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  1. Hi All, I have just about completed a GF-01 chassis (just currently making an alteration for a wider track following a good guide by IoWBasher, fitting the steering linkages this evening should be the last step) I will be painting the Land Cruiser body that came with my kit but I would like to, at some point, work on a tweaked Wild Willy 2 body. There is a good guide by NicheRotors on a way of fitting a Wild Willy 2 body to a GF-01 chassis but it involves cutting the GF-01 rear body posts https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=137457&id=18923 I would like to be able to alternate between the Land Cruiser body and a Wild Willy 2 body so I think I need to keep the original chassis in tact. Has anyone made a successful modification such that their GF-01 will fit both the Land Cruiser and Wild Willy 2 bodies?
  2. I think the G6-01 is similar to the GF-01 in structure. Maybe this would help?
  3. With the older cars there used to be a tall 20-30cm rod to screw into the car and the receiver aerial was wound up around this rod. With the new 2.4Ghz radio equipment there are smaller aerials attached to the receiver and we dont need a long rod sticking out of the car. Is there a particular approach to where you place these smaller aerials within the car? Would running the little aerial near the ESC cause interference? Would having it near the motor cause interference? Is it better being stuck to the top of the chassis rather than down the side? My particular receiver has 2 little aerials, each about 10cm long, would I be better running them in opposite directions or in the same direction? Should they run in straight lines? Would bending an aerial around parts of the chassis be bad? Should part of the aerial point upwards inside the body rather than just running horizontal? At the moment I'm guessing I run one aerial forwards on the chassis and one backwards. How do you fix the aerials in place? Stick them to the chassis with some sort of sticky tape? I'm at the point of attaching the electronic components to the built chassis so want to get placement correct.
  4. I like the idea of tiny little cars. But am I right in saying they have to run on special tracks? If there was a way of turning them into proper RC then that would be cool. I have a tiny receiver 8mm x 18mm x 30mm but I'm not sure on getting small enough parts for a motor/servo/steering would be possible. Hmm, it would be cool, time for some internet research
  5. Genius! I'll add the tamiya tool to my next little shopping spree Great tips thanks.
  6. "I dont understand why people dont like the e-clips" I thought to myself as I built my GF-01 chassis the other day. Literally one second later, as I put on another e clip there was a "CLICK"...."PING" as an e clip sailed through the air. After a few minutes on my hands and knees to find it I thought "oh....I see".
  7. Cut out my GF-01 Land cruiser body oh and put a nick in my thumb with the craft knife in the process, doh! Time to start the masking.
  8. Is there not a PS paint with a matching colour you could use to overcoat it?
  9. Completed my GF-01 chassis build.... Then initial unpowered testing showed a problem with the chassis box internals causing "notching" (dont know what else to call it) when the wheels rotated. Took the car apart, opened the chassis box, reseated bearings, removed tiny bits of flash within both gear diffs and rebuilt the car again. Electronics tomorrow and starting the body paint.
  10. What on earth happened?! Had the paint not dried and you took it through a puddle or something?? Such a shame as the first picture looked great.
  11. That looks like an immaculate paint and sticker job, very nice. Looks like a Willy invasion force in the background!
  12. I've certainly learnt a few things during this build. The kit came with an unpainted clear land cruiser body. This will be my first attempt at a paint job. Before now I've done model kits with an airbrush and hand paints so not sure how this is going to go. Comes with a load of stickers. Are they water slide decals?
  13. Also found some tiiiiiny imperfections on a couple of the spider gears. Cleaned those off and finally both gear diffs are running smoothly.....now I just have to put everything back together again
  14. Well this first "simple" build is certainly proving to be an education. So the rear diff was the bearings not seated sufficiently but it turns out inside the front diff one of the spider gears when it rotates has a notch to it. Now I need to clean the grease off and find out where the notch is. ..... Its not the spider gear itself but the star shaft it sits on. There is a tiny knobbly imperfection in the surface of the hub part that the spider gear rubs against. Not sure how to deal with that. Is the metal soft enough that a craft knife could cut it off or an emery board could file it off?
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