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  1. Will an Avante 2001 or Egress body fit on the Vanquish plastic chassis? Could be tempted to buy one as a runner with one of these other bodies on it......
  2. Yeah, £200 is the max amount that this kit is worth. £300 though? No chance.
  3. Nice to see another in-demand classic come back. I'm not a massive fan of the buggy myself as in standard form it's the ugly duckling of the Avante series IMO. It looks best when like the example below, sitting on an Avante chassis with Hi-Cap-type dampers fitted, so at the very l least I will buy the body parts and the Hi-Caps. If the kit price is around the £300 mark then you can count me out of that though. Good to see that the re-re programme hasn't completely ground to a halt, even if it's been just trudging along for a few years now.
  4. Didn't get round to posting this. Was a little Christmas present to myself 6 months ago....
  5. Best be quick, just noticed that Jadlam have bumped the price of the Hornet back up.
  6. Got all three of mine for £270 a couple of weeks ago. £85 each for the Hopper & Hornet from Jadlam and £100 for the Frog from Time Tunnel.
  7. Got the Grasshopper and Hornet from Jadlam for £85 each and the Frog from Time Tunnel for £100. Won't be building them any time soon as have other builds on the go.
  8. Been after these three for a while now and finally got them all in one go for a great price of £270 in total, which represents roughly a 33% saving off the full retail price. Also grabbed a spare Frog bodyset as only one of these will be a runner.
  9. Agree. They are all over the place when it comes to deciding how to present the Black Special kits. No consistency at all.
  10. Mine arrived today. Loving the artwork on this kit.
  11. Never thought I would want a ClodBuster in my collection but this one has been calling out to me as they really nailed the ideal look with that black body/silver decal/red shocks look. So a kit is winging it's way to me now. This one is by far the coolest looking of the three colour schemes they have done, IMO.
  12. So this is just a re-release of 58193 but without the decals? If so, then it's interesting that this is the second Racing Porsche that they have brought back simply as a "street" version, as they did the same with the GT2 when they re-released it without the Taisan or PIAA decal set. This offers a little bit of hope that we may yet see the 959 re-released on original chassis as it's always the Rothmans livery that has been seen as the barrier to that classic coming back.
  13. I will do my best. Not gonna lie though, I already have another five projects on the go...so it might be a while.
  14. Santa was kind again this year...a NIB Ultima, Blue Edition Subaru Brat & Black Edition Monster Beetle.
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