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  1. as an original LB owner, I have been intentionally avoiding any of the old solid rear end buggies and trucks. But I’ve always liked the look of the Hornet, so this appeals to me. Already thinking about paint schemes. also, am I the only one who sees a slight resemblance to the SRB chassis?
  2. my kids have recently gotten into 1:64 diecast customization. I ordered a waterslide decal sheet of JDM slogans. When I got it and saw it closer, it was full of f-bombs and “the shocker”. It was too funny to get upset about it, and didn’t give them to the kids. Link: https://shop.mycustomhotwheels.com/product/jdm-decals-2/
  3. I’d thought of replicating the typesetting and graphics of well known classic Tamiyas, but changing the wing slogans to be rude (not offering examples).
  4. I’ve swapped out the Futaba stock servo horns on my MB and Frog with Hot Racing aluminum ones. Much more rigid and just long enough to clear the back of the arm mounts. Also allows for a tighter turning radius.
  5. might depend on category. When I think vintage buggies and trucks, I think early to mid eighties. When I think vintage touring cars, I think mid to late nineties.
  6. anyone ever put a NiCad on one of these bad boys and forget about it? I forgot when I was about 10, and I came home to the battery so hot it burned a mark in the finish on my desk in my bedroom. I can still hear my mom saying “you could have burned the whole house down!!”
  7. summer 1988. What the kids would call a “pop up” rc car track opened in an empty parking lot next to the small airfield in town. close enough to convince mom or dad to bring me to to watch. I hatched the plan to get a Tamiya for Christmas, and next summer I’d be there every day. well, I got the lunchbox, but the track was gone the following year, never to return.
  8. not sure if it hits all of your marks, but I waded (not jumped) into crawling last year with a CC02 (fj40). I set it up with ball bearings, low gearing and both diffs locked. Otherwise stock. it has been a fun little thing to bring along on short flat(ish) hikes with the kids. 1:10 is definitely a good scale for it. It goes nice and slow, so the kids (or myself too) really can’t smash it up. moves a little faster than walking pace. I use 3800 NiMH batteries, I think I can get an hour+, but I’ve never ran a pack from full to empty in one sitting with it.
  9. wow, the stuff people come up with… looks like a good project. I ‘d rather work on that than build an anniversary model.
  10. 1987: Lunchbox for Xmas, age 9. 1991: RC10 Championship Edition (**** I wish I still had it) 1996-2004: uncountable number of RC10s, Tamiya touring cars & buggies, new build or restored from eBay. I’d be a baller around here if I still had all of it. 2021: Monster Beetle rere 2022: Frog rere 2023: Toyota FJ40 CC02 never stopped looking when inactive.
  11. the front yard! I’d thought of carving out some space in the back and building a proper track, but this has worked great (as long as it’s recently mowed) for the wacky races.
  12. back when I had M01s and M03s (and more money to blow), I used to have bodies and wheel sets that were for display only, often box art. Chassis would always be runners.
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