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  1. I am absolutely ecstatic about this. What with all of the rumours of Kyosho restructuring and the possibility of the Legendary Series being scrapped, I feared that the Turbo Optima would be the last one that we would see. An Optima Mid re-release must surely be on the cards now too. Happy days.
  2. What's the price of equivalent spec 2.4G systems from other manufacturers?
  3. I recently bought a Supreme Hornet which came with the Expec GTi 2.4G transmitter, receiver & servo system. However since I am not really a fan of steering wheel transmitters I always had in mind that I would just sell it. But is it actually any good? Bearing in mind that I know nothing about 2.4G systems and what they are worth I had a look on ebay to see what price is asked for them and noted that they only seem to be available from Japan and for around the £100 to £120 mark and that is without an ESC so I listed mine for £75 and that is with a TBLE-02 bundled in but I have not had much interest. So what's the issue with these? Are they just not very good? Or is the ebay asking price by sellers unrealistic?
  4. Yeah, they are nowhere to be seen in any shops or on ebay so that sounds about right.
  5. Got this lovely Street Rover in the post yesterday and, wow, I am really bowled over at how nice these are in the flesh. I have been after a DT-02 Sand Rover for a while now after I realised that I forgot to buy one when they were released....only to find out to my shock & horror that not only are they now near-impossible to find NIB but even new-built examples are thin on the ground. From previously viewed photos I always thought that the DT-02 Sand Rover was better looking that the Street version but now that I have a Street Rover in my possession I'm not so sure. This one is unused & new-built to a lovely standard, and came with RC gear, two new batteries and also is hopped-up with the 50519/50520 CVA damper set,...all for £130 and in the current climate I think I got a bargain.
  6. Lol, only one Mk1 Rob....for now. I'm way too camera shy to let my mug be seen on "TV".
  7. That was brilliant, really like the idea of getting to see members and their connection to the hobby. So much of what @Wireless said rang true with me...messing about with gadgets as a child, receiving toy grade R/Cs initially (mine were a Likto 610 Kenworth/Peterbilt truck and a Taiyo Thunder Van) and then discovering Beatties, with all of the glorious Tamiya kits and the mesmerising videos, where I ended up getting a Hotshot in 1985 and a Bigwig in 1986. I then moved on to Kyosho in 1987 and got an Optima Mid. Also stumbled on TamiyaClub & discovered ebay in a very similar fashion. I have very distinct memories of setting my alarm clock to get up at 3am in the morning to bid on R/C stuff in other countries. This was obviously before auctionsniper. I really miss those heady early days of ebay though when absolutely everything vintage, both kits & parts, were widely and regularly available. There was literally nothing that was unattainable. @Hibernaculum I would really like to see you in one of these videos...although the trip to Oz might be a bit of a stretch for @netsmithUK.
  8. This is what I love about Kyosho and their fantastic re-releases...they always put the utmost care and attention into the design and build experience for us enthusiasts. This time they have included idiot-proof masking sections to complete the paint-job. They even tell you in which order to apply them.
  9. They are identical to the originals, therefore the vintage/repro OT-66 tyres can be fitted to them.
  10. Just a quick nod once more to StellaModels for their incredible packaging yet again. These guys have been doing this for years and it's great to see that their standards of care and attention have not slipped when sending stuff overseas. Buying from HK was good for my pocket too as the kit came in for a total price of £287.
  11. Arrived. And what a beauty it is too, another wonderful addition to the Legendary Series. I really hope this isn't the last Kyosho re-release as I dearly want to see the Ultima come back too. Original box artwork and lovely blister packing of all that glittering gold. Don't hesitate to buy this kit if your wanting a re-release of the Optima Mid or Ultima too. If the rumours are the true then the likelyhood of those two coming back depend on the success of this one. I'm running out of space to get them all in the photo shot now...
  12. Mine is on the way from Stella. Only $30.00 more than the standard Optima too so a reasonable price IMO.
  13. Just had a quick look at the #58047 Hotshot kits in people's showrooms and they all have the black end-belled Mabuchi with red & black wires.
  14. Sorry, yes I was referring specifically to the Hotshot chassis family. I'm aware that the yellow & green wires were used on other kits before the Hotshot but, as far as I am aware, no 58047 Hotshot kit ever came with yellow & green wired motors. That promo car must have been fitted up with a motor from another kit. And the MSC wires on 58047 Hotshot kits were also always red & black. Happy to be corrected if someone else can show otherwise though.
  15. Great photos. The gold chassis parts look a lot better in these pics...very close to the original IMO.
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