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  1. Oops sorry! First time I noticed so got excited.
  2. I’m going with a Castle Sidewinder 5700kv.
  3. I just noticed on the Tower Hobbies site the hop up parts went up in price. The slipper was $29 now it’s $33. Servo stays were $11 now they are $17.
  4. I’m sure somebody will come out with a hop up/upgrade for that.
  5. Wow!! That is crazy! It is $29.40 usd on Tower. What a major difference in price. I had no idea!
  6. Just ordered it and the slipper for $246.00 USD shipped from Tower. First 2wd in a long time. I couldn’t resist.
  7. And some side bars. What the heck why not lol
  8. They are superb. Did you see my post about the Junfac shock ends?
  9. I love it, just intimidated to paint it. That white roof seems like it will be hard to mask without any bleeds.
  10. Today I put a winch on my CC01 Landcruiser. It fit up nice.
  11. I took the shock spacers off and lowered it 5mm. Don’t know if you can tell the difference but it looks much better sitting on my work bench.
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