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  1. Thanks!! MCI offers the Shell livery should you want re-create the tanker you sold. https://mciracing.ca/products/1-14th-tam-shell-tanker-decals
  2. Thanks Kurt!! The Tanker Trailer is finished except for lights. Only one thing remains; the sound and lighting system.
  3. Well, that answers my question. Thanks so much!!
  4. I like it. It looks really good in yellow. I built a Blackfoot re-re earlier this year (my first one) and plan to run it easy on a soft lawn in case it rolls over. Like you, I really don't want to scratch the paint.
  5. Not sure if this question is suited to this forum but I'll give it a shot. I'm looking for a clear polycarbonate paint to act as a primer over which I can apply other types of paint. I will be painting underside of body so it's important that primer dry perfectly clear so that it doesn't alter the final color. I'm aware that Tamiya offers a matte clear for poly which should work for my purposes but I've stumbled upon "Polycarb Sparay Base Backing Cover Coat" by Duratrax that might work just as well and will be a better value. Has anyone here used this paint (or perhaps some other brand) and, if so, does it dry perfectly clear? Thanks!
  6. Well, the flat bed trailer is finished. Box stock, nothing special. I just need to install some lights and have some PVC pipe cut to length to act as a payload.
  7. Thanks Tim. Those wheel inserts look amazing! Very much looking forward to reading about how these have worked for you.
  8. Thank you sir!! I also paint the window moldings after all exterior paint work is finished and I reckon this is how many of us do it. In this instance, several weeks had passed before I got around to painting the window molding and other details so the exterior paint had plenty of time to fully cure. For the window molding, I cover the area to be painted entirely with masking tape, then use a ball point pen to mark the edge of the raised part of the molding, carefully use a sharp x-acto to cut the tape along the line, and finally remove the tape to reveal the molding to be painted. Next I mask the entire body exterior so I can paint the interior along with the window moldings - Krylon enamel flat black in this instance. This technique is relatively stress free and I haven't had any major mishaps but if paint were to leak under the tape, I can remove it using ordinary oil-based paint thinner (not lacquer thinner) while the new paint is still soft. Since oil-based thinner won't dissolve the Duplicolor acrylic lacquer paint used on the body exterior, it's good for general cleanup of any enamel paint overspray or masking tape adhesive that might have gotten left behind.
  9. Thanks! I have to agree, the King Hauler decals do look good on this truck. Besides, I'm terrible at selecting colors and creating graphic design so I tend to go with what's available - it's just easier that way. Are you planning to post your trucks here on TC? I'm interested in seeing what you do with the matte black one.
  10. Thanks, I like it as well. As for the steering angle, I don't think moving the steering blocks inboard has affected the angle - it also hasn't improve the bump steer which is horrendous with this model. If anything, having a slightly shorter wheelbase likely has reduced the turning radius. I haven't measured it so I'm speculating. Anyway, there are a few ways to reduce bump steer but I'll probably just live with it. The build is complete now and, as such, I tend to move on to the next build and not return to a previous build.
  11. Thanks! Your truck looks amazing. There are a few things I don't like about the Grand Hauler and you appear to have addressed all of them. Good job!! I agree about the huge gap between the tank and fender - it just doesn't look scale accurate to me. However, adding a tool box to fill that space is an excellent solution. Also, I want to add faux hub/wheel nut covers so I've been tinkering with a design that was inspired by this image. A bit more tinkering and I think it will be ready to send to Shapeways. The covers will simply press over the nut or I could add a drop of Shoe Goo to hold them in place. This type of build just never ends, does it. There's always something to add or change.
  12. Thanks, I agree. Inspiration came from a Honda CB750 I restored many years ago.
  13. My first big rig. It's still a work in progress. It needs a driver figure, a sound and light system plus a few small details to be complete. The camera didn't pick it up but the paint is metallic. The paint and clear didn't flow and level very well so the finish required a lot of extra effort. Sanding and polishing around all those rivet heads was a right pain in the back side! More to follow. I have a flat bed trailer to build.
  14. That's some very useful info, thanks for your reply. I've heard that while a kit remains in production, Tamiya won't make changes or revisions to any of its parts. When a the kit is discontinued and later re-issued, only then will Tamiya make changes. An example of this could be the King Hauler semi truck which was released in July 1993 and, apparently, has never been discontinued for over 29 years now. A similar truck that is newer, the Grand Hauler (released in Feb 2015), uses the same transmission as the older King Hauler and yet it's shifting forks have been updated to a simpler design that are likely less expensive to manufacture. Those new shifting forks still haven't found there way into the old King Hauler kit. If you purchase a King Hauler today, it will include the old forks. This is only one example but it seems to confirm that changes only come when a kit is re-released.
  15. I've had some time today to take another look at this. On tamiya.com, manuals for Mountaineer and Mountain Rider aren't available - only the manual for the Bruiser re-release. On tamiyausa.com, both Mountain Rider models are listed as "discontinued" however, when I attempt to download the manual for 47394 (2019), I'm given the manual for 84386 (2014). If the link for the 47394 manual is correct, then there are no differences between the two models unless there was a supplement (insert) provided with the 84386 manual. If someone has a 2019 Mountain Rider (47394) and could check your manual for an insert, that might answer my question. thanks!
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