grip indoor carpet, getting the ride height down is key, otherwise it grip rolls too easily. I'm running VQS hi-caps with the adjustable collars removed and swapped for minimal Top Force Evo clips. I've smashed one balljoint and had another pop off (since replaced). My recommendation would be to run one stock, but plan to swap to VQS / Egress arms at some point. The adjustability of Avante arms doesn't have any real value. I've seen someone break a front arm as their first significant crash. For where I run my Avante most, I reckon the short wheelbase over the Egress is an advantage. It's a really tight, polished wood surface. Car is surprisingly great fun there. If I did get an Egress, I'd go find a repro Avante 2001 body.
  6. Tinkering? I'm at least as interested in giving it 4WS.
  7. Do I care about decals? Sure, a body without any decals looks bland. I'm counting micron/line tape as decals in this regard. But I'll always prefer paint where it can be done well. Window surrounds on my 2005 Impreza, A-pillars on my 288 GTO. Doing it in paint means it cannot peel off under collisions/age. I really don't like decals for window surrounds, though touch wood they've been OK on the couple of cars I've done it on. That said - the application of decals, even done poorly can raise marginal paint to good. I rushed the paint on this pair because I simply don't have sufficient patience (at least the Fat Fox is a race body). But with even a relatively small amount of time applying decals fairly badly still uplifts them significantly My summary. Care enough about decals to get the theme right. But I don't do shelf queens. They're going to get run and beaten up. I'll be disappointed when these bodies fall apart and are due to be thrown away, but that's easier if I haven't invested in them to be perfect.
  8. Yep. And it's racing tomorrow. Polished wooden floor. Needs as much grip as it can get!
  9. This was a good shout. Fusion without foam on the Avante was too aggressive (not so aggressive i bothered changing it), but with foam on the Evo, it was only talent limiting me.
  10. This was a good shout. Fusion without foam on the Avante was too aggressive (not so aggressive i bothered changing it), but with foam on the Evo, it was only talent limiting me.
  11. I'm sure I could have done a better job of paint, but there was no way I was going to leave that line to be a decal. It'd probably be hanging off by now. Good news is that I still have the decals for that and it's slightly wider than my paint, so I can revert to decals if I ever see fit.
  12. There were curse words said during application of those decals. Very quickly moved to soapy water followed by the wife's hairdryer. Very pleased how it turned out.
  13. The race buggies were fine indoors, just way quicker than anything I was running. Even my Evo and Avante.
  14. Friday afternoon was spent furiously applying decals before leaving for Tamiya Junkies meet at Robin Hood Raceway. No chance of photos before, but I managed to get some before running it. Nice to run with @Mad Ax's XV01 stadium truck, even if for the most part we had to try and stay out of the way of the modern race buggies which descended on us. Conclusion - the truck is narrow enough it needs driving appropriately to avoid rolling it. But more than that I need way softer springs.
  15. I'm in the campervan, so sausages are in the fridge. May be eaten by 9:15. Need? Cars, transmitter(s), batteries. Everything else is a bonus, even a charger. Alterative to spare parts is to bring more cars.
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