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  1. I have a cc01 Landcruiser that needs a painted body. I was thinking about buying a pre painted cc02 Landcruiser to use that body on my cc01. I think the body holes are pre drilled. Would those holes line up with cc01 body mounts?
  2. I have one waiting to be built in the new year. Got bearings and I just ordered the MIP ball diff from Amazon where it is on sale right now. Expensive upgrade but from what I’ve seen on YouTube it’s worth it. My kit came with a Hobbywing 1060 esc.
  3. ……..and my Amain order arrived less than two days after I received the shipping notice.
  4. Just did an order with Amain instead of Tower. Ordered yesterday afternoon and it shipped early today. That’s how you do it! I will miss the Tower discounts but at least Amain has a little discount. I have fond memories of using Tower for the last 20 years but I guess it’s time for a change.
  5. I emailed Tower to see if this is permanent. Waiting on reply. Discount codes are why I use them and over the past year and many kit purchases, I’ve noticed many delays in shipping. Let’s not even talk about pre orders or the BBX lol. Looks like I’ll be taking my business to AMain. At least the have a little discount with their codes and shipping is super fast. I miss the old Tower.
  6. Can’t wait to build this one! Using a pistol grip remote instead of the dual sticks.
  7. Add a Toyota Hilux High Lift to this list. Had to get it. Now gotta tell my wife!
  8. @davidwj95 also thinking of using my old Spektrum DX3e with 3rd channel switch to change gears instead of a twin stick remote. The DX3E's switch has adjustable endpoints so I think it should work.
  9. Thinking of buying a Hilux Highlift. Used to have a Ford 350 over 12 years ago which I always regretted selling. I remember wheels and tires were horrible. Are there any suggested tires and wheel sets that do not require you to modify the body and bolt right on? Thanks!
  10. I’ve got quite a few nib that I will build and run. First though, I’ve got three kits that are built just need to paint bodies. Need to paint body on: CC01 Landcruiser XV01 Toyota Yaris rally TT02 Datsun 240z rally New in box kits I need to build: Avante Black Special DB01 Durga Monster Beetle Hotshot Hotshot 2 Blockhead CC02 Bronco MF01x Beetle Rally BBX - this is the one I’ll start next. Can’t wait!
  11. Yes I am! Still want the XV02 as well. I’ve also got three that are built just need to paint bodies (XV01 with old Toyota Yaris body, hopped up TT02 with 240z Datsun rally body, and a CC01 Landcruiser body).. Getting that done first then I’ll start a new kit. Probably BBX first, then Avante, then DBO1 before winter cold hits and I can’t paint. For winter I have the pre painted CC02 Bronco. In the spring I’ll do Hotshot, Hotshot 2, Monster Beetle, and MF01X Beetle Rally. I bought a TT02 Toyota Yaris rally that I’m going to use the body for the XV02 I’ve yet to buy, and use the esc and motor for my MF01x. Keep the wheels and tires then sell the rest of the TT02 as I already have two TT02’s. I have a lot to do. Still want the Egress too. What a fun addiction!
  12. I might buy the Egress too but I still have nine Tamiya kits I need to build lol.
  13. Hey for what it’s worth Tower has the Avante Black in stock. If you’re a super saver club member you get $75 off and right now you get 4x the points and 800 bonus points. Just wanted to share in case someone wanted one.
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