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  1. Yokomo must have been listening to you. The 834B is on the way. https://teamyokomo.com/topics/14770/
  2. They are all over the place with these re-releases. First they brought out the RC10CC and said it was unlimited, only to then quickly withdraw it. Then came the 40th Anniversary Classic which was far too limited to meet demand. Now we have the RC10T Classic which pretty much is not being supplied to anywhere outside of the USA. It just seems like a crazy overreaction to them getting their fingers burned with the poor-selling Worlds re-release 10 years ago. And I imagine if they bring back the Worlds this year the numbers will be crazy-low too.
  3. https://teamyokomo.com/topics/14770/ Hot on the heels of the YZ-870C, Yokomo have now announced the re-release of it's predecessor, the YZ-834B. One of the weirdest looking buggies ever made, but I'm a big fan of it. I think we can assume that Yokomo were pleased with the response to the YZ-870C. Wonder if they will keep going and bring back the Works 91 & Works 93? That would complete my vintage Yokomo wishlist.
  4. Apparently UK stores will get no more than 1 of these kits each. Joke release.
  5. Yeah, my crystal ball was very defective in that moment. I stand by what I said about the popularity of the RC10 re-re’s on RC10talk though. Over there they are only really interested in the vintage cars. Also, looking back, I got my wires crossed, confusing the Classic with the Worlds. Seems the Classics sold well but the Worlds was definitely a flop. I hope that it hasn’t put them off doing another batch of the Worlds though, as I want another one. I think I will refrain from making any more predictions on whether that will happen though.
  6. Yep, looks like Optima Pro since wheelspin have it up for pre-order. https://wheelspinmodels.co.uk/i/365649/ Quite the surprise as I was sure that it would have been one of the LWB Mids next.
  7. I'd wager that these will never hit discount. They will match the supply to meet the demand. They won't make the same mistake that they made with the Worlds re-release 10 years ago Here in the UK it seems that the allocated stock might already be sold out. I wouldn't mind having one of these, just for the stamped & laser-etched parts and the unique box. I don't really have a problem with the price but it is a bit galling, when I paid less than £150 each for two of the classics in 2013.
  8. Just reading RC10talk and it looks like the RC10T might be coming back too. I assume these parts listed on the AE website are exclusive to the truck?
  9. They have re-released far more obscure kits than the 2001 so I don't think it's that. I just think it's Tamiya being Tamiya and throwing darts at board and seeing where they land. A lot of their re-re's have been very logical but some of them really haven't. Personally I think the 2001 would be a smash. It's the best looker of the LWB Avante chassis kits.
  10. They go for big money on ebay so I don't really buy that. A NIP set of 2001 wheels and the bodysets from 10 years ago go for crazy money.
  11. It's the 2001 that they need to bring back, rather than another re-re-re of the 2011. All the parts are there to bring back the 2001 so I have no idea what is stopping them from doing so.
  12. Yeah I think Rocky & Turbo Rocky will happen, but not yet. One of the LWB Mids will be next & then probably Lazer ZX after that. Then they will move down to stuff like the Rocky & hopefully the niche stuff like the Gallop.
  13. Managed to grab one of the motors for my kit. They seem pretty sparse at the moment, here in the UK anyway. Grabbed one from the handful that MB Models got in stock yesterday.
  14. Just had an email from Modelsport confirming that my kit is now in the post.
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