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  1. all of the Rover Mini’s I’ve had, M01, M03, TG10… and my RC10 championship edition
  2. It hadn’t dawned on me that I haven’t built a modern rc car (yet). The newest designed car I built was I think a TA04 20 years ago. I do have my eye on that new FJ40 CC02…
  3. My crystal equipped radios were all sold off like 10 years ago… was very surprised that they have become antiquated upon my return to the hobby 2 years ago.
  4. MB was the car I really wanted as a kid as well. I’ve had mine 2 years, kept it stock. It does have a couple of quirks, but all in all a fun car.
  5. I’d say that the first sign that it’s a good idea is that they are very interested in it in the first place. I gave my older boy his first kit at 11. He put it together by himself (with me advising) and we have had fun driving our Tamiyas in the front yard. I will admit, he was not “Tamiya crazy” like I was at his age, and usually it’s my idea when we go out and play with them. They are expensive toys and should be considered as gifts only when the kid is extremely interested.
  6. this happened to my Frog. Just a good clean up and an overnight in the vice with green threadlocker was the easy fix. I will say the rereleased ORV chassis is really great, but it does require regular checking of the screws holding the transmission and rear arms to the chassis. They can come a little loose and the next thing you know you’ve thrown a dog bone.
  7. I usually reserve upgrading parts for when a stock part breaks.
  8. nice! I did the opposite. I had M01s and M03’s years ago. Sold them off and later bought an ‘82 MK4 mini. Now I wish I still had my old Tamiya minis…
  9. as a former original Lunchbox owner, and now the owner of a re Monster Beetle and re Frog, the ORV chassis is going to outperform the LB all day.
  10. The best way to describe the goal is resto-mod. The guy I bought it from did all the bling (paint job, wheels, chrome), and I was upgrading and repairing as needed (new floors, upgraded from front drums to disc brakes). Been off the road almost 3 years for a full subframe and suspension refurbish, and to fix the holes in the boot. Ultimately want to get it drivable again, nothing fancy.
  11. but you have that one! I had the M01 Monte Carlo and several M03s. Wish I still did, I wish more that Tamiya would bring back the Mini
  12. my 1982 Mini 1000. imported from Germany to USA. I have owned it since 2014, been off the road since August 2019 for some much needed TLC.
  13. Does anyone know what size heat shrink wrap to use on a regular 6 cell NiMH pack? I need to resolder a wire on one of my packs and I don’t think I can fix it without unwrapping it. Thanks
  14. Thanks for the further info. Dialing the throttle control and EPA yielded good results. My old radios didn’t have EPA and I didn’t want to adjust it differently than the settings specified by the manual. thanks again
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