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  1. Can't help you about the Plasma Edge II, but I'm 80% sure my 2021 Top Force Evo had film on the painted body. I'm 100% sure my 2021 Top Force Evo has the film on the unpainted undertray, because I've not removed it yet and have been running the car (so it's getting chipped). So you at least have that to check against.
  2. Well done @Ferruz! I'm going to have to get creative in the next round. A trampoline appears to have been inserted into my usual running space...
  3. Today I did some Racing By Post. A switch of wheels on the front end, because I need some different spacers to run the bronze Ultima-spec wheels in anger (using a 3rd 850 bearing as a spacer means the front right binds and locks up, whereas the front left throws the nut and wheel). Conclusion - the Tamiya rib-spikes are much better than Schumacher cut stagger on what's left of our grass. Those Schumacher mini-spikes on the rear have a ridiculous amount of grip... And now I have to go do a big cleanup operation.
  4. I'd like to suggest my line into turn 1 wasn't routinely this bad, but the spray of dirt over the patio suggests otherwise: The circuit is about as wide as I'd want to run in our garden. I did wedge the Madcap under that seat during an early run. Fortunately nothing broken. And there's now some amount of cleanup required. There's about the same again between the undertray and chassis Lap counts are going to be nothing to worry the front-runners, but I had fun.
  5. I had the Madcap and Top Force Evo out in the UK heatwave today to tear up our dry lawn. Just noticed I ran corners 4 and 5 in the opposite order! My terrible lap count can only improve when I do it properly on Monday.
  6. Speaking of which. I now have a plan for decals on it. Not box art. I will need non-flouro yellow wheels...
  7. A 13.5T brushless. Hopefully not enough to melt my Top Force Evo.
  8. I appreciate the sneak peak at where the shell colours will end up and I thoroughly approve.
  9. Presumably so. The protective liner is effectively just a low-tack version of the same. I still don't think I have the skills/patience
  10. Something about this picture makes me want to see a mixed matte+gloss finish. Would be nasty to paint evenly (even if it just needed masking and a matte clear coat on the outside)
  11. Drive shafts are just Evo UJs. I already have them in my Madcap and Evo. But at £11 I got some spares... That was what I was thinking for shock tower. 3mm thick with brace. They also sell what I'll need for the Avante.
  12. @Kol__ gah! I got the wing mount for a good price, but also landed a bunch of other things I have no immediate need for . Drive shafts were too good a price to pass up. Maybe they'll go in that Saint Dragon I'm not building. And Top Force Evo high caps for less than the VQS set. Given I'll need minis for the front of my Avante build, it seems I'll be switching the Madcap over to a long throw front shock setup...
  13. @Willy iine 22T pinion worked ok on my Madcap with the same gearbox. Seems most likely to depend on the specifics of the motor (my motor is 30+ years old, so don't go looking for it ) Interestingly I couldn't get the Schumacher low profile cut staggers to sit nicely on my Kyosho wheels, so went with the Tamiya rib+spike. I actually liked them for pure grass running. My problem was more of an excess of grip at the rear from the yellow compound Schumacher mini spike.
  14. Yep. I have him on alert (it's where my UJ's came from). Either he's gently splitting a job lot of Evos, or there's a lot of time wasters.
  15. It was great and then I broke it. Nothing serious, but a 35 year old Kyosho E clip gave up and spoiled my fun. Too much grip on those rear tyres. Almost grip-rolled a few times
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