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  1. Fair enough. So it's still a hopped-up Top Force, just with a modernised version of the original hop-ups. That's good enough for me.
  2. According to Glenn at RC Legends the kit doesn't come with the original transmission upgrades or turnbuckles.
  3. I'm certainly not cancelling, but if it's true that the kit is just a Evo on the outside and not the inside then I can definitely understand why others may want to do a u-turn. For the price they are charging it's unacceptable for them to leave the guts of the original buggy out of the re-release. On a more positive note, I think the new box-art with the "EVO" logo looks better than the original. Usually when Tamiya have re-released a buggy with slightly altered decals I go chasing an original set to complete my re-re, but in this case I will be happy to stick with the EVO badges instead of EVOLUTION.
  4. Beautiful box art but the lack of blister packaging is seriously poor for a high end kit like this, especially at the price point that has been quoted. And is it really true that the kit will not be coming with any of the crucial original transmission hop ups and turnbuckles etc from the original Evo?
  5. I'm a sucker for these specials that Tamiya come up with, so I promised myself I'd get these two when they were announced in January, and they arrived this morning. Just waiting on the Grasshopper 2 Black Edition to hit the stores now.
  6. Finally built this last week after having it stored away for years. Was going to leave it as a shelfer but couldn't resist giving it a spin.
  7. You got a Mk2 Escort body you are working on?
  8. Been wanting one of these for years but held off properly chasing one as I really thought that Tamiya would re-release it on the F104W, like they did the McLaren MP4/6. Got sick of waiting though so finally pulled the trigger on this original. Now just watch that re-release be announced this year.
  9. Yeah I placed the badges up on the rear quarter and they might be a tiny bit larger than the real thing but its not a major issue. I will be getting some of the Marlboros from them too. Just needed to test the water for quality & customer service etc but both have been spot on.
  10. Yep, got them from the same place and I ordered them in 1/10 scale too. In what way are they too big?
  11. These arrived in the post today. Just need someone to make an equivalent sent of Mexicos and I'm good for road-going Mk2 bodies.
  12. Yeah if they haven't arrived by then I would be chasing a refund.
  13. I love how decal makers are falling over themselves to make liveries for this kit. They can't get them out quickly enough. Apparently the kit is in such high demand that when the 2nd batch arrives into the UK it will only cover 10% of all the outstanding orders made by the various UK stores. Tamiya seriously underestimated the demand for this one.
  14. There's one on ebay at the moment. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-51658-Ford-Escort-MK-II-Rally-Body-MF01X-239mm-W-base/124596974568?hash=item1d028ef3e8:g:lzkAAOSwnW1gOMej Be quick if you want one as I think these will be difficult to source for a while.
  15. Looks like the bodysets are going to be difficult to get a hold of for a while yet. Got only one of the three that I ordered from Time Tunnel today and have to wait until the end of May for the other two. Apparently the UK's allocation was severely short of what was expected. I guess Tamiya are spreading the stock around and maybe underestimated the demand for these bodies.
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