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  1. No probs. The round transparent seals have not been tampered with either and the kit is still fully sealed as normal. I got mine from Stella and they told me that the bonus parts are provided separately from Kyosho. Stella even sent my bonus parts in their own box.
  2. My kit box didn't have the sticker attached to the lid, and I was pleased about that. The sticker came in it's own little bag, separate to the bag with the bonus parts. Seems that Kyosho provide the sticker and then it's up to the retailer to decide if they want to apply the sticker to the lid.
  3. Just buy a set of Marwan’s OT-66 replicas. They are a perfect copy of the original Kyosho items. https://marwanrc.com/shop/ols/products/kyosho-optima-javelin-sand-super-tire-tyre-ot66-optima-mid-stinger-ultima
  4. Optima Mid, delivered to the UK from Stella Models in Hong Kong within three working days. Doesn't quite beat their record delivery time of ONE whole working day that occured for me in 2006 ......when I paid for a Frog from them late on a Thursday night and the kit arrived the following Monday morning.....but its pretty close. I haven't bought from Stella for a while, mainly due to Brexit, but I'm glad to report that that their packaging standards are still the best in the business by the proverbial mile. Kit was double boxed in two very strong cardboard boxes and masses of air-bubble padding and polystyrene provided. They even packaged the bonus wing & decal parts in their own box. Astonishing attention to detail.
  5. Mine is being delivered today. Delivery in 3 working days from Hong Kong too. 😎😎
  6. Looks absolutely fantastic, just like all of the previous Legendary Series. Kyosho really do these re-releases proud.
  7. First look at box and blisters…..might be the lighting but that yellow on the box lid looks a bit lighter than than the original?
  8. I’m in the UK. I follow most of the RC shops in this country via their Facebook pages so I see when they make announcements about stuff. Although I think l the pre-order and pay up front method would work well, I’d be amazed if Tamiya ever did it. They very likely would feel this to be below them as their stuff sells no matter what. And they would probably be correct, to be fair. The pandemic has definitely played a part in stuff selling out more quickly than in normal times, but from what I can gather, Tamiya have been failing to issue what they promised to retailers over the last year or so. Whether that has been deliberate, or something out of their control I don’t know, but I know that retailers have been cheesed off with it happening. The Avante BS is hardly a cheap kit so if all stock is being sold out before they even hit the shops, then that suggests to me that not many are being allocated by Tamiya.
  9. But there have always been limited edition kits. The difference between then and now is that in previous times, if you put a pre-order in then you got a kit for certain. That doesn't appear to be the case now.
  10. Reading on the facebook pages of model shops, it seems that the forthcoming re-re-release of the Avante Black Special, together with the Mercedes C11 have already sold out and that lots of pre-orders are being cancelled by the shops, which will no doubt leave a lot of people cheesed off. This happened with the recent 45th Anniversary Porsche and I thought that was a one-off. But it seems that Tamiya are now deliberately doing ultra-limited edition runs of certain models and therefore starving shops and their customers of the stuff that they want. Is this is a deliberate tactic? Drum up some hype around the company in the same way that sneaker manufacturers like Nike & Adidas do? If so, then that is a very risky tactic IMO. It seems that model manufacturers are taking more liberties with their customers and risking alienating them, by making their respective hobbies more elitist and aimed at collectors, rather than hobbyists. It's not just the RC hobby either. Hornby recently brought out a re-release of the APT and the cost of it has got hobbyists up in arms. In their opinion the model railway hobby is becoming ever-more unattainable....nearly £600 for a model train that doesn't even come with track or controller. https://uk.hornby.com/products/br-class-370-advanced-passenger-train-set-370-001-and-370-002-7-car-pack-era-7-r3874 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tVL3HBMAY8 Will being a Tamiya enthusiast end up being something for those who just want to show off expensive trinkets? This latest trend of crazy-limited releases has got me concerned, I won't lie.
  11. Anti-Roll Bar. The original standard Mid didn't have them but the Turbo & Turbo SE did.
  12. This standard re-re kit does not come with the actual ARBs, but comes with the arms with the hole to fit them. So it's fair to say that there will be an ARB hop-up part for this kit. And that leads me to think that they will either bring back the Turbo and/or the Turbo SE with the ARBs as standard.
  13. If previous Legendary Series releases are anything to go by then the hop-up parts should be available at the same time as when the kit comes out. Kyosho Europe have already started listing spare parts but don’t think any of the Option parts are amongst them….yet. https://uk.kyoshoeurope.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=optima+mid
  14. The new hop up parts are carbon fibre shock towers and motor brace and this standard kit does not come with those. Nor does it have the turnbuckles or ARBs. So a Turbo Mid re-release could come with those as standard. They could also anodise the chassis like they did with the original Turbo.
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