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  1. Delayed till mid-Feb now, here in the UK. No surprise really.
  2. Images of the actual re-re finally arrive. And it looks like they really have done it justice. https://ameblo.jp/yokomo-product/entry-12829682431.html?fbclid=IwAR2OANVbEzfUpoi25dOXZzXN_1X_heCo5jKBsLm9iwn5XgGGGp4CRmRCpiw_aem_ATm4qvyZNn2VCVr7qHoNg8HZE7naTucZHeP3x8Sk8da0uOWk_VMMa514pFBRwXMpc14
  3. Also ordered one from Modelsport. I was hoping the price would be closer to £250 but hey-ho. Will be interesting to see what next year's Classic costs, assuming that it's happening. I got two of them for a total of £290 back in 2013. Somehow I don't think they will be that this time, although I did import them from the USA and managed to avoid import duty.
  4. Good luck with that. I’ve been waiting for a NOS 3-hole C-tree to come available for 20 years. Considering the kit got a measly one month production run, I think it’s fair to assume that spare parts trees never made it out of the factory.
  5. Have a look at their fb page and read their comments. I’d say with near certainty they are going to do a re-run of the classic next year. I think they might do the RC10T too. I hope they bring back the Worlds too as I want a runner to go with my shelfer. This time they can bring it back without the faulty transmission though, lol.
  6. Actually, just reading their comments on Facebook, AE are saying 2024 will be a ‘great year’ when they were quizzed about a re-run of the classic. Looks like they might be bringing it back for the 40th anniversary then.
  7. Fair enough, my memory might be tricking me. All I remember is going back to their site and seeing some still available. Might not have taken notice of the price though.
  8. I am tempted by one of these new versions, not gonna lie. Its good that a company tries something new for the vintage scene IMO.
  9. I just remember that AE still had some for sale on their website for quite a while after the release date. Dunno, maybe they sourced some extra kits from somewhere and people didnt realise that they were on there?
  10. Was this demand before they started production though? I remember there was feverish excitement at the prospect of it coming back when the news broke of its return. But once the diehards got their kits, the remaining examples seemed to sit on AE’s website for ages.
  11. I really can’t see them bringing back the classic. The brutal truth is that they didn’t sell particularly well, and were being heavily discounted in the end. The Worlds Car even more so. It was possible to pick up a Worlds for well under £150 at one point. Wish I’d bought more of them now, considering what they go for these days. Even the RC10 diehards don’t have much interest in the classic. The re-re section of rc10talk.com is like tumbleweed.
  12. The early 1985 Mk1 Hotshot, with the 3-hole front bumper. Hands down the best looking of them all.
  13. Believe me, buying a kit just for the box lid isn't the craziest thing I've done when in this hobby.
  14. Silver Box lid confirmed then. Yep, that's me getting one.
  15. There's really no reason why they shouldn't. They have cut corners with other re-releases like missing Sand Blaster Jr tyres on the Buggy Champ and skinny fenders on the Sand Scorcher but that was probably cost cutting due to licencing and mould issues. This is simply using a different colour ink on a box lid. You can never be sure with Tamiya but I'd be pretty surprised if they do a white lid rather than silver.
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