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  1. Nah, that was him just speculating....he never actually said the HS2 was definitely coming back, based on any sources, like he is here with the Falcon. Have to say I enjoy his youtube channel so I hope his sources are correct.
  2. In the UK, just like yourself. I emailed RCJaz about it numerous times and they insisted that the package was held up in a warehouse in Heathrow somewhere and would turn up eventually. Turns out they were right I guess. Sounds like yours have been in the same place as mine so I reckon you will get them this week too.
  3. Did anyone else buy these from RCJaz....and they have only just turrned up today? Mine arrived today. Purchased on December 10th. Honestly thought, for the first time ever, that an RC purchase had got lost in the post.
  4. Nice! After a pretty dull 4 or 5 years it looks like Tamiya are gunning for it again with the re-releases. Might they end the year with a 959, Ranger XLT or Blazing Blazer? Hopefully. Kyosho will announce the Mid re-re this year, I am almost certain of it.
  5. Sounds like a good plan. The Hotshot is really quite a tough buggy, with the suspension arms being the main weakpoint. If you can find one, get an aftermarket front upper arm suspension brace as they eliminate a lot of the notorious "wobble" that occurs with those arms, due to the locating pinholes in the gearbox quickly accumulating wear. Definitely swap out the MSC and fit an ESC to replace it, and you dont need to keep the old heatsinks as the ESC wont use them. You could keep them fitted to the rollcage though to retain the vintage look. If your current steering servo works fine then there is no need to change it.
  6. It actually looks in great condition, so the only thiing I would suggest changing would be the front & rear suspension arms as they become brittle with age. Just switch in some re-release arms and away you go.
  7. First of all, just remember that the whole Mk1/Mk2 I.D thing is something that was created here on TC. Tamiya themselves don't acknowledge such distinctions, although they do acknowledge that there was an "early type" of Hotshot. From the looks of the photos that you have provided though the buggy is fully a "Mk2". Bear in mind that there were only a few parts that were only uniquely found in the early "Mk1" kits. Those were - bumper, bumper skid plate, bumper stay, front gearbox housings, front driveshafts, front uprights & front ball connectors. Some Mk1 kits also appear to have a thicker roof than others. Every additional part was also featured on on the later kits. Therefore when you say that the resistors are Mk1, you are technically correct....but...those "floating" resistors were also supplied in most of the 1st revision (ie, Mk2) kits. So your buggy has not been retrofitted with any kind of "early type" resistors. Later Mk2 kits of course got the revised "glued-in" resistors. In case you are not aware....all Mk1 kits appear to have been manufactured before April 1985, since they have a manual that is dated 03/85. Whereas the Mk2 and onwards have a manual with the date 04/85. The front & rear suspension arms were all the same on Mk1/Mk2 kits. There has been speculation that very late Hotshot kits were provided with Supershot suspension arms but no kit has ever turned up proving this to be the case. I can't see any parts on your buggy that suggests it is a Mk1. Fairly sure those front uprights are Mk2, but can you get a closer photo of them, where the ball connector screws in? Mk1 uprights were weaker and had thinner strengthening ribs around the screw hole for the connector. Also, does the front bumper skidplate have an elongated screwhole where it attaches to the bumper stay? If so, that would suggest it has been fitted with a later type from a Hotshot 2 kit.
  8. I have bought limited edition kits just for the box. .....stuff like the Avante Black Special & Black Lunchbox come to mind straight away. Storage is definitely a headache though as stacking them on top of each other and leaving them like that for months/years inevitably results is some bowing of the box lids.
  9. Nah, that's not Tamiya by Lego.....THIS is Tamiya by Lego. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=125575&id=10614 https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=125431&id=10614
  10. My set of decals arrived today too. Exceptionally quick delivery from screenprint.
  11. Yeah, both models have the blue wheels but not the same shade of blue as the Tamiya wheels....they are much darker. By the looks of the real car it's Tamiya that got the colour right.
  12. Well I already have this car as a 1/18 diecast & 1/32 Scalextric so might as well make it a trio.
  13. I see that screenprintdigital have come up with a set of decals in the British Airways livery. Looks superb. Just nabbed a set. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RC-10th-1-10-scale-British-Airways-ESCORT-MK2-1977-RAC-RALLY-stickers-decals/154327430158?hash=item23eea1b40e:g:NuwAAOSwup9gJQgz
  14. Quite unusual to see an original Hotshot driveshaft without the engraved lines at each end. I wonder if this is an aftermarket copy of some kind? Most original examples had two engraved lines at each end of the tube, but the very early examples had one engraved line at each end. I have never seen an example with no lines at all. You could use vintage Supershot or Hotshot 2 front driveshafts if aesthetics isnt an issue to you? Not sure if re-re driveshafts can be used in conjunction with vintage drivecups as it's not something I have ever tried.
  15. That's what I am hoping for too. I want to make a copy of this diecast model but with the Mexico decals added on. Need to find a good match for the orange colour too of course.
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