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  1. FWIW, this is how I install the roll pins. A vise and a third hand is helpful.
  2. Beautiful, beautiful -- just beautiful! Camel yellow over silver?
  3. Well, that stinks about the box. But, for what you have planned, it's probably not worth filing a claim. Anyway, here's my recommendation: For sale, one ultra-rare RC10 40th anniversary original box with patina appropriate for a 40 year old box. WOW! A true one-of-a-kind must-have for any RC collector. Buy it now before it's gone -- 4-eva!
  4. I agree. Someone from AE was quoted saying "2024 will be a great year." It's only May.
  5. Not sure if it's been mentioned before but a fellow member on RC10talk.com has compiled a list of aftermarket parts sources for RC10 buggy and 10T trucks. https://www.rc10talk.com/viewtopic.php?p=553063#p553063 If you're concerned about parts availability, this might be helpful. As with any RC, these parts move into and out of stock over time so patience is key.
  6. Also, I believe the nose plate is narrow to accommodate the 10t's front bulkhead. The rear shocks are a very similar design, if not the same, as the buggy. Front shocks are unique to the truck due to their increased length.
  7. I noticed that as well. Also, they are including the foam (felt?) dust gasket so it's going all the way back to the beginning. Very cool!
  8. Same chassis tub, a Stealth transmission (early buggies had 6-gear), front chassis plate and nearly all suspension parts are 10T specific. So, I guess the main chassis is about the only carry-over part from early buggy.
  9. Yeah and I bet the plastics are bright white and there's no paper manual. Well, that's it - forget it - I'm OUT!
  10. You're most welcome. I'm gonna wait for Amain to list them.
  11. And, here it is!!!! https://60years.associatedelectrics.com/rc10t-classic-kit/ Pre-orders are limited to 2 units this time.
  12. Hobby Action is another source for Fan RC parts but their prices are roughly 12% higher than other sources. However, they do have most items in stock. ... except the top shaft I need, of course.
  13. The B3 arms came from Team KnK. I would have ordered the RC10 parts from them but everything I needed was out of stock so I ordered from Go Fast Hobbies instead - they had everything I needed except a 9601 top shaft. I've never before ordered anything from Go Fast so we'll see how it goes.
  14. Fan RC is great. I bought a set of their B3 arms and quality is very good so yesterday I ordered parts to fill the gaps for future Stealth '91 and team car builds.
  15. I just ignore them. I know what I'm willing to pay and I keep searching until I find it. Sometimes I never find it but that rarely happens. The world is filled with scalpers but they never get my money.
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