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  1. I wouldn't get too excited. It's likely to be a way of drumming up hype with the lack of an actual venue to showcase their stuff.
  2. The finished body with the smoked windows will be fine for a runner and the bodysets can be used for finely detailed shelf queens. Is there any way that the smoke can removed though?
  3. The trouble is I have been "deciding" on this for the last 10 years or so and somehow they didnt get the memo.
  4. They need to give us that 959 & Blazing Blazer to make up for a thoroughly miserable 12 months.
  5. Got an email from Time Tunnel today to say that my kit should be delivered next week. They say they have had a huge amount of orders and "far more than any other Tamiya kit, ever". Apparently the first batch of UK kits is completely sold out at the importers.
  6. It's lockdown that is causing it. Basically people are sitting at home, bored and with more disposable income to spend therefore there is more demand than supply. It's not just RC. The vintage BMX scene is crazy at the moment too with project bikes that could have been bought for less than £200 before lockdown now going for over £500.
  7. Good point, I forgot to factor in the Boomerang. The rear shock tower is different to that of the HS2 though. Basically the Hotshot chassis' design evolved cosmetically from Hotshot Mk1 through to Bigwig without really advancing the performance in any significant way IMO.
  8. Oh yes, I would definitely get the re-release. After all, I also bought the re-re Hotshot & Supershot too. If nothing else, the HS2 re-release would be worthing having for the unique silver box lid. I've never had a HS2 box in my possession as I bought the buggy from a collection of NOS spare parts. I do think they will re-release it eventually and that guy might be correct with his guess for this year.
  9. I do indeed have all three originals. My personal favourite is the Hotshot, simply because it's the car that got me into RC when I was 13. And I think it is the best looking of the three. The Hotshot's design was technically fascinating, even if it didnt work that well competitively in the end. The suspension design was really interesting, especially the rear, so it was a really cool car to build. The other two have better suspension systems but they are pretty routine affairs and like just about every other buggy out there. The HS2 was the last of the three to be re-released but its not a better performer than the Supershot in any way IMO. Maybe a bit of bump steer is eliminated due to the redesigned front uprights but its hardly noticeable. The Hotshot 2 is indeed basically a cosmetic amalgamation of the Hotshot & Supershot without really moving the performance capability any further forward.
  10. See my reply to Madinventor above. The differences in parts goes from mildly cosmetic to completely different so you could not use many HS2 parts to build a vintage Hotshot to it's factory spec. However if you just needed parts to build a non-spec casual runner then that is a different story as more or the parts can be used to get a Hotshot running whilst maintaining the general look of the Hotshot. If you had an original Hotshot you were restoring and wanted to keep that buggy to its exact original spec then from a donor HS2 you could not fit : - Body, wing, decals, front & rear shocks, lower front suspension arms, driveshafts, prop joints, prop shaft, bumper stay, motor, chassis, mechanism box, mechanical speed controller, resistors, rear suspension arms, rear shock tower or any of the D parts, front & rear uprights. However if you wanted to use the HS2 to get a Hotshot running with a few cosmetic differences while keeping the general same appearance of the Hotshot then you could use all of the parts not mentioned above together with the following parts from those listed above : - lower suspension arms, driveshafts, prop shaft & prop joints, bumper stay, motor, chassis & mechanism box.
  11. In terms of performance, driveability and reliability you are correct. But the question that was asked was "what is the difference between the two cars?"....and the answer to that from a parts perspective is...a lot. Put it this way, if you had an original Hotshot and wanted to use a Hotshot 2 as a spare parts donor while keeping the Hotshot to its original parts specification, there isn't much you could use from the HS2. You couldn't even use the mechanism box as each box is stamped with the individual buggy's name and model number. The 2007 (re-re) Hotshot is a litte bit of a hybrid as it uses the cosmetically different chassis, mechanism box and lower front arms from the HS2. And yes, any HS2 re-release would use many of the parts from the re-re Hotshot. But the original cars were very different and the parts are not interchangeable when wanting to build a car to its correct spec.
  12. I'm guessing a lot of the new members here weren't into the hobby around 15 years ago. Back then it was routine for vintage kits like Sand Scorchers and Bruisers to go for £1500 to £2000+.
  13. I'm sure there was a tale in these forums of one of these kits being sold for £10,000 in the days of 2004/05 when vintage kits and parts were still aplenty on ebay. Pretty sure it was a confirmed sale too. A Mk1 Hotshot sold for approximately £4000 a few years ago too. The super-rare stuff can still fetch stratospheric prices.
  14. That's not a bad way of thinking of it actually as it's not like either of them parts-wise, apart from those that I mentioned above. Supershot is basically a Hotshot with hop-up parts fitted. Hotshot 2 throws away most of the main design of the Hotshot/Supershot apart from gearboxes & monocoque chassis and then starts from scratch.
  15. Pretty much everything except the wheels, tyres, bumper, rollcage, gearboxes and upper front wisbones. Parts-wise they are two totally different buggies that just happen to look similar.
  16. The Hotshot 2 thing isnt even a rumour, it was just the guy guessing on what might be released.
  17. Yeah, it's not as modded as the blue version as it just uses the standard black chassis parts. But still looks nice. Tamiya did make a hop-up chassis part though, moulded in red, so that could be fitted to it.
  18. Yeah the Blue Lunchie body looks great in hard plastic. To be honest I now wish I had grabbed one of the red special kits too with the red plated wheels.
  19. No, just the standard kit plastic wheels plated in blue.
  20. Another recent build.....Street Rover fitted with HPI SuperStar wheels. Wide Boy.
  21. Knocked together this blue Lunchie just before Christmas. Was considering letting it go as a kit but now glad I kept it as it looks nice on a shelf. Destined to never ever turn a wheel in anger while I own it.
  22. Was wondering what you meant by this post and then had a quick look on ebay completed listings and saw what they can fetch. Blimey.
  23. ...and here's the re-re's from Santa. Happy to have a Terra Scorcher in my possession as they seem to have all but gone. And got the Vanquish for a reasonable price of £255 delivered from Stella. Interestingly the kit is shrink-wrapped...is this a new policy from Stella? Its the first time in 15 years of buying from them that I have received a sealed kit. What with all of the hullabaloo over the price, I doubt we'll see any re-runs of the VQS once this current batch have sold.
  24. Santa was good once again with the Tamiya goodies. Two 1/12 static kits and two RC re-releases. The static kits are absolutely fantastic. Talk about a miniature version of the real thing, the attention to detail is incredible......
  25. Well that final episode of this season was quite good wasn't it? Best Star Wars moments since Return Of The Jedi for me.
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