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  1. Parts for TRF201/XMW/211XM https://www.ebay.com/itm/175716610880
  2. Next: https://www.ebay.com/itm/175693940119 https://www.ebay.com/itm/175693954217
  3. akimrc


    Current TA/TB are not designed to racing at all (maybe TB Evo, or only on Tamiya events). Last good was TA05 and TB02/03. To be honest, TA08 Pro with extreme tweaking rubber flex settings on chassis with durability problems can not handle a modern 17.5T motor. (i mean something like Hobbywing G3 or similar) And still need to buy front spool (if you want racing) and some ALU parts... I dont know where you racing, but here in my country its only ETS carpet, or sugar asphalt. Its not only black and white... For me, good touring chassis need good drivetrain, suspension, layout, and setup options. SRX have: - efficient drivetrain with latest gear diff and spool from XV02 (TRF419 design) - front double drive shafts - latest suspension from only one racing platform TRF420 - full geometry settings and pills system on rear arms like modern car - design and layout was previously proven (3x european champion Asso TC3). Where is TB05 ? Why this frame chassis is not developed anymore ? What SRX does not have and its important for me: - downstop settings - can be used TT02 droop parts (54638), but needed to drill small holes to arms (i have this done). Or with limiters in shocks (i was have this before). - stablizer set - via Yeah Racing set or self made - motor mount - aftermarket What SRX shares with basic chassis: - tub chassis layout, but SRX have different, harder material - diff housing - spur gear cover - CVA shocks (pretty good working shocks with correct pistons) My knowledge is from real world, not from pictures on internet. I have SRX and TA08 and many other cars. Some results was posted on first or second page on this thread... Is SRX better than Xray T4 or X4 or TRF420 ? I think no. (but for someone can be this option less stressfull and cheaper) Is SRX better than TA08 Pro or TB05 for racing ? Yes. Is SRX best center-shaft modern touring chassis ? No, best is Xpress AT1, but shares similar layout. (not TB05 or Evo...) Is SRX expensive ? Point of view... ...but to be honest, its great feeling beat friends on track with TT02....
  4. akimrc


    How is TT02 SRX incomplete in terms of proper performance parts ? And why is TA/TB chassis much better ? Which one ?
  5. https://www.ebay.com/itm/175684466708 https://www.ebay.com/itm/175684477493 https://www.ebay.com/itm/175684488504 https://www.ebay.com/itm/175684492080 Worldwide.
  6. akimrc


    back in the day, onroad classes was 1/12 or Pro10. Touring cars started circa 1997/98. TA01/02 (93) was hobby grade chassis. People bring it to the track, but thats all. First competetive car was conversion for TA02 from HPI and then final product RS4. First racing onroad chassis from Tamiya was TRF404 prototype. And carbon cars was not everything. I remember how succesfull was Asso TC3 tub chassis. (3x european champion and many other titles) But thats not a problem. Every chassis have pros and cons. And everyone can make decission for yourself. Its beautiful hobby
  7. https://www.tamiyausa.com/media/files/58720ml-1355-a767.pdf
  8. akimrc


    TA02 never was a racing chassis. Its a basic platform for offroad and onroad from mid nineties. Its heavy, not durable and outdated for today standards. TT02 have much better plastic like old TT01. And SRX only shares tub chassis, blukheads, and some plastic parts. Drivetrain is new (XV02) and suspension is from TRF 420. But, if budged is tight, best chassis from Tamiya with racing in mind, hands down, is TA05v2. (but some parts and optionals are hard to get)
  9. akimrc


    Hello, I was racing in Hudy Arena (XRS Slovakia) stock class with Justock 13.5T (5.0 FDR) Zero boost, ETS high traction carpet. We have pretty good competition with plenty of factory drivers (and non-factory drivers, but with time and money to be on the track every day). I was on the track with SRX only on two practice days (that means little lower traction like racing day). I am solid driver, not fastest, but i do not need marshalling all day long I know, how to do with car and setup. First practice day was on stock car (with new steering set and motor mount). My best lap was 14,1s. Car have too much grip on front and overal was pretty slow, but consistent. Shocks was stock CVA with TRF pistons and shims under for downstops settings (F6/R5) The small plastic C-parts on driveshafts in front spool are weak spot. I have 3 broken without crash. Changed to orange Xray with zero issues. (center cardan and rear diff are OK) Next day i have some new parts for test. I have stablizers, and alu shock with Axon springs front 2,55-2,85/rear 2,6 (and 2,7). Diff oil changed to 7K. Car was much better. My best lap was 13,8s. For reference, that week was a racing day in Saturday. I am driving older Xray T4 2019. I was finished 12 overall (second in B-main, or something that) - my best lap that day was 13,5s. - non factory fast drivers with X4 2023 have 13,1-13,3s laptimes - factory driver Adam Izsay with X4 2023 have 12,6-12,7s laps... The gap is not much on paper. But in reality with competition we have here, the SRX is 10 position back, in C-Main in my hands. But other hand, there is still plenty to do with setup etc. Even bodyshell can improve overall car, and my bodyshell was not ideal for that track. Next testing will be outdoor on asphalt (next month i think).
  10. akimrc


    Original SRX. Its on stock everywhere in Europe.
  11. https://circusrc.com/2023/01/kyosho-ultima-sb-dirt-master-1-10th-2wd-buggy-coming-soon/ I was using transmission parts from RB5 on TRF201 back in the day. Also driveshaft are almost identical. This will be good source for parts i think. (for TRF and TD)
  12. BuggyGuy: good job and good luck My home offroad carpet track is famous Hudy Arena and the layout this season is pretty....challenge. TBH, i dont have balls to drive TD2 here...
  13. BuggyGuy: thank you for pics. I post here earlier in august some info. TRF201/501/DB01 arms + hubs are direct fit. The driveshafts are issue. The season is over for me, but i have plan to try Yokomo ball diff outdrives in TD2, with 2,5mm pins driveshafts from YZ2 with TRF201/XV01 arms and hubs. They are in different lenghts (from 60,5 to 77 i think). I have some spares for experiments. Only reason to do this is the availablity... BUT, if you have older TRF car (201/211), its a better chassis in every point, except for spares.
  14. BuggyGuy, some problems was discovered also in TD2 topic. Good information for you i think.
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