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  1. I'm liking the look of this. But then again, I've done a u-turn on the Super Avante and like that too.
  2. Nice to see they've done the packaging justice on this one, with it being presented in a similar fashion to the 2006 30th Anniversary kit.
  3. My 40th anniversary Jagermeister kit only has the FRP parts, not carbon.
  4. Cheers @futureworks ...just needed to make sure that my profile page was working as it should.
  5. When someone sends you a PM to your profile on the main site, is there somewhere on the profile page where you can read and respond to the PM? I had an email notification with the PM but thought I would be able to respond via my profile page. All the email seemed to do is give me the email address of the person who sent the PM.
  6. My favourite car of all time is the Countach. And to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the original car being announced to the world Lamborghini are bringing to the market a limited edition modern version, mechanically-based on the Sian. https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/lamborghini/355767/lamborghini-countach-reborn-803bhp-hybrid-v12-pictures Thoughts? Although I like it a lot, and there are clear nods to the original styling, it's a bit too "safe" for me, and looks a bit too much like the Aventador. Countador would have been a better name, lol. The original car was utterly outrageous, yet still beautiful and that's what this one should have been too, but Lambo have missed the mark here. Mind you, I will still have one if I win the lottery.
  7. I'm a wavering, I cannot deny it. ...but I will hold out for now. I'm thinking this thing will look good in black, with matching wheels. Those fenders would be getting the boot too.
  8. Quite a few UK shops have it for pre-order... https://landlmodels.co.uk/products/tamiya-58525-wild-one-pre-orders?_pos=1&_sid=26a4bfc08&_ss=r Tamiya Wild One Off Roader 58525 (modelsport.co.uk) Pre-Order Tamiya 58525 Wild One Off Roader Reissue (Kit Without ESC or Custom Deal Bundle) Radio Controlled R/C Car Model Kit - Due November 2021 (Estimated Date), Time Tunnel Models Fusion Hobbies - Tamiya Wild One Off Roader 58525 Radio Control RC Model Car (1) Tamiya 58525 Wild One – Model Build
  9. I see the standard Wild One is getting another run too. More good news. Have to say though, even though I will definitely get one of these Blockheads, the price being asked is a total liberty considering that the standard kit is coming back for £50 less.
  10. Promo video is up... Gets revised box art too which is a nice bonus.
  11. In stock here right now... https://www.modelbuild.co.uk/products/tamiya-47470-top-force-evo-2021-evolution
  12. It's only a matter of time before they ditch the whole front end on this chassis and revert back to a standard damper set up. Which, ironically, will make the Super Avante highly collectable in the future.
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