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  1. This is a single layer of PS-45 Translucent Purple, then a single layer of PS-37 Translucent Red, and I did that two more times for 6 alternating layers and then backed it with PS-41 Bright Silver Polycarbonate. Colour changes as the light hits at different angles.
  2. Glued an M4 bolt into a leftover wheel hub from my TT02 kit and then designed and printed a base for it to make a stand for painting wheels.
  3. Painted one of my resin wheels to see how they looked. Basecoat of Mercedes Silver and then some Tamiya Gunmetal.
  4. Started masking. I hate masking.
  5. Had some of my wheel designs printed in resin to test. I want to start selling them but it takes about 4-6 hours to print a single wheel using FDM and I can't see anyone wanting to pay £150 a set, so if these prove as robust as my previous prints I can pick up a resin printer.
  6. Tested the arches and mounted a wing I had lying from a TT02 Mustang build. I may end up switching over to a TT02 chassis for this as my suspension design limits the amount of steering angle I can have. Don't think it'll be enough for a drift setup.
  7. Finished my SMT10 build. This is probably the last time it'll be this clean and the body still totally intact.
  8. Going with one of JConcepts ones. Been back and forth between their snoop-nose Silverado and the '93 F250 but I think I'm going to go with the 250. Love the extra fastback and visor parts it comes with.
  9. Got some wheels for my SMT10 kit. Just need to fit a body and servo.
  10. Decided to try making it into a drift build. I'm using an Aliexpress copy of the Coppermix Silvia body and I designed my own wheels for it. The rear axle of the chassis was designed for a 200mm body, so I've made some overfenders to tuck the wheels under. The Aliexpress vendor forgot to include the window masks, so I'm waiting on those and I can get the body painted. Have a SkyRC gyro on the way too. Current status:
  11. The body was a bit to heavy for the chassis though, it had a tendency to roll in tight turns or the body would just come off the magnets. It got pretty badly dinged up, so it lives on a dark shelf now, looking sad. I decided to design a belt drive to replace the plastic 3d printed gears. I used GT2 belts and pulleys, the type you'd find on 3D printers/CNC machines. Been a few revisions on this to get something that minimised any flexing. The original chassis used some TPU (Flexible filament) for some of the parts to create a very basic suspension, but it was too stiff and the car spun out easily, so I designed some front end suspension for it.
  12. I've been working on this for about 7 months so far. It was originally a 3D printed chassis designed by DukeDoks and started off like this: There was also a fantastic body designed for it which I ran for a while, and designed some of my own parts (The rear wing, wheels, side exhausts, diffusers, intercooler, bonnet pins and bonnet blower).
  13. Trimmed a Silvia body to go on my 3D printed chassis. Made a few new rims too.
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