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  1. Hello - If anyone has a Ball Diff set that they want to sell please contact me. I have also been looking for the metal diff cups that were offered up back then too and can't seem to find anything that could get my buggy back up and running with a ball differential. I have purchased the gear diff that was in the GB-01S model, but I'm not sure i have all i need to make that work as it needs the BA14 pin for it all to ride on, but I'll search my parts bin and hopefully find one. Side note-- I called Tamiya and was told that the gear diff and subsequent any upgraded diffs for the SW-01 or mini LunchBox, might work. He wasn't 100% but thought they would. I found on Aliexpress a HOT Racing TTDR125AL ball diff assembly and picked it up in hopes that it'll work. Looks identical to the one in the original GB-01 so maybe the Tamiya tech was spot on! Anyone with the same issue that may have solved it this way, please let me know, It would take the stress off trying to keep this lil frog running. thanks any input is much appreciated.
  2. @Mokei Kagaku, yeah I'm glad I'm not the only person to take a particular hate to those trying to get noticed on false pretense. This was a huge "let-down"" having it not come to pass, although, hopefully Tamiya will see that there is such a desire to have this and many other dare i say "iconic" models reproduced. I know there's a decent amount of hate for the Falcon, it wasn't the most robust or stable kit available, but it was attainable for the new or early Kit builder to get and offered a better than average experience with a couple upgrades. I had the Trinity Monster power motor, and eventually the Silver Can Black Magic motor with some Foam tires and SCR batteries that allowed me to run with the big boys of Nitro and make them look silly. All in all, I think most of us would rather build a falcon than a grasshopper, but to each his own, and honestly I can't blame them for choosing the Grasshopper over Falcon by shear sales numbers alone.
  3. And that was what i was thinking, or the fragility of the original model having to be re-worked to be more reliable too. I would imagine this came down to the bean-counters for sure.
  4. I know I'm new here and I'm probably about to be "that" guy playing my "Stairway to Heaven" solo by asking this, but seriously has anyone heard of a Re-Re that is actual fact - on a Falcon model? I've heard a couple RC YouTube guys mentioning it in videos in early 2021, but nothing since. If it came and went then ****!! I've had a ton of MRC-Tamiya's in the past but none captured my childhood more than the Falcon. Midnight Pumpkin was a close second, and i grabbed the black edition as soon as i could when it arrived, but man, I would love to revisit memory lane with a re released Falcon. Please fill me in on any info any of you might have about a re re... Thanks!
  5. WOW! that looks amazing! I hope you find a really smooth parking garage or tennis/basketball court and get to run it safely. I'd hate to see such a nice build get the usual street treatment that most of my onroad cars eventually receive.
  6. Thanks,! Fingers crossed but i think it's going to work.
  7. thanks guys I appreciate the quick replies and helpful suggestions. I found these luckily on Tamiya.com yesterday and ordered them. https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/tt-gear-spare-parts/rc-d-parts-suspension-arm/ I believe that "Kiasukid" you appear to be correct, in that it definitely looks like a larger hex in the photos. Hopefully that will be the case. I'd much rather use an OEM product than a 3d print, mainly for the tensile strength. Again, much appreciated
  8. It IS very quick, it’s a 280 motor so it’s small enough to not completely overwhelm it. It actually performs amazingly well. Extremely stable under acceleration and cuts in to turns as good as any other larger model that I have. Like I said I just need tires that won’t burn off in 2runs lol! thanks again for the tip.
  9. Hello, I recently bought a GB-01 TamTech Frog from Japan, and i love it. I placed a 7800KV brushless motor and ESC into it and it runs amazingly quick on 3s. I was wondering if anyone has updated information on any "other" company besides 3Racing that ever made the 10mm hub to 12mm hub adapters? I've read and seen (in photos only) the GB-23/SI kit that has the front and rear extended but converted, hex adapters, but i can't find any other company that ever made an adapter to allow running 1/10 scale touring class wheels. These would fit the build perfectly and i would love to see if any of you have found a replacement that would work. I was thinking that a 3D printed hex ring would work as well, placed inside the 12mm hex wheel adapting it down to the 10mm drive hubs. Please let me know if in the past 11 years since the last posts, anyone has needed and solved this dilemma i have. Thanks!
  10. Hello, I'm new here but a long time hobbyist and fan of Tamiya in general. I have a Super Modified Motor that i'm looking to sell. I have it listed in my trades / showroom, so take a look if you are interested. I'm asking $65.00, and that's my bottom number. Here is the eBay link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/224945047678 thanks, Trevor
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