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  1. Hello everyone! These are the cars for the previous, and this run. Tl01 Ford focus 99' Ta04s Corvette C5 Ta04-Trf Opel vectra The Opel is the news (vintage) body for the ta04trf in replacement of the Peugeot 406 coupé that I'm trying to refresh. Have fun! 😉
  2. Hi everyone. I discovered 3 month ago this challenge. It's very a great idea! Unfortunately each time, I loosed the window to register my run. This month I'm correctly synchronize. 😅 I make the run with my old cars : a tl01 Ford focus 99' with standard motor and 5kA nimh battery, a ta04s corvette c5 with 17t brushed motor and 2s hv battery, a ta04-trf peugeot 406 coupé with 10.5t tbml02s motor and 2s hv battery, and a trf415msx Honda nsx 2005 with 8t brushless motor and 2s hv battery. I will post soon some pictures of those cars 😉 Very happy to joined the race. 🤗
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