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  1. The kit is due late January but the bodies are coming in late March/early April.
  2. TimeTunnel https://www.timetunnelmodels.com/live/catalog/order-tamiya-51658-ford-escort-body-shell-unpainted-late-march-2021-p-66864.html
  3. LOL, well I wanted to do everything I can to get at least one bodyset from the 1st batch rather than missing out then waiting months for the 2nd batch. This first batch will be snapped up within days of release IMO. Paid £105 for the three from Time Tunnel.
  4. Pre-ordered three bodysets too.
  5. I've ordered mine with Time Tunnel and was speaking with them yesterday. Apparently it's their most in demand kit since The Hornet in 2004. So I'm not even sure if I will secure a kit from the first batch in January. They will make a gazillion of these things over the next few years.
  6. I've got a kit on pre-order. Who else on here has pre-ordered? Curious to know what the demand is for this kit.
  7. I'm looking forward to seeing what @Truck Norris does with one of these. Should be something special.
  8. It's because this car has an absolutely monster-sized fanbase and a release of it by Tamiya has been wanted for a very long time, so it's crucial that they get it right. If they do that then it will be the biggest selling rally car that they have ever done, and by a long stretch too.
  9. So its 414mm long...which is longer than the Lancia Delta's 407mm. Was a MK2 longer than a Delta? Doesnt sound right to me. Edit.: Just checked and yes, it was. Thats quite a surprise.
  10. This could be really exciting and something I never thought I'd see from Tamiya. I do fear though that it will have a similar level of scale realism to the two monstrosities below....
  11. Always thought the Terra Scorcher to be butt-ugly but this creation below now makes me think it's just Tamiya's boring colour & decal scheme that does the buggy a disservice. Might have to pick up a TS2020 now.
  12. I passed on this the first time around. Could be tempted this time though.
  13. No idea why topic has been posted twice...! Mods please delete the other one, lol.
  14. Just got this in my YT feed. Old news on here?
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