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  1. @Nicadraus note that the TT02S has different suspension than a base TT02. There's droop available at the rear without modification (just changing spacers/damper eyelets. You can achieve more droop at the front by filing away a portion of the lower arm.
  2. Modelsport is a good shout. I've had good prices and service from Jadlam for all three of the kits I bought this year, including a TT02S.
  3. Finally had the wheels arrive to finish my Avante Black build. Been waiting since July (!) but all is good. Quality is as good as I'd been told. Now just need to make up some Cam-Locs using the wrong screws as the right ones are made of unobtainium. Edit - Is there such a thing as "too bling"? Though it's not like those wheels will venture off the shelf as it has a set of running boots. I've also lost the screws, so ordered another set, hence the trial fitment of the CamLoc for now
  4. Nice job! Thanks for sharing.
  5. @Frankster that Avante driver fits great! Does the mounting screw even happen to match up with something on the regular chassis? I'm not normally a fan of a clear window on the back of a Madcap, but seeing the ESC there is neat.
  6. @Willy iine - note that the Avante 2001 actually released in 1990, so only a year after the Egress (maybe less). Plenty before the Manta Ray and Top Force. The habit at the time was definitely to release a budget bathtub version of every racing fibre chassis car (sometimes beforehand!). The Avante 2001 is an interesting budget model, still having a double deck fibre chassis instead of Vanquish bathtub.
  7. Excellent! My Avante wheels ordered originally back in July (!) have finally left Korea. I'm glad the quality is right up there as I'm definitely dissuaded from being a repeat customer . That'll change as soon as I decide I need alloy Optima Mid wheels. .
  8. I run (not race) all my RC cars. It was the latest re-re of the Avante Black that got me back into the hobby earlier this year, because it's the ultimate real evolution of the model I wanted when I first got into it (12 year old me considers the Egress to be different ). The Avante is a really enjoyable build and it's surprisingly nice to drive. But honestly I think my OG Optima would run rings around it, let alone an Optima Mid. And for sure I'm nervous driving the Avante because I actively don't want to crash it. I'm way more comfortable with my Top Force Evo and drive it way more aggressively. If the Turbo Optima Mid Special or I guess the Lazer ZX show up in the Legendary Series, I'll jump on it in a heartbeat and drive it like I stole it.
  9. Agreed, though I know I used to run a Bosscat shell on an Optima with standard stick. I'm pretty sure a Bosscat is narrower than a Procat, but it may also depend where that extra width is.
  10. This is what caused me to go out and buy a pre-crashed Rising Fighter for the kids to treat exactly that way. "No, you can't drive my Avante" "No, you can't drive my Madcap" This way, I'm apparently a great Dad again.
  11. Nice work. Some pics of how your mudflaps install would be appreciated when you do so. I'm guessing they work somewhat in tandem with your wheel arches, but I can't quite visualize it. That last pic has got me hankering for a cage
  12. I was tempted to try a roll of this I happen to have laying around (insulation board foil tape), but although pretty accurate, I don't actually like the look and haven't tried it. I'm more likely to go old school smoke and vented rear windows, but they were more of an Evo thing: The concept was a revelation on my 1:1 non-aircon '97 Impreza.
  13. Awesome work @technics. It's all making my 07WRC on a TT02S look amateur in comparison. But that's all good - I see some ideas that I'll borrow/ steal. The inner wheel arches look a great idea.
  14. I agree about the Madcap body over the Astute. The Astute body has more shape than I ever thought it did back in the day, but I didn't mind cutting up a repro to allow me to use for my sidepods :-)
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