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  1. As the title states I am looking for a set of Tamiya TA03 Aluminum Kin Pins (53157) for a re-build I am working on. Thanks
  2. Picked up a used TA03R TRF that had been set up for drifting. I'll be stripping it down for a series of TA03 builds that I have planned and am currently sourcing parts for.
  3. Got a great deal on a lightly used Dyna-Run and black Sport Tuned along with an assortment of Tamiya 0.4 pinions
  4. Looking really good!
  5. Extra gears and belts components for the TA03 build
  6. Over the last couple days I have received a few orders to add to my growing TA03 parts stash.
  7. Needed the body for another build...figured the chassis is affordable enough that I'd just get the whole kit. Put another touring car together for one of the kids this spring.
  8. Additional deliveries for my TA03 builds, over the past week or so...
  9. Randomly bought this same servo for my upcoming TA03 build I am accumulating parts for.
  10. What a fantastic lineup of TA03 variants! Have you weighed any of them? Curious what the running weight and rolling weights are.
  11. @grip-wolrd what is your current running weight?
  12. Curious if you have weighed any of your chassis?
  13. A few deliveries for my TA03 builds A new belt and used TA03R with well used NSX body The TA03R has some carbon bits, along with super stock RZ motor, a one-way diff, full bearings, as well as tuned springs and sway bars. I also grabbed a weight, 969g with wheels/tires and a motor. No other electronics.
  14. Thanks for the part numbers. I would ultimately like the inserts, such as 53209 as you reference, however it looks like they are hard to find. However those 53295 foams are still readily available and affordable.
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