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  1. I started with this hobby because of your Avante build video, and i can safely say that if it was a TD-4 variant i would've just disregarded the whole thing. The only brands making cool and interesting kits are Kyosho and Tamiya, and those are 99% just their re-re's. Also joined our local RC club and started to notice all the competition chassis are basically the same, which is why i'm selling my Xray T4 and will start using a TB Evo. Other drivers get excited over the new X4 having 1mm lower shocks, which is quite telling where the hobby is going imho.. Each to their own though.
  2. Thank you, i looked at some sellers from Hong Kong and bought one from there. Not much cheaper but apparently they're selling out fast.. guess i'll just have to eat plain toast for a while.
  3. That's what i was thinking aswell Maybe in the future I did find RC-CHAMP's website but they don't seem to have the kit, and don't seem to ship outside of Japan anymore or so they state on the site.
  4. Is there anyway to import one for a reasonable price though? Proxy shops like ZenMarket wouldn't be able to ship it for some reason, and ebay sellers ask retail price + 300 extra + 21 VAT/import fees. That's 1000 euros for a toy car that's not even competition grade. The only alternative to a shaft driven nitro car would be to buy a FW06 but.. meh
  5. Thanks, asked Tamico aswell and they confirmed it, that's a shame though. Is the nitro scene dead in the west compared to Japan?
  6. Does anyone know if kit 44055 will be released in Europe at all? It's been available in Japan since November but not a word on any website when or whether it'll be available over here. I remember it being announced alongside the TB EVO 8 but i can't find any information about it whatsoever.
  7. The TSU-05, but the motor acts the same with it being disconnected.
  8. Hello everyone, so i'm having some issues with a tamiya brushless combo, consisting out of a TBLM-01S motor, TBLE-04SR esc, TRU-07 reciever and TTU-07 sender. It started acting up after i soldered the on/off switch internally and soldered the ESC's wires directly to the motor which i have done in the past with electronics from other brands succesfully. When you power it up everything seems to work correctly, you can give it 100% throttle no issues, however as soon as you touch the brakes or release the throttle it just stops really abruptly, beeps, and a red/orange light flickers briefly. After that everything works again, but only for like halve a second. After that it beeps and stops as soon as you hit the throttle or reverse. After a while the red led starts flickering fast indicating that somethings wrong/broken/overheating, or the orange led starts flickering which would indicate that the sensor cable is broken/disconnected(?), or the green light starts flickering, no idea what that would mean. So i'm thinking i damaged something in the esc whilst shorting the power button internally, or the motor got too hot whilst soldering, however if anyone has some ideas of what i could still try i'd love to hear it. I already tried changing some of the settings, charged the batteries, and changed the sensor cable but to no avail.
  9. Well i just ordered it, together with some other goodies! What a coincidence though, i just send him a e-mail today aswell
  10. Looking for a SRB rear camber kit from rcchannel or perhaps another supplier.
  11. So i did eventually contact the seller and he's looking into it, but he couldn't make any promises as he's dependend on Tamiya aswell. Also found some cheap replacements on Ebay but i can't imagine these being better then Tamiya's but we'll see, always good to have spares anyway! Not pleased with how Tamiya's agents handle warranty though, this is the second time they just make it someone else's problem.
  12. I've looked for those covers but can't find them anywhere sadly.. i suppose they never re-released these? Also i've been hearing about those Traxxas and Fastrax substitutes but i can't seem to find the correct sizes, is it common practice to just drill and tap them? I send my local 'tamiya agent' a e-mail with pictures and hope it's covered, looked the prices up for the original ones and it's not pretty. Also i did find some cheap chinese ones with the exact measurements, i ordered some but i'm doubtful they'll be better then Tamiya's
  13. So i recently build a Avante and have been driving it arround the house but the ball-ends just keep failing. When building the kit they already seemed to have too much play, and pinching them in the press only does so much. Are there any replacements that are a direct fit? Or could this be covered under warranty?
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