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  1. While there are some 3rd gen bodies out there, IMO they are terrible looking and nowhere near fitting a Tamiya chassis. Been there, tried that. They really are terrible looking. Having a 1:1 Third gen, nowhere even close LOL. If Tamiya did do one, it would be so much better looking. Tamiya has done Ford F350, Mustang, GT, Bronco, A few old hot rod bodies and the Chevy S10. Sure they don't do a lot of American stuff, but the only Chevy is an S10, and not available. A large portion of the Tamiya kits are sold here in America, and they really are missing out on a chunk of the market they sell to. -RC Perspective
  2. That came out looking great! Love the red accents. Your color choice worked perfectly! -RC Perspective
  3. Since it's already been brought back from the dead, I hate the fact that a Third Gen Camaro (82-92)body was never offered. The 1987 IROC Concept would have been cool. -RC Perspective (The other stuff I can live with LOL)
  4. Nothing too crazy for me, but I see most of us REALLY love this hobby My RC4WD TF2 I paid about $450 for second hand. That doesn't include all I put into it after I got it, which I never kept track of LOL. This is exactly as it was when I unboxed it. As you can see I can't take credit for the dents, but I rolled with it when I got started transforming it. My entry back into the RC world; My TT02R I've dropped north of $1000 into (This also includes random little bits of hardware here and there, including tires), would have to be my most expensive total purchase. -RC Perspective
  5. Finally grabbed some scrap wood and built that bridge I always wanted in the crawler garden. After about 5 black washes and in the garden, Still have some rock to piece together for the other side of the bridge. -RC Perspective
  6. Here is a link to my RC4WD TrailFinder 2 build, where I use a combo of black wash and some Tamiya Weathering Powder Rust Orange to achieve a rusty and bubbled finish. Sealed in with Mr Super Flat Clear. http://www.rccrawler.com/forum/rc4wd-trail-finder-2/627868-oh-look-another-tf2-build-thread-watch-me-transform-used-ebay-tf2.html -RC Perspective
  7. When I get some time after work today I'll probably upload this print to Thingyverse as well, that way anyone can print one if they've got a 3D printer. Glad they worked for you. And I knew you'd find those trays handy. I've gotten a lot of use out of the ones I have. -RC Perspective
  8. I love this! It's amazing! -RC Perspective
  9. TPU is a flexible, rubber filament that can be extruded on many 3D printers. -RC Perspective
  10. Sounds like you'll go out with a bang when the time comes -RC Perspective
  11. I bet it's something really cool but; What in tarnation is that??? -RC Perspective
  12. I'm jealous of that GTR, Next to the Calsonic livery, the Loctite Zexel GTR was my second favorite livery. But super duper jealous of the GT ONE; I've wanted one of those for so dang long. When you find them now though, even just the body is crazy expensive :/ I might have a local friend that wants to try out the Racing By Post, So maybe that'll push me into not procrastinating joining the fun any longer -RC Perspective
  13. The lower the gear ratio, the higher the top speed, at the sacrifice of acceleration. Not sure the internal ratio of the TD2, but with a 15.5T I'd think going to a 22T pinion wouldn't sacrifice too much acceleration, but will give you a higher top speed. Bigger pinion/smaller spur = higher top speed Smaller pinion/bigger spur = more acceleration Depending on the motor, going too big on the pinion or too small on the spur can cause the motor to heat up, But I'd wait on other TD2 owners to chime in on what combos would cause that. Though I don't think 22T pinion and 70T spur would run hot on a 15.5T. -RC Perspective
  14. I try to be humble and modest, though that doesn't always work as I'm Italian and Irish. Helluva combo -RC Perspective
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