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  1. Thank you for replying and sharing your knowledge on the cars! I'm fairly new to Tamiya cars and RC cars in general, so am learning myself. He'd be getting it for just some fun and casual use. When yoy say the mono shock in the Thunder Dragon floats around and articulate, Is that a bad thing or a good thing? I don't really know. He'd be driving it on grass, so he wants whichever one is best on grass, but if both run the same then he'll probably be picking the Thunder Dragon.
  2. Hi all! My younger brother is looking to get his first ever Tamiya RC car and has a couple in mind. He loves the look of both of the dragons and doesn't mind which one he gets based on aesthetics, as they're quite similar. So I was just wondering if anyone could lend some advice if one of the cars performs better than the other? It would primarily be driven on grass, so if one was better than the other on grass, then that would probably be his preferred kit to buy. Thanks in advance for any replies!
  3. Yes I saw this being done in a youtube tutorial; I did have it loose enough so I could still move the gear quiet well when I had it tight between 2 screwdrivers.... I assume that is too tight then? Do you think that making it tighter would get the wheels to move on surface and solve my problem? Thank you for all the help!!
  4. Yes, I've had the monster beetle since Christmas and got the MIP ball diff for it a few days ago due to the notorious clicking issue... it ran completely fine before fitting this new diff. You reckon if I tighten up the new ball diff, it would run on the ground? Thank you for replying to my post!
  5. Hi all, I've recently bought the MIP super ball differential for my re release monster beetle, however I've ran into a very strange problem. I've built the diff and taken apart the gear box to replace the old diff and then put it all back together. Once I re built my beetle, everything seemed to be ok and sounded smooth as ever. However, the wheels spin fine when off the ground, but as soon as they touch any surface, they just stop! I've taken the cap covering the motor moving to see if it was connecting to the cog inside the gearbox and it was. The motor makes the same whizzing sound when it's on the floor, so it's definitely still moving around, just the wheels aren't at all. I've taken it all apart twice now to see if I somehow put it altogether incorrectly, but following youtube assembly videos and the manual carefully, I ended up with the Same issue. Does anyone have any advice on how to fix this and why it is happening? I don't see why the wheels touching the ground change anything, but as soon as they make any contact, they don't move at all. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi all, my brother was looking to get his 1st tamiya RC car this summer coming and liked the look of the Grasshopper's body. He would also like to upgrade the motor, wheels etc etc. I've recently just bought upgrades for my grandads grasshopper, mostly from the Lunch box build, but mounted up quite a cost... so I was just wondering if the grasshopper body shell would fit onto the Lunchbox build or something similar? That way it'll be alot less hassle to buy the body shell instead of all the individual upgrades and ultimately be cheaper! Thanks in advance for any advice and responses! 😁
  7. Aah they did yes, so we had to cut each side down on the bumper.
  8. Thank you mate, your advice aswell as everyone else's was what made it all possible! Yeah, it runs with ease now on grass, so much better than it was before! Pretty close to my MB, but I like to think mines still a bit faster 😎 Think the other upgrades he would need is better shock absorbers and maybe something to do with the suspension or turning arms (idk if that's the technical term for them)
  9. New 540 motor (thank you @Kol__) 10T pinion gear, longer front axles and the Lunchbox wheels to complete the build!
  10. And here it is! (He wanted to do his own paint job design)
  11. Thank you everyone, I've sent @Xeostar a message about his brace that everyone's recommended. Is that all that would be needed to fix the clicking? Thanks again!
  12. Hi everyone, I have a 2015 edition Monster Beelte and it drives like anything! However, on my last drive, it was making some weird clicking noise coming from the back wheels or motor area (not sure exactly where from) whenever it would drive from backwards to forwards quickly and sometimes when turning and just going forward. It only seems to happen when on the ground and doesn't happen when I pick it up and drive it forwards and backwards. It was getting pretty bad I thought near the end, so I stopped a bit earlier as I didn't want to damage the motor or anything around there. So I was just wondering if anyone knew why this is happening, how I can fix it and how to prevent it from happening again in the future. Thank you for any advice anyone can give, much appreciated!
  13. Yeah, I built mine with my Dad and then helped my grandad build his! That would be absolutely amazing thank you so much! His birthday is next week, so was planning on getting him the wheels and other parts to upgrade his GH. I've just private messaged you my details and can discuss how much it'll cost etc. Thank you again!
  14. Thank you everyone for your replies and advice! I've done some browsing on some options and if I went the Lunchbox wheel route, would the pics I've attached be sufficient adjustments to the grasshopper to allow it to run with the bigger wheels? I've also attached pictures of upgraded motor components if they are necessary. Would the standard grasshopper motor work with the bigger wheels or would I definitely need to get these motor parts? Thank you all soo much again!
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