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  1. That’s what I have on mine, but my daughter is looking for a more classic American muscle car for hers
  2. Thanks found them now. I like the 405 Peugeot but the wheelbase is too big haha. Probably go with the rs200 or metro 6R4. Never painted a body yet so that will be interesting. Do you know if they come with any decals as it doesn’t mention on their site
  3. Hi where did you get these from
  4. Hi thanks, I had these in a box with some odd bits when I bought a bundle of stuff and some shells but they had the square tamiya fit so I used them. I just googled hbx body posts and you are correct they look exactly the same. Many thanks
  5. Hi Has anyone seen these body posts tamiya or tamiya fit but not from my model. I can find angles ones but not ones that are braced. many thanks
  6. Thanks guys I will have another hunt
  7. Rather than swapping out the suspension arms and dig bones would it be possible to get a wider shell with the same wheelbase?
  8. Hi I have been scouring the internet without much success, but does anyone know if it’s possible to get a touring car/ American muscle car body shell for a tamiya TL01B chassis. many thanks
  9. Thanks for all your help guys, just wanted to check is the tamiya AV pinion the same as a .06 MOD pinion if I want to get a steel one.
  10. While I’m working on my car my daughter is working on a similar project in school. She showed My cousin the car and his response was “oh how quaint a little toy car” he then showed her his hpi trophy flux and said this is a “real car”. So after telling her teacher my daughters class project for end of term is to get a baja champ to out run his trophy in a drag race. This I would love to see, and wipe the smile off his face lol
  11. Hehe my daughter is studying robotic engineering so that helps. Shelf clearing underway hehe
  12. Thanks for finding that info. I have put the 6kg in for now as I haven’t even run it yet (all just theory so far) And will see how it goes first.
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