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  1. He was very generous once again.
  2. There's another video of it here from Tamiya HQ and at 58:26 you can see the underside......the battery plate looks the same to me. Wish they had took the body off so we can see exactly what changes they have made to the chassis and/or roll bar though. Have to say though, as a Hotshot obsessive, I am loving this release and think it looks great. And, with all of these new parts, it gives us the chance to customise our existing Hotshots, Supershots & original Hotshot 2s. Some of the parts, such as uprights etc can go on our Bigwigs and Boomerangs too.
  3. Well that's certainly different. Can't beat the original colour scheme though. I wonder if it will come with the unique silver box lid?
  4. Nice! Been a long time coming this one has, even if it won’t be in original livery, decals etc. Curious to see what changes will be made, apart from the obvious decals. Plated wheels and chassis parts like the Wild One BHM? P.S. This is basically a re-release so should probably be in the re-re section of the forums.
  5. Nope, they’ve only done the Metallic (which was actually more like a black chrome) Special, the Jun Watanabe and the Supreme. They did do a Grasshopper Black Edition though, as well as the recent Grasshopper 2 version too.
  6. Wow, the video really over-sold it. Wrong choice of colours in pretty much every way. Even the uprights are underwhelming. The only real reason for getting one of these is the dampers, unless Tamiya are silly enough to release them as a spare part. Which they won’t. I do need a runner Avante 2001 though, so I still might get one of these.
  7. Yeah, I am a sucker for the colour specials and I like the look of this one too so I will try to get one.I imagine it will be another disaster-zone release though, with loads of pre-orders not getting fulfilled. Completely baffling why they didn’t just do a 1/10 Junior Black Special though.
  8. Yeah, is this a special edition version of the Hi-Caps? Or a new set of dampers altogether? Also, since it's not coming with the green wheels, you'd have to think that this isn't going to be just a 1/10 version of the Junior Black Special.
  9. After initially hating it...and even mocking the looks of it here on the forums....I ended up buying one, the limited edition kit with painted body and the yellow chassis. Seeing some of them on YouTube swayed me....it's actually a very cool looking buggy from a lot of angles. I've also bought the limited edition, painted body Astute TD2. As you can probably tell, I really don't like painting bodies very much.
  10. Will a Cougar 2 body fit on this without any mods? If so, I actually could be tempted as its a much better looking design than the Cougar 1.
  11. They could barely give away the Worlds kits in the end. They were sitting in shops in the USA for a price that was equivalent to £130. There is no way AE will do another re-re of the RC10 in any of its forms IMO. Have a look in the re-release section of RC10talk.com. It's dead. Even the most dedicated fans of the buggy aren't interested in the re-released versions.
  12. Meh. Why on earth they haven't brought back the SWB CAT yet is a total mystery. This one is a hard pass for me.
  13. It is 100% certain that everyone who wants one of these will get one, eventually. Might have to wait a little while but it will happen. They are not going to “do a Tamiya” and make them deliberately scarce. The Scorpion is still in production, eight years after it was first released. So they are not going to prematurely halt the production of their hottest re-release to date.
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