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  1. Should I get 4 26mm Belted tires or 31mm non belted tires for my tt02r? What would get the most grip? Will the tires not expanding be worth 5mm less in tire width? Also going to be running it both 4wd and rwd, should I run a wider tire in the rear or same front and back when I run it rwd? Going to be running it on the streets in my neighborhood. The tires: Hpi HP4792 Or Hpi HP4415 (I'm running a 3300kv brushless system on 3s)
  2. Little update! I made a "drag spoiler" and a roof spoiler out of sheet metal. (Very thin so not that heavy.) I've been running it with 70% throttle and that's basically the perfect speed for street bashing. I ran 100% one time and blew a set of tires. (But they were old so I'm not so surprised) Did some big and fast barrel rolls so I had to use "the duct tape of the rc world" (zip ties) to fix the front lip and rear bumper. But from that everything is working perfectly! I'm so happy with my tt02! Thanks for helping me Rc perspective! You are the best!
  3. Ok, yeah I thought so too because they sit much wider on the car than 3mm more than my stock ones with no offset. Thank you so much for all the help you have been giving me.
  4. And what wheel diameter did u use? (Sorry for all the questions)
  5. I'm currently running the stock hex adapters with 26mm wide/61 diameter wheels that has 3mm offset and in my opinion the fitment is basically perfect. Except for that the wheels look a bit small.
  6. Btw what size wheels did u use for the skyline body? And what offset?
  7. I built it last Friday and I have ran it through two full charges with a 3s 4500 mAh battery on 60% throttle. And it has held completely except from that the wing on my body broke a little. And with my gearing 27/68 and a 3300kv motor it's fast enough on 60% throttle. Although I didn't buy the metal shaft pinion it has held up. The reason for the 60% throttle is that I wanted it to behave more like 2s instead of 3s.
  8. So today I will order everything, can't wait to get started with it!
  9. Oh ok, I was a bit confused where I needed to do it. So thank you very much for all the help.
  10. Thanks. I have a question where did you file down the DF02 diff pinion?
  11. I could put a 29/64 gearing and almost get the same results. 29/64 is the highest gearing on the tt02 gearing chart. 3300kv 2s 29/64 = spur gear at 11065rpm 4000kv 2s 27/68 = spur gear at 11753rpm Should I?
  12. Do you think a 3300kv max 10 is enough with that gearing?
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