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  1. So this is just a re-release of 58193 but without the decals? If so, then it's interesting that this is the second Racing Porsche that they have brought back simply as a "street" version, as they did the same with the GT2 when they re-released it without the Taisan or PIAA decal set. This offers a little bit of hope that we may yet see the 959 re-released on original chassis as it's always the Rothmans livery that has been seen as the barrier to that classic coming back.
  2. I will do my best. Not gonna lie though, I already have another five projects on the go...so it might be a while.
  3. Santa was kind again this year...a NIB Ultima, Blue Edition Subaru Brat & Black Edition Monster Beetle.
  4. It's the just the same old story where once something becomes scarce it becomes more desirable. It did suprise me that they didnt sell out immediately upon release in 2003 as AE didn't exactly make a boatload of them. The Worlds car was even worse though. It was being discounted in some US stores not long after release.
  5. Have you only been looking for one quite recently mate? Honestly, there was still plenty of them on ebay in the early part of this year.
  6. Amazon have the Chiron on sale for £189 at the moment. Thats the cheapest price I have seen for it anywhere. So I bought one.
  7. There won't be any more RC10 re-releases. AE tried it and it flopped, that's the bottom line. If they did another re-run of the Classic the kits would sit on shop shelves. Harsh to say it but true.
  8. Associated didn't underproduce the RC10 Classic. In fact the kits were freely available for a good while after release date and even up until recently the kits were selling on ebay for under retail price. The problem with the Worlds was that it just doesn't have the iconic status of the original gold pan car. In addition though, RC10 fanatics love the originals first, second & third. Even when the classic was announced there were plenty of naysayers on rc10talk.com. Those buggies have a very different kind of enthusiast compared to that of the vintage Tamiya lovers.
  9. Mine is on the way from Stella. Won't be able to look at it when it arrives until December 25th though.
  10. Never mind the chassis, the body on this thing is awful with a woeful lack of detail. This is one of those very few kits that should never have been given a re-release.
  11. Licencing costs can be the only reason why a Ranger re-release hasn't happened. Tamiya seem to be rather tight when it comes to what they are prepared to spend on re-releasing a kit. Which means that even if they do bring back the Ranger it won't come back with the original front grille, in the same way that the Buggy Champ didn't come with Sand Blaster Jr tyres and the Sand Scorcher body lacked the original wide wheel arches.
  12. To be fair, I am not intested in it for the performance....just the nostalgia. And as long as it is "reasonably" good value for money then that will do. Those 30th Anniversary Kuwahara E.Ts seem to go for crazy money.
  13. Surprised that nobody has bumped this thread in recent months as I just stumbled on the fact that Raleigh have re-popped the Super Tuff Burner... https://www.raleigh.co.uk/stbur19-super-tuff-burner ...but didn't they bring this one back in 2007 too? I know that they re-released the Aero Burner a little while ago. Was that a success? Anyway, the reason I ask is that I am tempted by this Super Tuff re-release. If nothing else, it's a beautiful looking thing. Most of all though, probably the one and only thing that I never had as a kid when it was popular was a BMX. Not that I couldn't have had one, but I just prefered the marauding beastliness of the Raleigh Bomber back then. So this might be an itch that I finally get to scratch. Unfortunately though I missed the "pre-sale" so when they go on general sale on October 23rd it might be really difficult to get one. To all of our resident BMX experts on here...does the spec of this Super Tuff look good for the price?
  14. So the Avante Racing Steering Set fits the Top Force too?
  15. Yes. Personally though I don't see them bringing all of those back. Maybe the Optima Pro and then 2 SWB Mids plus 2 LWB Mids.
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