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  1. Designed some stronger rear upper arms for the Blitzer Beetle. STL file is here: https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/game/blitzer-beetle-rear-upper-arms
  2. I keep my Blitzer Beetle next to my Axial SMT10, and every time I looked at them the same idea kept popping into my head, so I decided to try it. Had to design and print some adaptors, but it looks pretty badass. The front wheels can turn the full range without the tyres even touching the chassis. The body would have to have the wings removed for it to go back on. Think I might have to pick up another BB kit and do this as a build, likely a shelf queen though as I suspect it might go through motors very quickly.
  3. New shoes on my Beetle. The longer I had the gold ones on it the more I grew to dislike them. Needed some dish on the fronts. Old rims: New ones:
  4. If you're using the cloud based export ditch that and use the local export from the right-click menu. It's listed as 'Save as mesh' and you can select STL from the drop down.
  5. One of the best resources for getting started in Inkscape is Logos By Nick on Youtube. Guy has been pumping out amazing tutorials for a few years now. Logos by Nick
  6. You can see all the stuff I've designed so far here: https://cults3d.com/en/users/Mark_McQ/3d-models
  7. Took the first step toward starting my own wheel store. Been 3D printing and prototyping for about 2 years now. Been saying I wanted to start selling them online for a while but I keep getting carried away and designing new ones, up to about 140 so far. But I decided to get a few sets printed professionally in proper decent resin so I can give them a proper test run and they arrived today. If all goes well I can narrow down my selection to stuff I think will sell best and see how it goes. I feel there's a gap in the market for a lot of rim styles that none of the big companies are making, especially a lot of the older JDM retro type rims.
  8. I've done this conversion. You can see the details I posted here a while back on what you need: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/104102-blitzer-beetle-front-hex-mod/&tab=comments#comment-963146
  9. I used alternating coats PS-45 Trans Purple and PS-37 Trans Red, 3 coats of each, backed with PS-41 Silver for this body. If you backed it with a solid colour instead you might be able to get the purple you need.
  10. I wish tamiya would just go ahead and do a street chassis for the LB already. That body looks so good like this.
  11. Got a few days off work and the weather is decent, so I've been designing, printing and painting like a madman.
  12. Saw a picture online this morning of a rim called the Elite Max that was made by Epsilon, think it's an old JDM rim, and fell in love with it. Decide to spend the day designing my own version for printing.
  13. I bought one of those WLToys buggies a while back and found it very dull. Decided to give it a ridiculous overhaul and turn it into an MT basher with the help of my 3D printer. Started with this: Designed my own wheels so I could use Lunchbox tyres: Converted it to a 3900kv brushless setup and to stop the bigger wheels causing cogging I cut a slot in the chassis to take a bigger spur gear, then 3D printed an adaptor to fit a Tamiya 71t onto the stock propshaft. Made a new top deck and battery tray so I could mount a 3S pack, full size servo and the brushless ESC. Also designed a new fan mount for the ESC so I could use a 20x20 noctua fan. Made front and rear LED mounts as well, and incorporated a wheelie bar into the rear one, and re-used the original buggy wheels for that. This thing was an absoloute hoot, but every time I ran it something would eventually break, so it's now become a parts donor for other things. Been eyeing up a Kyosho Madvan to see if it gives the same type of fun. It really was one of the best RCs I've ever used, at least when it wasn't broke, so I'm dying to find something off the shelf which is similar. It's become my white whale. Got another silly project to finish first though which I mocked up recently.
  14. Just found out on a whim that the ABS Beetle body is a close fit on an Axial SMT10 chassis. With a bit of trimming in a few places on the body and chassis it could be a nice pairing. Might have to invest in another body now.
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