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  1. Thanks guys I'm in the UK but your info has helped greatly! Will get it sorted soon!!! Will let you know when it's running sweet again!
  2. Thanks for the reply! I thought it might be the motor as its after market so I took the sports tunnel 540 motor out of our grass hopper tried the 19t 48p pinion same thing just skimming! You would not have a correct pinion gear link for me would you?? Just don't want to buy wrong again! Kind regards Sam
  3. I know this is crazy basic compared to the build you guys get up to but we all have to start somewhere right!!?
  4. HiHi all, Please help I have rebuilt a classic Ford focus tl 01 with my son, which had a cracked chassis we replaced the chassis, bought new drive gears and fitted metal bearings all seemed to be going well! everthing seems to work! Until it was power on time!! The pinion gear seems to only skim the gearing I fitted a 19 t / 48p (which I got cheap from ebay) should the pinion be larger to engage the gearing? As I don't think we did anything wrong during the rebuild!! Please help!! Kind regards Sam
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