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  1. can’t speak to the SV, but the MB is a pretty delicate and quirky as rc cars go.
  2. this thread reminds me of when I was about 10, my lunchbox with an msc took off while it was on my lap facing me. I was wearing shorts and the inner sidewall of tire burned a hole in my knee.
  3. * No Frogs or Beetles were harmed in the making of this photograph
  4. wow, great pile of stuff. if it were me, I’d get it running with the body, and save those decal sheets for a new shell (if it can be found).
  5. Looks OG to me - sponsor decals are correct. Wish I still had mine! LB has not been in continuous production since ‘87 (you don’t want to know how much LB parts cost on eBay in 1998)
  6. I tried something similar on the sand scorcher body I did in the fall. I painted the whole thing white as the base, masked off my lines and sprayed one more coat of white before starting with the pink. It allowed any gaps in the tape to fill with the color underneath it, and created a bit of a “dam” to prevent the second color from getting under the tape. worked awesome.
  7. can’t speak to matching the paint, but it looks like the body only comes with side mirrors and no light bucket https://www.tamiyausa.com/media/files/51619ml-1252-678d.pdf
  8. I just did a web search for the CC02 Baja Bronco and found this. Anyone know if this was a package, or was Tamiya inspired by a one-off build?
  9. M-Chassis class, TCS racing, Tamiya USA Headquarters, 2003(?). my Mini was #4. Still have the number stickers, but not the car.
  10. I’m hoping for a 40th reissue this year, something drivable. I need to get a few other projects done before I can pull on an eBay find RC10. I probably wouldn’t get to that much before end of year anyway, so if they do a rerelease I’ll try for one. Ultimately trying to replace the CE I had in 1991.
  11. excellent. what I have my eye on for my next rc project.
  12. Looking through old pictures and found this. I was a pre-digital age photography student, and this is a pic of the apartment I lived in ‘98-2001. Shot on 4x5 film with a large format camera. In this pic is either an M01 or M03 chassis with a Rover Mini Cooper Monte Carlo body. Above it to the left is another M01 mini. Both decorated in 2 Tone Records livery (aka revival still rules). To the right of that is the original Lunchbox body that I paid out the nose for on eBay. I wish I still had all of it.
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