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  1. My new favourite colour combo. TS21 Gold, TS39 Mica Red and a few coats of TS65 Pearl Clear to add some extra sparkles.
  2. Been test painting wheels today.
  3. I tried to create a spinner rim. Well technically I 'did' create a spinner rim, but it doesn't weigh enough to overcome the grease friction in the bearing, so I guess it's a fidget toy now. wheel.webm
  4. I've seen some examples out there of people experimenting with dying the resin and the results looked good. Might be something I try.
  5. I started designing my own wheels last year and 3D printing them. Initially was just for fun when I was out of work at the time, but when I looked at the wheels on the market I realise there's not a huge range of styles. It's either 5-spoke, classic or 'drift' rims mostly. Had a go at selling my STL files on Cults3D but their site has so few categories that your stuff gets buried under tons of ****, so it's been slim pickings. I then considered printing the rims to sell and spent most of the year churning out all these test models: Problem with printing in filament is you have to balance detail with time and so each rim was taking around 4-7 hours depending on the design, so that's not ideal. If I reduce the time I end up with more visible layer lines and I really want decent quality. Ended up having a few professionally printed in resin to see how they'd hold up to being given some punishment on a car and it worked out well, so I picked up a resin printer a few months back and I've been experimenting with that. It's allowed me to make my wheels more detailed and also print stuff that wouldn't have turned out as well in filament. I do lose the ability to have the wheels pre-coloured and also being able to switch filaments to do multi-colour right out of the box, but the quality level is worth the tradeoff. Plus a painted finish will look so much more professional. You can see the differences here between the same models: Counted the other day and I'm somewhere near 110 designs. The goal this year is to start something Etsy shop or similar and start trying to make some extra cash, I'm saving for a mortgage deposit, and sell rims and STLs there. My stuff is a mixture of rims loosely based on real life stuff, especially older JDM rims which look awesome, and a lot of stuff just made off the top of my head.
  6. That's my current go-to brand. Got them on all my cars and used one of the 35kg ones on my SMT10 build. They're really fast response but aren't twitchy when you need precision.
  7. This isn't technically something I did today, but it's probably my favourite project and created the absoloute most fun car I've ever run, until sadly I had to retire it because it's fragile and nearly rips itself apart every time I run it. I've had to replace parts on it every time I use it because it's not really designed to do what I made it do. But it was worth it. I started off with a WLToys 124019. This got me back into RC cars after nearly 20 years after seeing the speed run videos people were doing with them. I don't really have anywhere to do speed runs though, and in stock form this car is a bit "meh", so I decided to do something different with it. Started with this: Ended with this thing: Wanted to make it into an actual basher, so I designed and 3D printed some wheels to use Lunchbox tyres. I originally was running GT2 CNC pulleys and belts instead of gears since there's a much bigger range of tooth sizes, and I needed a big adjustment from the stock 27/44 that the car came with. So I started off with a 16/60 setup, but eventually came back to gears as there was a lot of slippage on the belts. Again back to the 3D printer, designed an adaptor to take a 71T Tamiya spur gear and fitted a 13T pinion. This let me run the wheels without any cogging from the 3950kv brushless setup: Designed and printed a wheeliebar for it that made use of the original back wheels and incorporated some red LEDs. Also made a front bumper/mount setup to take an eBay LED setup: Switched out the stock mini servo for a JX Ecoboost and printed a new top plate to mount it above the driveshaft instead of next to it. Used this opportunity to ditch the horrid little stock fan on the speed controller and made a mount to fit a 40mm Noctua one: Final touch was some LC racing body mounts and a Phat Bodies Funkenblitz Beetle body. Trying to find something relatively off the shelf that would be a good replacement. Thinking of maybe getting a Mad van and sticking the electrics from this into it and see if it comes close to how ridiculous this thing was.
  8. I printed it in resin on an Anycubic Mono 4K.
  9. Had a painting disaster. Fine tape I used was crap and let paint get underneath. Had a painting success with this sugar skull I printed. painted it in Tamiya TS-30 Silver Leaf. Painted this rim in TS-21 Gold and then a few coats of Bosny Montana Red. Designed another couple of rims for printing. An Advan Rally, a Kyoho Ame and the old classic Pirelli P-Slot.
  10. Been working on a ton of old 80's and 90's JDM rims for printing.
  11. Designed a wire wheel to print but it was a total failure. Probably would've disintegrated on the car anyway even if it had worked with those thin wires.
  12. Turned one of my wheels into a keycap.
  13. I've done some Fuchs ones as well. Printed them in filament a while back, still to do the resin ones.
  14. Using some basic Anycubic stuff just for getting some settings dialled in. Before I got the printer I had some printed by JLCPCB and they use LEDO6060 and the rims held up to some serious abuse. Been trying to find out if that stuff is commercially available but it looks like it's more catered toward manufacturing companies.
  15. Been printing some of my wheel designs in resin. Still trying to get my support settings right but they're otherwise looking ok so far.
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