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  1. Darn it, always late to the party :/ ..... Plaza Japan to the rescue
  2. This prompted me to watch Matteo's YT video. They look so fun. Immediately added to my wish list. @Siclick33 as you have both, are there any differences between the 2 kits other than the body shell?
  3. Wild Willy 2 got me back into RC but I didnt get a Wild Willy 2...exactly My wife is hugely into history and I've been getting into it too over the last few years. Whilst on a holiday we went to an RAF museum in the UK and as well as aircraft, barracks and memorabilia they also had some ground vehicles including a couple of really nicely restored Willys jeeps which they actually used to get around the village. All the staff were dressed in world war 2 uniforms and were very friendly and one of the chaps saw me taking photos of the Willys and told me I was allowed to sit in it. Whilst sitting in the jeep and reverting to about 10 years old I remembered the photos of the Wild Willy in the old Tamiya catalogues I used to flick through. I decided to treat myself. When I got home I started reading up about the new Wild Willy 2. I decided in the end to go for a GF-01 as it felt like a 4wd version of Wild Willy 2. Now that it is built the intention is to get all the Wild Willy 2 body parts and put the Wild Willy 2 body on my GF-01 I was worried about this when reading up so I swapped out the arms for some longer ones, TL-01B. I got the idea from a thread on this forum. I still get the wheelies but no rolling.
  4. Its a good point about the culture. I remember watching a youtube video where someone explained the importance of wrapping gifts with care in Japan and also the importance of unwrapping with care and appreciating the wrapping. I quite like that presentation is considered important.
  5. Great job! Those new stickers definitely make it look more like an actual rally car.
  6. There are many ways of cleaning rust off things. Liquids you can get from diy stores that you can leave parts in to soak e.g. https://www.homebase.co.uk/hg-rust-remover-500ml/12807543.html (I think you can also try things like soaking in vinegar https://housetrick.com/removing-rust-with-vinegar-and-baking-soda/) Some people who do lots of restoration get ultrasonic cleaners but thats a bit more of an investment. Lots of videos on YT showing people using electrolysis to remove rust. These are often quite easy to setup needing a bowl, a car battery, some wires and some sacrificial metal.
  7. Its interesting to see how a "better" transmitter can be interpreted in so many different ways depending on each persons use case. Those into racing who want the fastest response times, those with a fleet of cars so need lots of memory. For me I wasnt going to be racing, I just wanted to hoon around the garden a bit so response times werent a concern. What made a transmitter "better" for me were slightly different criteria : 1. I've dreamed of building a Tamiya tank for many years and the day I saw an RC submarine that went on the bucket list too So a better transmitter for me could be used for cars, tanks, boats and anything else I could think of including controlling all the extra features like a tanks guns or a subs dive/surface or perhaps all the sounds and effects on a truck. 2. Being tied to one manufacturers receivers looked like a right pain so a transmitter that either had, or could be fitted with, a 4 in 1 module so it could be used with multiple manufacturers receivers was much preferable. 3. Given that I would like a little collection of vehicles and I am limited for space, a "better" transmitter would have memory to store any settings for multiple vehicles so I would only need a single transmitter. It would be interesting to hear how signal reception compares to the other receivers given it is so small in comparison with no external antenna.
  8. I've used overlander before too. Their tech support was excellent when deciding exactly what I wanted and on their website you can tailor a battery to exactly what you need (how many cells, cell layout, connector type). Great service.
  9. I'd love a half track truck, like those used by Germany and the US during WWII.
  10. People have mentioned the comicals and the GF01. I dont know if you could get all the parts in the target budget but the Konghead kit is going for about £165.
  11. I'd agree that this is crucial. If you want Timmy to stay enthusiastic it needs to be something that he thinks is cool. Even if the parent may not like the technicalities of the design or the cars handling or anything else. If Timmy isnt psyched about it he will lose interest. Under £200 for everything including electrics and controller sounds like it could be tricky? You probably want something that can run on any terrain so that in the excitement of the moment as soon as its built Timmy can run it around the garden or the drive or whatever. Dont want to tell them they have to wait until someone can drive them to a suitable indoor track. So I would keep away from anything with too low a ground clearance that can only run on carpet. If Timmy is very young it may need to be something fairly rugged that will handle being driven into trees and house furniture without breaking or popping out a dogbone or anything. It would be pretty demoralizing if it broke the first time they ran it.
  12. I believe the very original intent of the early social media platforms was well intentioned, get people in touch with those they had lost touch with and start conversations with larger communitites. But social media has evolved into a horrific, almost mind controlling to some extent, plague on the internet. Some people still get positive experiences out of social media and thats great, fair play to them but it definitely feels like social media as a whole now has a net negative effect on society.
  13. They are the same chassis? Interesting to note. And good lord those tires are huuuge. I like the colour coordinating of the body to the arms and shocks, nice job.
  14. What a fantastic job. All the special touches really bring it to life. Nice one.
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