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  1. Wow what a beautiful car. Did you let the decanted PS6 open for some time so as to get it thicker before brushing ?
  2. Still looking for solutions as I really don't want to invest into a compressor. I just found this page that uses a kind of refillable spray system. Interesting. https://supergdrift.com/store/howto-custom-mixed-tamiya-ps-paint-diy-colors-no-airbrush-required/ I am surprised that he used acetone as a thinner for PS paints. Would the PS paint hold as well to the polycarbonate once thinned this way ?
  3. Hi, there is this shop in Switzerland that looks to be the last one to have Atomic RC VM-II spare parts. https://www.rc-shop.ch/ersatzteile-fahrzeugspezifisch-1936/atomic-rc-fahrzeug-radaufhaengung-querlenker-hinten-2-stueck-20828 I confirmed with the shop that they do have the parts in stock, but unfortunately they will ship to Switzerland only, and I am in France. If any member here would accept to receive the parcel and ship it to me in France, that would be super great, and I would be happy to send him something useful from France for the service!
  4. Great result indeed, and not far from one of the colors I could use for the fiat. Does the manually brushed area seem to hold bending as well as other parts of the body ?
  5. Great advice, thanks. With a hand brush, should I rather go single, thick layer of paint, or multiple thin layers like with a spray can ?
  6. Hi, So I have this fiat 500 project, and I think I want to paint the mon-tech lexan body in a light, classic fiat color look. Here is the lexan shell https://www.mon-techracing.net/prodotti/five-2/ PS-32 Corsa gray would be nice, but I would prefer to try something else, probably sand, or light green (aquamarine) or light yellow. The car will be a runner, so good paint adhesion is needed. Also a constraimt: I have no airbrush. I identified two possible routes : 1/proline has a nice sand airbrush paint, that I could apply with a hand brush, but I dont know if the result would be strong enough for a runner. https://www.monsterhopups.de/Proline-6325-09-Pro-Line-RC-Body-Paint-Sable-de-Mojave 2/ I read here that you can decant PS cans. Could I decant for example PS yellow and white, then mix them to obtain a very light yellow ? If I apply a PS mix with a hand brush, will adhesion be as good as from the spray can ? Thanks !
  7. Yep, thanks, I figured this out just after posting here. No spare parts for the Atomic VMII then... 😥 There is a small shop in Switzerland that still has a few parts, but only ships nationally... seems I am out of luck. I bought the car nevertheless, could not resist the Xray-TRF blue look in 210mm... will report on this project later 😉
  8. Ok the only shop I found that still has spare parts for the Atomic VM-II is HKS hobby. http://www.hksrc.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=5975 Anybody can confirm that the shop is still reliable ? Thanks 😉
  9. Well donc, thanks ! Unfortunately I guess it is almost impossible to find spares then...
  10. Here are other pictures. The seller states it is a TRF chassis ?
  11. Thanks, looks pretty close but the layout (motor, servo) is different ?
  12. Was there ever a TRF 4wd m-chassis ? Is it hard to find spares for such a beauty ? 😍
  13. Hi, Preparing a K2000 touring car would be fun for the local races. I read the car is a 1982 Pontiac Firebird Transam. Unfortunately I cannot find any existing body for this car, be it TC size (190mm) or M-Chassis ? If you can think of any similar body, that would be greatly appreciated 😉 Thanks
  14. Here it is, finished with a few stickers.
  15. Today I finished the paint job. I like the nippon look, fits just right for this Japanese Ferrari. First time I use the smoke spray, I was very careful to spray multiple (5 ?) very thin layers from a distance, and the result is right. However I got trapped with the fluo red bleeding under the white hood 😕. I thought I was careful to put 3 white layers and another silver layer underneath before the fluo, but it bleeds a lot nevertheless. I guess I learned something... Next time I will have to mask the body inner surface for fluo. Or stick to the "darker-color-first" rule (here I wanted the whole inner surface black, so I departed from the rule)
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