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  1. Looks like a very pretty car and really flies. I liked the spins when on full lock at speed. The nose looks very close to the ground, I guess it is for smooth tarmac only and definitely not off-road?
  2. Thats great, thanks for the info everyone. Is it safe to assume that if its one of TC's sponsors (Tamico) they should be a reliable company. The Tamico option is started to sound quite tempting.
  3. Perhaps at this point it is worth taking a moment to remind ourselves that as the opening thread asked, these are just opinions. Everyone can have their own opinions and tastes and I doubt anyone posting to this thread meant anything against anyone else personally. If everyone's tastes were the same things would be a bit boring and its thanks to so many people getting enjoyment from so many different things on this forum that we (especially me) are constantly learning and finding new things we didnt realise we would enjoy. Live and let live
  4. I've used Fusion Hobbies before (without the TC discount) and they have been very reliable. Sadly they dont have it in stock, just a button to preorder the item which I'm never keen on doing. Is it only Fusion Hobbies that offers discounts are do any of the other sponsors (like Tamico)? I have just noticed that Tamico have the Centurion in stock for a reasonable price. Have people had good experiences with Tamico? Can anyone give a ballpark of the sorts of amounts that get added when items get imported? I'm guessing 20%VAT but no idea on import charges/duty.
  5. I'm thinking of getting a Tamiya RC Centurion Tank. A lot of places seem to be out of stock at the moment. I have found RCJaz have it for a great price https://www.rcjaz.co.uk/tamiya-56045-116-british-centurion-mkiii-medium-tank-fulloption-kit-p-27479.html but opinions of RCJaz on this forum seem to vary. Anyone got any experiences ordering full kits from them? But I have also seen the kit available from the German site Axel's Modellbau Shop https://www.axels-modellbau-shop.de/katalog/en/tamiya-56045-centurion-mk-iii-british-battle-tank-rc-full-option-kit-1-16.html Has anyone had any experiences with this store?
  6. I think for me to some extent it depends on my feelings about the car but also it depends on the particular car. What would a Wild Willy be without Wild Willy or Wendy driving it?! [Edit] I just thought of another one. Vehicles like Matteo's tractor videos definitely need a farmer driving the tractors.
  7. Ok mittens off (For the record I really enjoy the whole RC scene and love this forum) @markbt73 "(I've taken heat for this one before) If you didn't build it, or rebuild it, yourself, it doesn't count." Each to there own but personally the building of a kit is so much of the enjoyment for me that I have no interest in buying/owning an RC I didnt build. I once went on holiday with my brother and one of his friends who both drove 1:1 kit cars. My brother and I built his and then I found out the other guy just bought his prebuilt. Without thinking I asked what the point of that was and said I couldnt see any point in having a kit car if you didnt build it yourself...he had a bit of a sulk @Twinfan "LiPos are a waste of time, effort and money unless you're a top class racer" I would go further and say in most other industries a product that was this prone to spontaneous combustion would be illegal to sell. I understand the majority of people never have a problem when treating the LiPo "carefully" but in any other form of product if there was any chance at all of bursting into flames the product would be withdrawn from stores. Yet for some reason its accepted in the RC hobby. Yes there are many dangerous things in the world but if I am not racing and dont need every second of performance and I can get just as much enjoyment from my RC car by going the safer, cheaper and more convenient NiMH route I'll do that every time. @Alvinlwh "I can't stand calling those stickers decals" I'm with Alvinlwh on this one. Conversation is a lot clearer when people use a different term for water-slide and sticky-backed transfers and "generally" water-slide are referred to as decals and sticky-backed are referred to as stickers. For example on wikipedia (which we know is never wrong :/ ) "Two variations include the traditional water-slide or water-dip, with the artwork screen-printed on water-resistant paper coated with a layer of water-soluble adhesive, and a dry peel-and-stick format using a standard adhesive - which technically is not a decal, as there is no "art transfer", rather an adhesive-backed label known as a sticker." @moffman "this is a light hearted hobby and likewise forum" Completely agree. There are so many places on the internet with people complaining/raging about all kinds of everything but I come to Tamiyaclub as my little island of tranquility. Tamiya kits (RC or static) let me revert to a child, I can shut out the world and focus solely on getting a kit together, thats all I want from Tamiya and this forum and they do it perfectly. And lastly, there is no punishment too severe for scammers. It seems to have become acceptable by some people but it is exactly the same as breaking into someone's house and stealing their TV or pickpocketing a wallet. People worked hard for that cash and then a total-<beep> thinks they can just take it. If found scamming they should get criminal record, lifetime block from the internet and preferably something lopped off their anatomy.
  8. Ooh, so pretty! But now you have to buy a second body as the runner so that amazing paint job never gets damaged
  9. Wow! Those look so cool. Did you draw those free-hand?
  10. I love the tiny little jack stands
  11. Welcome to the fun @DadofBear. No such thing as a daft question. In fact your exact question was the first thing I asked on this forum once I completed my build too. Feel free to ask any questions and share experiences. Photos or videos are always good too
  12. Hi @Wranger, I was in a very similar position to you a little while back. I had a thread where I went through various choices and my learning on the subject here I ended up getting the Frsky Taranis x9D+ transmitter which I think does everything you want it to. It runs the OpenTX operating system and there is a lot of info online. Basically you can program your controller of a vehicle to do pretty much anything. For example at one point my left/right stick was reversed and it was a simple menu option for that car to reverse the horizontal axis. Any transmitter that uses OpenTx should be able to support multiple vehicles and then on the screen you choose which vehicle to control at any time. @Jonathon Gillham mentions the "return spring". Some of the fancier controllers are primarily aimed at the aircraft rc hobby and as such one of the sticks may not spring back to centre when released. I found with my controller it was extremely simple to open the back of the case and you adjust a single screw to affect the return spring on each controller. There are some good explanation videos such as Something you will want to consider is the communication "protocol". Transmitters and receivers will use one of a range of protocols and you will need to make sure your transmitter and receiver are using the same protocol. Some transmitters will only use a single protocol (and so not work with receivers using a different protocol) whereas some transmitters will be "multi-protocol" and can communicate with receivers from multiple different manufacturers which is really handy. You can also get additional modules that add in the multi-protocol support. For example there is a multi-protocol module for my transmitter and it clips into the back.
  13. @Sogogi I love the look of that little beetle. What is the kit?
  14. Great videos. I especially like seeing the younger generations getting so engrossed in our "toys". They look how I feel inside when I take my car outside and run it around. @alvinlwh I loved that moment after the car had crashed and your daughter glances in your direction to see if she is going to get in trouble. Your reaction of just silence is perfect. I would imagine a parent getting cross at that point would just put a child off joining in in future.
  15. Always upsetting when a new creation dies. Many many years ago I built a balsa wood model plane with a propeller powered by rubber band. Spent ages building and painting it. Then on my first attempt I cast it into the big blue yonder and it promptly nose-dived and crashed. It hit the ground with enough force that the propeller embedded itself in the wood framework. Clearly I should stick to ground vehicles
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