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  1. I imagine my sheets must be hips not abs, the advert simply says styrene sheet. It has come out fairly well with just the abs slurry, however I find it quite difficult to sand smooth without damaging the surrounding areas, filler may have been easier in this respect. The slurry also leaves small air bubbles which I was hoping the primer and paint may have filled in but have not.
  2. Made a third batch, same quantities, this time only using tamiya part sprues, no styrene sheet and it works perfectly. Next question, can any one recommend a filler that will work with the abs. I just want a fine skim over the top to smooth out the imperfections
  3. Thanks for the advice everyone, it looks so simple on YouTube. I will test it on some scraps first.
  4. If it was too wet would it not be really thin? If I try to stir it, it moves around like a blob in the liquid it doesn't seem to want to mix. Would replacing the acetone make any difference?
  5. Thank you, I'm not sure if my ratio is wrong
  6. Hi, I'm very new to modifying plastic hard bodies and I'm currently struggling to make a decent abs slurry for filling gaps and reinforcing joints. I'm trying to stretch a grasshopper body to fit a DT03 chassis. I've tried using 25g part sprues in 50ml of acetone and ended up with a PVA type liquid with lumps that don't dissolve. I tried again yesterday same quantities but with new styrene sheet and ended up with a putty like blob sat underneath the acetone. Any advice would be much appreciated
  7. Thanks @ALEXKYRIAK, I've kind of gone off on a tangent since posting on here and have sold my TT02B, I am however attempting to build a DT03 grass hopper and a DT02 grass hopper 2, work so far
  8. I love this design/ idea @ALEXKYRIAK would you be happy to share your carbon shock tower designs, so I can order a pair. I promise it won't be orange.
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