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  1. Another great track, really enjoyable. Sadly really struggled to get any time to race this month - but set up on the short hard and very dry grass of a holiday garden (can’t remember when it last rained). First out was the comical hotshot. This was it’s usual fun self. Lots of rolls coming to the end of the start/finish straight. Eventually my skill caught up with my trigger finger and I started improving lap counts and lap times until it plateaued out. Shorty after battery ran out so it seem like karma so further attempts were called off. Next day sent the brat out. Pretty quickly stopped improving so tried an experiment. I pretty much always run stock. Realised I had a 19 turn in the little travel kit I’ve set up so a quick check online and tried out the tamiya “speed” set up for an ORV. Seemed to be 1-2 laps/about 0.5s per lap slower - presumably this is due to (in probability order): 1. My driving skills, 2. Carrying too much speed into turns 8 & 1 = wide radius and 3. Given short circuit does a larger pinion sacrifice acceleration for top speed? Think I’ll revert to stock pinion in future. Then I tried out the recently stickered up Madbull. Really great fun. Love the sound those massive tyres make hurtling across the ground. Just not able to get around turn 4 (fence to close) so about half the time had to reverse away. It was pretty hard to keep anyway near the track so only 2 cones left standing at the end of 5 minutes! Here’s the impromptu podium (balanced on top of a seaweed pressing set up). And the pit area. Thanks for another round of fantastic fun!
  2. Had a quick crack yesterday before work. On reflection I don’t think I have the driving skills for the 5-6-7 corners. The number 5 and 7 cones don’t last long! I also don’t recommend setting up on the edge of the tarmac (especially if the grass is taller than the bonnet!) - the grass-tarmac interface makes for a pretty unpredictable mini jump back onto the tarmac in mid turn. I did enjoy the brat on the mixed surface circuit but next time will set up on the tarmac so only my driving skills are against me!
  3. Squeezed in 4 races after dinner on almost the longest day of the year. This time I’m international - in Wales! Quickly set up on grass. is there a campsite class? The comical hotshot is out once more - maybe I need to fit the lights? Light stops play. Once again - thanks for a fantastic circuit and a great thread!
  4. We took the comical hotshot for a 1 mile drive down to a deserted wet Welsh reservoir. I had a secret swim. We had a great time!
  5. More Bratting about - this time the reveal of yesterday’s spray painting. The plan is a gold and brown two tone brat. Hope it will look really great. Maybe I did it backwards- did the darker brown then gold on top. Used trusty tamiya masking tape and a sharp scalpel. Here’s the reveal! Really please do far - needs a little touch up here of there. Fingers crossed for the next instalment.
  6. Fixed the brat. After a week of thrashing it on gravel at Easter I noticed the right front wheel looked - er… wrong? Had a proper look today - noticed the bolts holding the steering apparatus in place were all loose so stripped it all down, cleaned it up and reattached it (with some lock tight). Also took the opportunity to strip the rear suspension and pivots to fix the horrible screeching sound (presumably a mix of grease and grit). Then spent an excellent hour or so burning through a battery pack with a legacy round of RBP.
  7. Took advantage of a lovely evening and empty carpark after work and set up round 24 of racing by post. Couldn’t get the grasshopper round corners 2-5 so it had to spectate the comical hotshot. Really fun circuit to drive.
  8. We were on the Isle of Wight. The jump beech is the far end of Shanklin beech. The dinosaur foot cast is on a beech accessible from a carpark on the military road - what3words ///water.mills.provide. It sounds like you’ve got a great week ahead of your with that garage line up. Dementia’s a really difficult illness, good on you for caring for your dad. Enjoy your very well earned break.
  9. Thank you! This is a great thread - I’ve really enjoyed looking back over it and have set up many of the tracks - last week I went off to Monza on my camping trip. I set up round 24 Valley Spring Speedway after work this evening- it is a really fun circuit @TurnipJF thanks for creating it! Obviously with the comical hotshot I’ll not be troubling the leaderboard. I did move the suspension attachments further outbound on the front and rear arms and didn’t have any roll overs - maybe that means I wasn’t trying hard enough?! The grasshopper had to look on as a spectator - no chance it/I could steer around corners 2-5!
  10. Thanks @Willy iine it’s a great little car. It’s my first 4x4 and is very much on the fun, wheelie/endo/roll-over end of the spectrum. I made it over the Easter holiday whist at the in-laws - it’s a lovely build. It’s not fast but took it away last week and set up a track from the racing by post thread (think it was based on Monza) and got an enjoyable bottom 1/4 lap count. So I have a fun car (which photographs really well) and a lovely box to look at 😉!
  11. Got back from holiday where we’d been running the grasshopper (a recent find from my teenage self 20 years ago) on the beach (even finding a dinosaur foot cast) stripped it and cleaned away the sand. Worked out why it was cutting out (eventually it gave up - I assumed sand and seawater but found the yellow wire had come loose from the motor) and fixed it (re-resoldered). Fitted new “urban” rubber. And made my first post on the forum after a long time watching from the shaddows!
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