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  1. Funny enough, those are two different shells. Mines an ABC Hobby CR-X and the other is the Tamiya which is a CR-X with the Mugen Pro body kit. The ABC Hobby body is for the 210mm wheelbase. I figured the Tamiya was too but if it fits on the M07 it must be for the M05M? That makes me want one even more. But yeah the M05 was great out of the box but I can't leave well enough alone. Haha.
  2. I installed the mini CVAs, sway bars, fiberglass arms and aluminum steering rack on one of my M05s. Also deleted the servo saver. I also used some scrap lexan to make what kind of looks like the 85 So/1.5i foam spoiler. I love this thing.
  3. Yeah it's definitely a TA02. Are the gear cases painted? It kind of looks like they're painted flat black. Have you opened them up? Are they red underneath? I like that propshaft upgrade. If I wasn't a huge sucker for keeping mine original I'd do that. It's a shelf queen though so I guess it doesn't matter haha.
  4. Good catch! I want to grab one of those Tamiya Mugen Pro CR-X bodies too before they're all gone. I wanted this one to be as close to a bone-stock 1.5i as I could get. If I could find a mini wheel that resembled CF-48s though, even remotely, I don't think I'd be able to stop myself. 1985 CR-X 1.6i-16, Mugen Pro body kit, CF-48s, digital gauge cluster? Pure 80s hotness.
  5. I finished a few upgrades to the M05. Fiberglass suspension arms, sway bars, CVA shocks and an alloy steering rack. Everything feels much tighter now. Much less play in the steering! I also feel like the arms are a lot more rigid than the sock plastic ones. Haven't had a chance to drive it yet but I think I'm going to see some improvements.
  6. I tore the Super Hornet down and cleaned it real good. Clorox, alcohol and a toothbrush. Replaced crusty old bushings with bearings and cleaned the contacts on the MSC - they were black...Cleaned out 30 year-old grease and applied new to get everything in the gearbox nice and smooth. I also printed up another one of those axle braces I used on the Grasshopper II and put a torque-tuned motor in it, since the original silver can was quite worn out. As I said, I think this car was very thoroughly enjoyed by it's original owner..! I think she cleaned up nice! I know that the Super Hornet ran from '93 to '04. Is there any way to tell how old this particular kit was? If it was an earlier one or a later one?
  7. I've only ever seen the Concept and Limited kits which are around $200-$250 without a body or electronics. Since I don't do any serious racing or anything it's kind of a hard sell for me to spend that on a race chassis. Especially when I can usually get an M05 off AMain for right around $100 or sometimes get lightly-uses rollers off EBay for around $50. That's just me though! For race chassis they're a badword of a good deal but I just don't need a race chassis for the little bit of running I do.
  8. Hopefully it'll allow you to use square-case batteries. Finding the 2s packs in the old NiCD/NiMH formfactor seriously limits options.
  9. I think the M07 and M08 will persist as race-only chassis. I was kind of hoping there would be a non-race version of the M07 and M08 that didn't cost a small fortune but that's looking less and less likely. I do like the MB-01 though. The laterally-mounted motor is really neat. I'll definitely be picking one up. I'm just hoping the MB-01 has all 3 wheelbase options. The M07 I think only has the 225mm and 239mm option, no option for 210.
  10. I only have experience with the M04 and the M05 but I have to say I think the M04 was a better-driving chassis out of the box. The M05, to me, has the same issues the box-stock TT02 does with being darty and inprecise. It feels like it's impossible to trim the steering and no matter what you do you're always correcting for it drifting one way or another, and even with serious amounts of steering expo it still feels very very twitchy. I fixed this on my TT02 by replacing the steering rack with an aftermarket aluminum unit as well as replacing the servo saver with a solid servo arm. I've already ordered the steering rack for the M05 and I'll delete the servo saver while I'm installing the steering upgrade and I'm willing to bet that resolves much of the problem just like it did on the TT02. Even with that, though, I love the M05. It's such a neatly-designed little chassis. I really want an M06, M07 and M08 but the latter two are still too expensive for me to splurge on (especially with the M07 lacking the 210mm wheelbase option) and I have to find a MR body I really want for the M06. Though the Lowrider Pumpkin is kind of neat...
  11. Today I acquired one of my holy grails. A Super Hornet! This one, I do believe, was very much enjoyed by it's previous owner... But it's not too bad! Some cleaning and some shining and I think she'll look great again! It has a little bit of damage to the body, particularly back where the wing and body meet, but nothing too bad. It's also missing the headlights but I have those on order. I also have a spare of one of the driver figures so that'll be finding a home here. It still has the old MSC installed as well. I connected it up to my old Airtronics MX-3, probably my favorite radio of all time, and everything works great! The throttle servo took some trimming and the motor is old and worn out and squealing up a storm but I think some dry lube will do away with that. I want to keep the MSC but part of me also wants to install this thing I've had laying around for 20 years. I believe it's period-correct, or maybe even a little earlier than the car! Either way, this is going to be a fun little project! Not a bad pull for $125!
  12. My trio of M-chassis cars. Two M05s and an M04. Love these things!
  13. Does anyone know if Tamiya plans to release the M07 and M08 as non-race-only chassis? They're both really cool chassis but kind of pricy too. The M08 is especially neat since it has the 210mm wheelbase option. An M08 with an Exige or Evora body would be amazing.
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