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  1. I am sure of it, And your black beetle with red four spokes spark my memory. I can pretty much source all the other parts by kit bashing and ordering the relevant parts, But the front knuckles is another story. And I dont really want to buy another M01/M02 Chassis just for knuckles. As there are quite a high price at the moment.
  2. Dont think traded, Just seen you around from memory ! M03/M04 Front do fit, But the arm are a lot longer than the M02. Fitting them would make the steering bind up I reckon?!
  3. Hi Ocd, Seem to remember you from a few years back ?! Im in Northern Ireland now BT33 0LG Front knuckles seem to be hard to come by these days. Still curious about postage and cost in total Cheer buddy
  4. Chris I have logged in and out twice, Heres the link to my profile https://www.tamiyaclub.com/member.asp?id=4379 Once again cheers buddy
  5. No one out there have any parts that I need ? Thanks in advance Bugged Aka Shane
  6. No worries pal, I shall keep a look out !
  7. they are as the same M04 chassis too, Should expand your search a little
  8. Guess I missed out on this ? Always late to the party
  9. Took a walk down the beach a low tide, Perfect sand scorcher territory ! And posted a thread in the Wanted/Sales and Trades for some m01/m02 Parts I need.
  10. Hi Guys I dragged this out of storage last week and need a few parts to get her up and running again ! Not lookin to buy new parts on trees or bags, Would work out to expensive ! Just thought that maybe you guys may have them as spares laying around in your spares box So heres the list:- Drive Shaft x 1 ( A Bag ~ MA10 ~ 9805503 ) Front Hubs x 2 ( C parts ~ C10 ) Front Stepped Hub Screws ( B Bag ~ MB9 ~ 50585 ) Front Stub Axle x 1 ( B Bag ~ MB3 ~ 9805503 ) 12mm Hexs x 3 ( C Parts ~ C 6 ) 5mm Ball Sockets x 4 ( D Parts ~ D11 x 2 D11 X2 ) Ball Connector Long x 1 ( B Bag ~ MB9 ) Hex Pins x 3 ( C Bag ~ MC3 50594 ) Thanks for looking and shall look forward to any replies and help ! Cheers Shane
  11. Random fact and maybe not that interesting, A human has more bones in there neck than a giraffe...
  12. Great film and a really nice concept within TC !!
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