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  1. Looking at using a f40 quick drive 1/12 body for a project. Can someone tell me the wheelbase of the 1/12 version? Thanks!
  2. Is there a Tamiya Tyre Size Dimensions List? Specially listing the model with, Inner diameter Overall width, height Thanks
  3. WANTED: Tamiya TR-15T Looking for a friend, thanks
  4. Looking for a Chrome Blitzer Beetle Body & Or Kit for a friend.
  5. Wow those are super clean, I have these with the black box taiyo, if you need any custom decals i can do
  6. Bwaaatch Wow never scene most of those original arts, especially the nikko one.
  7. Here is my neo fighter with decals inspired by taiyo / tyco jet turbo hopper. I can make custom decals for tamiya's and make them look like vintage taiyo or tycos. Included a picture of my reproduction taiyo, tyco decals.
  8. Would any of you guys be interested in reproduction decals? I design
  9. I design decal stickers for TAIYO / Tyco Vintage RC. Looking to see if there is any demand for reproduction decals? Have already designed for Jet hopper / turbo hopper Heads up hopper BANDIT Nissan Racing Pickup Truck 348 ferrari Can do more on request.
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